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Aniston Moonwalks Away from Photogs

3/7/2007 2:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Not satisfied with merely covering her face, Jennifer Aniston has a new way to avoid photogs -- walking backwards!

While paparazzi tried to snap her picture outside of a bar in NYC, Aniston pulled a fast one by turning around and keeping her back to cameras ... killing the shot.

Later, after saying goodbye to her buds, Aniston made her escape; this time changing her earlier evasive action, and instead had a few large men shield her from snapping paps.


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...ITA w/ some posters here who question the logic behind someone who deliberately pursues their career in la-la-land (and, i didn't say acting, if you want to act, hit the legit theaters!), and then decides to hypocritically complain about the razzi.
me thinks you doth protest too much, horsey-face.
you get a big thanks for walking backwards and denying the people who helped you to your cash get theirs. and, yes, the razzi did help your career and the careers of others like you. it brings out the unappreciative biatch in you...and, hell-YES! angelina is light-years more interesting....

2784 days ago


i was just watching the E channel this morning and it showed the kiss between angelina and her brother and their was NOT tongue involved. evil minded jealous bitches made that shit up. jennifer aniston has NO class at all. she should grow the hell up.

2784 days ago


btw...aren't you guys wanted at justjared.

it's sybil again scroll over her nic , same e-mail

2784 days ago


ida....i suppose she could smile like a porn star. huh LMAO

2784 days ago


I just realize the Just Jared luunees have entered this saga. Let the dirt be thrown.

it is obvious that they are bitter about Jen because she is a class act and the only way to counteract her is to be cruel and rude.

people who are making these uncalled for remarks have no regard for decency. Jen has gained respect globally. so these derogatory remarks will not make it. haters are in the minority.

2784 days ago


dave aka 100nics and almost every other bad comment on here. Who are you trying to kid.?your ridiculous....high tail it back to justjared will you. blahblahblah your hero is nothing more than a pretentious ,aloof, a bit on the insensitive side thriving for attention seeking hoe.Not endearing qualities to me.I get bad vibes from her. She thinks she's better than God himself. This is not cool at all.

2784 days ago


i think sue and bee are one in the same. bee/sue it is so funny that you would say jen has gained respect globally. i think you mean angelina, she is the one known and respected. i assure you the jen lovers are in the minority. she is a b-lister at best. she can't hold a man or pick a good script and the thought of doing something for others doesn't fit in her vain vapid life.

2784 days ago


I've never been a fan of hers but when she and Brad got divorced and he started dating Angelina, I felt bad for her. It must have been hard to see your husband move on that fast. However that was TWO years ago. I agree with the poster who said that constantly bringing up Angelina is a disservice to her. It's her own fans who keep her in this triangle. I think it all stems from anger. To them Jen had it all and Angelina came and stole it all away, which is complete bs. The truth is if they really thought Jen was better off now they wouldn't still be bringing up the past.

2784 days ago


I am bee and not sue. so please do not try your own way of posting on me.

jolie is a homewrecker and you are in denial. you don't have the guts to face the truth which is staring you head on. all of you from just jared hype jolie as if she is mother teresa. no she is not mother teresa. she is a mad woman who tries to make up for her short comings with adoption, and the rest.

go back to just jared where you have free space to roam. you will not be tolereated here as you are on just jared.

again, sue is a completely different poster from me (Bee) but we both are on Jens side from now and forever.

eat your evil heart out.

wine and come again.

2784 days ago


Hey bee: Buzz off.

2784 days ago


it's been more than 10 years that she's with the same hairdo , hidding her face;
letting us show her big fake nose ;
talking about her marriage , in passive aggressive manner in Vanity Fair , was the biggest mistake of her LALA Land trip;
Now she's back to TV land ;
bye bye fairy tale, bye bye cinderella, it's after midnight !!!!!!!
Run before you're become a fog, you allready have the nose!!

2784 days ago


angelina is making a difference in this world. jenn is not. you are adoring a shell of a person.

2784 days ago


Oh no, not the Jen v. Angie debate again!

Jennifer, for the sake of all of us who wish you well and simply would like you to be happy, and to STOP HEARING THIS BLOODY DEBATE, please settle down, have babies, and another hit TV comedy.

2784 days ago



What home are you talking about?
this one castle with how many dogs?

Because if you are talking about vows and marriage, i think they honored their vows in making milky shack and i donn't remember the other commitment 's stupidity;

Now Brad is commited with children and goals in life , BIG difference with milk shack

Don't you think?

2784 days ago


A no talent she is. Angelina is gorgeous, and cares about life's issues.. Jen just likes to party...She's getting old now. Time to settle down and have kids..

2784 days ago
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