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Michael Jackson Has Landed

3/5/2007 1:38 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson caused a near riot at Tokyo's Narita airport on Sunday. Konichiwa, Jacko-san!

The former King of Pop's screaming Japanese fans swarmed the gloved one, who arrived sporting his de rigueur androgynous sideshow regalia; dressed in a Forever 21 shiny black leather jacket, "Risky Business" sunglasses and a tragic Teri Hatcher blowout hairdo.

Jacko is in town to host an exclusive party, where for $3500, fans can spend 30 seconds in Mikey's presence. Otherwise known as 30 seconds to Mars!


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#9, watch the video TMZ posted and you'll see that the entire airport is jam-packed top-to-bottom with people waiting on Michael Jackson. I'd love to see Justin Timberlake or any other "top celebrity" of today get that kind of attention all over the world. Michael Jackson received just as big a welcome in Vegas when he arrived, and in London, and Germany.

And what's all this about child molestation? You mean the case where the mother was found guilty of perjury and fraud and the accuser and siblings admitted they lied under oath? Yeah, I'm sure we would all deserve to go to jail based on those obviously phony allegations.

2754 days ago

No Illegal Invader Amnesty    

I don't know how you brainless twits can say Michael Jackson is not a molester. He's paid off numerous familes to settle child abuse allegations and innocent people DO NOT DO THAT.

2754 days ago


MJ is the laughingstock of the music biz. He freak of a "man". Can't make music anymore so he has to resort to going to a foreign country to shake hands! Wow, that's some talent!
He will never be taken seriously again, except by those willing to have their children molested in order to make a few bucks.

MJ-once a star, now just a freak loser JOKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Couldn't happen to a nicer guy ha ha ha

2754 days ago


Michael Jackson is a freak of nature!!!

2754 days ago


I for one don't give that has -been Michael Jackson a second thought until I see a TMZ story making fun of him. Don't give him more credit than he's due. He's a pathetic, washed up, broke former star. Sad but true. To believe that he is anything more than a shell of his former self is laughable.

P.S. If you're dumb enough to defend him, fine, it's not illegal to be stupid. But use proper English people. "Ya'all" just makes you sound uneducated.

2754 days ago


It's c-a-t-a-l-o-g you dimwit. And MJ will be selling it back to McCartney before the summer is over. Not that Paul needs it. Look at HIS lifestyle compared to MJ's. McCartney is a billionaire with homes all over the world. Millions who adore him, utterly respected in the music industry. Now compare THAT to MJ. Broke, mortgaging his parents house to have money for a few more months. Couldn't get anyone to sign him to a label if he tried. The difference is striking. McCartney is a genious musically and financially. MJ is just a poor freak. Bye bye!

2754 days ago

Gary Mos    

You haters can say what you want. I know that nobody will ever pay almost 4g to see you. Nobody. . In America, if you are facing charges you have the right to have a Trial by a Jury of you're peers. Michael had his day in court, and was found NOT GUILTY. and he isn't the former King of pop. HE IS THE KING OF POP!

So get over it!

2754 days ago


I have a suggestion for all the people who think this freak show isn't a child molester. Get one of you loved ones , whether its your son, nephew, grandson, cousin , or any little boy that you love and leave him alone with the freak over night. I dare you!!!!! Let him sleep in bed with him, play "games" with him and pretend they are Peter Pan and the lost boys.Lets see how many of you would be willing to do that!!!!!!!Or maybe you would be looking for a pay off too.

2754 days ago


Good for Michael if people are going to pay that much to meet him I say go for it I would'nt pay that, but more power to him and I hope he does make a come back I'm not a huge fan but being law savvy knowing the FACTS of the case cases and accusations against him I believe he was set up in all cases I don't care what he looks like genius is genius I hope he wins. Musically he's awsome I'd definately go see him in Vegas or anywhere there's no true celebrity royalty besides him anymore all these dumb acts calling themselves princesses and dutchesses talk about get over yourself he's a true inovator and i'll always respect that.

