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Aniston Moonwalks Away from Photogs

3/7/2007 2:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Not satisfied with merely covering her face, Jennifer Aniston has a new way to avoid photogs -- walking backwards!

While paparazzi tried to snap her picture outside of a bar in NYC, Aniston pulled a fast one by turning around and keeping her back to cameras ... killing the shot.

Later, after saying goodbye to her buds, Aniston made her escape; this time changing her earlier evasive action, and instead had a few large men shield her from snapping paps.


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Anniston should be glad that ANYONE wants to take her photo. Yeeks. She is such a total plain jane compared to Angelina - not only in looks but in personality and character as well. Enroll @ Strasburg Jen and try to get some talent.

2731 days ago


Regards to Jen. You are loved.

ignore these haters. they are frustrated because you have made your fans proud.

Jen you are not perfect so whenever they hurl their hate at you turn the other cheek and give the peace sign.

haters: eat your hearts out. Jen is the winner.

why would she need cheater Pitt around her. Its good to be free of such torture.

life is too sweet to have it spoiled.

2731 days ago


She's so UGGLY!!!!!!

Popeye's chin, huge nose, don't know what the big deal is about this broad.

I bet she got dumped after Brad realized he was too pretty to be with this grumpy bitch

2731 days ago


She's has such an inflated ego. Pretty soon nobody will be taking your pic JenJen, so get as much mileage out of Brad while you still can. Two years from now she'll be in Lisa Kudrow's territory (without Lisa's talent).

2731 days ago


bee, brace yourself, i have news for you, jennifer isn't reading this so come back down to earth and take your meds dear.

2731 days ago


people say aniston never smiles, i saw her amile in this "amazing" video

but it seems angelina never smiles, even when she is with her children, which is very weird in my opinion
jolie only smiles when she is bestowing her godliness to reugees
she has to use the suffering to make herself feel better

both women cant act worth shit anyway

2731 days ago


don't ask jen to smile, she looks like a clown when she smile.

2731 days ago


aniston is average. i agree if she didn't want her picture taken, don't be in show business. she was a good comedian in FRIENDS, but still average. she's lucky that the public didn't see her that way, and the many of the magazines actually referred to her as "beautiful". she's not, she's average. she's lucky that she had many fans, and alot of success and alot of money and even landed a guy that is considered "hot". but as far as a comparison to "angie", there is none. angelina, through whatever mistakes she has made is one of the strongest, most independent, yet feminine women i've ever seen. she's probably accomplished more in her short lifetime than this whole group of us have. it's obvious she loves children and is a humanitarian, she flys her own planes, she rides motorcycles, she's a jock, yet a mother and this has nothing to do with her looks, but has real sex appeal. for all those angelina haters, really, what has aniston done with her life besides yoga classes and a successful sitcom? what contribution has she made that any of us will remember. there's still time, jen. that's my opinion and i'm sticking to it. brad is lucky he is with angelina. i believe even if they don't make it, he's accomplished more in his life while being with her, than he has on the red carpet with aniston.

2731 days ago


angie is so superior as a human. even if she and brad do not stay together brad has accomplished in the short time he is with jolie so much more than on the red carpet with jennifer. i'm not talkin looks here, forgettaboutit. aniston is average. jolie is feminine and a jock at the same time, and seems like a great mom, plus a humanitarian. how many of us can say that about outselves? she's made so much of a contribution to life in her short life. if aniston doesn't want pictures taken and has to walk backwards, she should leave show business. really. if she had a child, or threw herself into some act of kindness for people besides her FRIENDS, i feel she would put life more in perspective. it just seems as if her life is soooooo "all about her".

2731 days ago


Oh please the bitch is not that important, nobody want to see her fugly face anyway

2731 days ago


all of these negative posts are one person..everyone knows it "Sammie" LMAO. go back to justjared for the love of god.

2731 days ago

US/STAR Lies    

Why is she walking backwards and hiding? What is her problem? The paps that are there seem to be looking for Madonna, they don't care about her. She should be glad to show her face and be gracious for her dedicated and delusional fans who think she is Ra Green, those that she has left at this point. No movies in two years, time for her to get back to tv land for a Friends reunion show, that's her bread and butter.

2731 days ago



2730 days ago


I think Jen is just sick of her photo's being splashed on the covers of tabloids. She gets enough publicity. Why should the papparazzi make $$$$$$$$$ on her picture? She wants to be left alone--so leave her alone.

2730 days ago


Who really cares about JA public outings & pictures? I don't know why the paps wasted their time taking her photo. There are many more celebs who would bring more money & I had rather see. In another 3 years, we will all be saying JA who?

2730 days ago
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