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FOX to Ann --

Be Our Guest... But That's It

3/6/2007 2:27 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Ann CoulterDespite referring to Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards as a fa**ot, FOX News Channel is standing by 45-year-old lanky, right-wing loudmouth Ann Coulter.

Just yesterday, FOX News booked Coulter on "Hannity & Colmes," where she defended her haughty homophobic invective, saying it was not "an insulting word" but a "schoolyard taunt" and a "joke."

TMZ asked FOX if they would dump Coulter. The obtuse response: "Ann Coulter is not a paid commentator and her remarks don't reflect the views of FOX News Channel." We take that as a "no."

TMZ also contacted Coulter's agent to see if she would be dropped for making the remark, just like CAA dropkicked conservative radio talk show host Michael Savage over a similar homophobic remark against Melissa Etheridge. But the powerful William Morris Agency was mum on Coulter. We called and e-mailed, but no response.


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This woman says it like it is (not the whole what's his face being gay, but the faggot being a school yard term meaning wuss). More people need to stop being so damn offended and realize that times have changed, expressions have changed, and it's time to deal with it. I hate all this PC bullshit, no one can make a joke, or express themselves without being totally criticized. I am sure all of you call people some terrible names on the freeway in the morning on your way to work, I know I do. Stop being so hard on these "celebrities". They are human too, entitled to their opinion and whichever form of expression they choose. People are so quick to jump on their high horse, ooh, look what she said, who cares. If we would all just grow up and get over it the world would be a better place!!

2754 days ago


Ann sucks balls! She is vile and evil! Fox News, of course they would keep her....they are after all "fair and balanced".....F and B my arse! That channel is a joke and a Republican news machine. Down with Ann and down with Fox!

2754 days ago


One would that a 45 year old woman would be above school yard taunts and jokes.

2754 days ago


What a nasty bitch - hopefully none of her children will turn out gay - she should be taken out back and shot

2754 days ago


Can someone get a petition started to have her dropped from Fox? I am sure plenty of people would support it.. Boycott this vile hateful person!

2754 days ago

Only in    

Its to bad,they all should have been born in the 40's.

2754 days ago


She's a rotten tranny and can rot in a cell with Scooter Lying Libby. How's the blood clot, Dick?

2754 days ago


Ann Coulter is a sick woman. She's a media hound and sets out purposely to create media backlashes because ANY publicity is better than none. She is filled with hatred for so many. She doesn't judge person by person. She judges label by label, and disparages those she professes to hate (but doesn't know) with sweeping condemnations.

Her opinions are based solely on WHO is in the picture, not on the facts. I guarantee you -- if you locked her up for five years with no access to the news (and excellent idea, by the way), and let her out and gave her a rundown of what was going on in the world WITHOUT saying who was a Democrat or a Republican, she could not tell you. I hear her spew so much drivel and I know, beyond the shadow of a doubt, she'd have a completely reverse opinion if the parties were switched.

She's a sick woman, and her "intelligence" is useless when used in such a vituperative manner -- and in such a childish one.

She has often been wrong. I don't know how many of you saw her make a complete ass of herself on Canada TV about the Canadians & the Vietnam War. She really showed her ignorance there! She never seems to have a comment when she is proven wrong. She just crawls under her rock and slithers out again at a future date.

ANYONE can spew hatred; it's why the world is such a mess. COULTERGEIST, as Keith Olbermann of MSNBC appropriately calls her, should be locked up and given serious help for her mental and emotional problems.

I could go on in detail; I have better things to do.

2754 days ago

Sean Kemble    

Everyone overreacts by whatever she says..I love bluntness whether it comes from the left or the right. People overreact because a lot hate her. I'm neutral. This word is used on the school yard a lot like she states. We all grew up hearing it used in jest there. It's the modern day term of calling a straight guy a 'sissy'. In addition, it's used pejoratively towards gays, but she was using it as a synonym for 'sissy'. Yes, she's an effing bitch. But it's freedom of speech, baby.

2754 days ago

Only in    

Its like a herd of cockaroaches,when you turn out the lights their bumping and humping into one another

2754 days ago


Ann Coulter is allowed her opinion and to "taunt" whomever she damn well pleases. Why is it ok when the "left" taunts...but suddenly "politically incorrect" when the right does. I'm not sure that all right-winged conservatives agree with her "sense of humor" but it's the left that's always telling us Americans that we need to protect freedom of speech. So what is it? And what's up with TMZ trying to get everyone fired? This is a celebrity "gossip" site...not a political lobby site! Stick to what you know...Paris Hilton, Britney & Greasy Bear. If I wanted to "sound-off" on politics I would visit those websites!

2754 days ago


Hey anyone remember freedom of speech ? Get over it. - Everyone in this country needs to toughen up ! Geez....

2754 days ago


Way to go Ann, We sit and listen to all the nut jobs on the Demo. and no one says shit and as soon as someone on the Republican side says something a little off center all hell brakes loose. Keep up the good work Ann and FOX. CNN BITES.

2754 days ago


Let me get this straight Ann Coulter makes an obvious joke about a man who is definitely not gay, so as to prove a point about people (media/liberals) getting in an uproar over a "WORD". True it isn't a very nice word, regardless it is just a word!! Yet Bill Maher can say straight faced and with conviction that he thinks/wishes that if the Vice Pres. were dead it would be a good thing. Why doesn't TMZ lambast Bill Maher and HBO for what he said? Wishing someone to die use to be a lot worse then calling someone a name or is this the "twilight zone"?

BTW kc, aren't you saying the same thing about Ann being a "transvestite" as she was joking about with Edwards being gay? Both are obviously not true and meant to be a joke

2754 days ago

Only in    

I would vote Ann for President and I think O'Reilly is the best thing on TV.

2754 days ago
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