2754 days ago

Rachel Martinez    

You guys can keep talking. It's not hurting anyone, especially Michael Jackson. You're only hurting yourselves. You guys are so sad. Do you always have to say stuff about Michael? Do you know him? I dare you to look into Michael's life, and his great humanitarian. That will keep you from wasting your breath. Michael Jackson is awesome. Michael Jackson is a child of God and he will be respected!!!

2754 days ago

Rachel Martinez    

Actually Kathy, Michael Jackson is an instrument of Nature sent by God! He is God's chosen one, and so are you! Are you going to waste what God gave you by sinning and rejecting someone special. Do you live a bad life, Is why you are trying to make Michael's life hell too? Everytime you haters say anything awful about Michael, you are making Michael Jackson and his fans more stronger and someday Michael will have the last laugh! Guaranteed!

2754 days ago


Can you imagine how awful and degrading it must be to have to resort to shaking hands to earn a living? The guy is travelling around the world, mooching off one person and then the next. Michael Jackson has successfully made the transition from once great entertainer to bum. I guarantee you that in a year he'll have nothing left, his parents will lose their house, he'll have to beg Janet to support him and his lilly-white "kids" (And her career isn't so hot, hope she was smarter with her money).
I don't know what went wrong in this guy's life but he is just pathetic now. For those who say he's the most famous man in the world, correction: He is INfamous. There's a world of difference and it's not good.

2754 days ago


I find it absolutely laughable that the very first person to click on a story related to Michael Jackson, is most often a hater. I'm telling you, it cracks me up. If you don't like the guy, why bother. Anywho

Michael Jackson is STILL adored by millions of fans around the world. Everytime he makes a public appearance, there is mass hysteria. It amazes me that a person who has been in show business for over 40 years, still manages to get that type of reaction when ever he is out and about. Simply amazing!

The media has been trying to convince it's readers for years now, that MJ is broke. Maybe it's just me, but he sure doesn't act like a broke person. The guy travels around the world like royalty. Everytime you turn around the media has people believing that MJ is either going to sell Neverland or his share of the Sony/ATV catalogue. Honestly now, how many times have we heard those stories over the years? At this point, I really don't understand how we can believe anything the media has to say, because they always end up with egg on their face.

I remember when MJ first landed in Las Vegas, there were reports that he caused a near riot and it looks like he caused a near riot in Japan as well. When he went to the Nike party in Vegas during All-Star weekend, the samething happened. And we saw the response he got when he went to James Brown's home going celebration. What can I say, the proof is in the pudding, people STILL love Michael Jackson and they show that love where ever he goes. LOL!

2753 days ago


The "man" IS broke. He is living off of various wealthy individuals around the world. The fact that he just had to mortgage his parent's home is a fact, not the media's spin. He owes millions to creditors and has defaulted on several loans, again a FACT. He lived beyond his means, payed millions in hush money to children he molested and has had no hit records in how many years? He may be loved in Japan but he is laughed at in the U.S., and no major record label wants anything to do with him.
He is a joke to anyone with 2 brain cells to rub together, but there will always be a few die-hard lunatics who still think he's a "star".

2753 days ago


MJ is a freak, you sure know a lot about MJ. LOL! Sounds like you get your information from Roger Friedman, who happens to write a GOSSIP column. Key word there is "GOSSIP."

MJ living off of rich people sounds a little far fetched to me. I mean, poor little "has-been" MJ has the ability to live off of people and they just let him do it. You mean to tell me that these rich people just give MJ whatever his heart desires. So MJ has been traveling the world and its all being paid for by his rich friends. If that's true, then that means those rich folks love him also. LOL!

I don't believe any of that nonsense. You know rich people aren't easily parted with their money and/or property. Especially for the comfort of some old has-been. LOL!

2753 days ago
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