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Aniston Moonwalks Away from Photogs

3/7/2007 2:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Not satisfied with merely covering her face, Jennifer Aniston has a new way to avoid photogs -- walking backwards!

While paparazzi tried to snap her picture outside of a bar in NYC, Aniston pulled a fast one by turning around and keeping her back to cameras ... killing the shot.

Later, after saying goodbye to her buds, Aniston made her escape; this time changing her earlier evasive action, and instead had a few large men shield her from snapping paps.


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#14 Dave - Take it easy! Its just an opinion. Calm down!

2785 days ago


Her hair looks like shit... and so does her face. that's probably why she's hiding it. LIKE SHE's important anyway. ..what a loser!

2785 days ago

the DQ    

I think that's how everybody should watch her next move that comes out..................backwards and away from the theaters. She doesn't want to be seen, well OK then, no problem.

2785 days ago

TO LIN    

If you are a true fan of Jennifer Aniston than you would not do her the disservice to compare her to Angelina Jolie because she will always pale in comparison. The truth is there are people who think that she is prettier than Angelina but they are mostly bitter angry women. If so many people loved Jennifer than she would be the biggest star in the world.

2785 days ago


damn girl should be glad anyone wants he picture right now. in the very near future she will be a footnote on brad's bio as an ex and that will be all she will be remembered for so smile ugly and let them take your pic.

2785 days ago


Jen is over the hill.

She ought to retire and enjoy her millions,far away from the eyes of the paps.

2785 days ago


when will everyone stop comparing jen to angelina? and vice versa? it's really old and really pathetic of the so-called "angelina fans" to keep talking about how "beautiful" angelina is and how "ugly" jen is...what the hell does that have to do with anything? they are both beautfiul women in very different ways. and just b/c someone is "beautiful" doesn't mean they are a "good" person. some of the nastiest people in the world are beautiful on the outside. jen handled herself with self-resepct and grace while her marriage/divorce/cheating husband was being exposed to the world. jen's moved on, so i think all of the people hating on her need to too.

oh, and when the hell does angelina EVER smile at the camera?

2785 days ago


dylan, reese witherspoon handled herself with self-respect and dignity. jennifer aniston played victim for all it was worth.

2785 days ago


to the haters: can Jen do any right in your eyes. have you ever met her in person resulting in all your nasty comments.

jolie is no comparison to Jen. jolie is a homewrecker, and media whopper. who would want jolie's zombie hands near them.

2785 days ago


She looks better from the back. Good move Jen!

2785 days ago


the answer to your question #24 is brad that is who would want her hands near him.

2785 days ago


#6-Julie, right on, right on, she is a no-talented wooden stiff "actress" (she barely opens her mouth when she does her lines, no expression, no emotion, just that same montone, its baffling to me cause I dont understand why she even gets any attention...and she is so odd-looking, she always has the same odd look on her she just woke up and didnt wash her face...She and Julia Roberts are 2 that I just dont get do they keep they jobs.

2785 days ago


Jennifer Aniston is a class act all the way and Brad Pitt is left with a slut who tongue choked a kiss with her own brother at the awards one year and makes him look like a loser. He's even lost his looks and her large fourteen tatoos will never reverse her madness, Anglenia Jolie is mentally ill. Jennifer Aniston has remained classy and friendly to all of us, and is annoyed with the media for the right reason, this incident being one of them. Stop calling her names from your fat ass with your cigarette smoldering and your smell rotting and your drink spilling over your desk. Clean up and fix up, a nice and good looking bright person would never write some of the emails about Aniston heretofore read. You're the messes without a life or you'd be somewhere else. She's got a life and a great body too!

2785 days ago

Mary Ellen Donnelly    

how soon they forget, if it wasen't for the photographers, fans etc, she would be walking frontwards ALL ALONE
all I can say is DIVA

2785 days ago


Pulleez! She's not all that. I know I don't want to see her ugly face. I agree with Dave. I think most men would pick Angie over Jen. AJ is sexy is Aniston is-well-plain.

2785 days ago
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