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Anna's Bodyguard Reveals Secrets Surrounding Death

3/7/2007 5:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Howard K Stern, Anna Nicole Smith, MoTMZ has learned Anna Nicole Smith's bodyguard talked to the Seminole Police Department today about the circumstances surrounding Smith's death.

We're told the cops went to Big Moe's house this morning in Pembroke Pines, Fla., because they had questions about the security camera video at the hotel where Smith died. Sources say Big Moe told the cops Anna was on "heavy doses" of prescription drugs that day, including flu medicine and antibiotics. Sources say Moe also told cops that in the months leading up to Smith's death, Howard K. Stern gave her "some types of drugs," though he didn't specifically know which. As he put it, "Anna was in a cloud."

Anna Nicole Smith Gallery: Click to launch photosAnd there's this: Although Moe has not told cops about this, he privately says that Howard K. Stern had certain patterns of conduct when it came to Anna Nicole, and that pattern changed the day she died. We're told it has to do with how Howard would constantly check up on Anna, but he went MIA during the critical time before her death, and Moe says that was "highly strange."


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Does anyone think perhpas Anna killed herself and told Howard to take care of the baby when she was gone? And he agreed? Which would explain his speech at the funeral that "only they knew the 'truth'". Once he loses the baby to Larry, he will jin Anna - willingly (he alluded to that too in his speech)

2724 days ago


Surprise! Surprise! How much more will this guy spit out........we all know that when the pressure is on and there is even the slightest hint that they (police) might be looking at Big Mo criminally he's going to spew like a volcano what he knows about HKS!
I think everyone who posts on TMZ regarding ACS should also write to the Bahamas and let it be known that nothing but justice for ANS, Daniel and Dannylynn will be accepted!
The Bahamas rely HEAVILY on America and it's tourist !

2724 days ago


I was shocked to read on that Stern was married before andhas two children!

Allegedly, Howard K. Stern was married to Daphne Waldron and they had two children, Rendle and Eliza, before divorcing in 2002.

Is this true?

2724 days ago


Oh my gosh Harvey? Is this for real? Wow, this is explosive!!! I bet Moe will be going on the Record with Greta tonight!!! But, this is really weird because if I'm not mistaken on Greta's earlier interview with Moe, he said she was never around drugs? What is going on? Why did it take so long for him to go to the cops and for heavens sake if there is some weird conduct behavior from H.K. Stern - surely this is important enough to tell the cops!!! What on earth is going on? This cannot be good news for Howard K. Stern!!

What was on those video tapes in the hotel room? And I agree with everyone - get the baby away from Stern asap!!!!!

2724 days ago


OH NO!!!! not you too, moe,.......
getting ready to try and make some money off of Anna's tragic death.
what is it? a book? Interveiws?
and by the way, you were her bodyguard....where were you?

2724 days ago


Just because the autopsy results come in and say and overdose doesn't preclude Howard. He already said in court...without her he's broke

2724 days ago


Who cares really...if he didn't kill her she would've killed herself soon enough. She kept him around because she trusted him and because she's (or rather, she was) insane. She could get pills without his help. I don't see how that baby could be perfectly healthy when her mother was high throughout her pregnacy.

2724 days ago

janet Give Larry Birkhead Dannielynn!!!!    

howard is a murderer, he needs to go to jail

2724 days ago

my own damn opinion    

If lawyers in the case discover this, said Pinder, they can ask that a new birth certificate be drawn up, and request a DNA test to show who the father is.

A hearing in the custody case is set for March 16. Both Smith's ex-boyfriend, Larry Birkhead, and Stern claim to be the baby's father. Smith's mother, Virgie Arthur, also has filed for custody of the baby.

Pinder is not directly involved with the paternity battle. He is representing G. Ben Thompson, a former friend of Smith's, who says he is the true owner of the Bahamas mansion Smith and Stern have been calling home.

Thompson claims that he found and bought the house for Smith, but that she was supposed to make the mortgage payments. Smith, however, never signed the mortgage documents to take over ownership.

"Well, in law once you do not sign those documents, you do not own the house," said Pinder.

The attorney says that he will seek a "writ of possession" declaring Thompson the legal owner and ordering Stern, who has been living there with Dannielynn, to vacate the premises.

Dannielynn is "thriving," the baby's nanny, Gerlene Gibson told "Entertainment Tonight" Tuesday. The little one is sleeping through the night and loves to play peekaboo. She weighs between 10 and 12 pounds, and has her mother's eyes and smile.

2724 days ago

Whaz Up!    

i'm w/you #10......where is dr. peeper's report? long do we have to find out what caused her untimely death... ( as if people time their death )

2724 days ago


There is obviously much more to these stories then we know.
It looks really apparent that Howard has alot to do with these deaths.
He was too close and he knows much more then he's saying he knows.
I don't know why the court system has to take this long. That baby needs to be with the right father and soon. Enough of this Howard already. He just seems like a creep.

2724 days ago


I see on ET! that Bonnie Stern went over to Virgie at the post-funeral party and said, "You make me sick." Well, the Sterns make me sick.

WHY aren't Bonnie and Gary Stern OUTRAGED that their brother - and ET! - exploited a drugged and/or drunk Anna Nicole Smith - by filming her? The tapes shown on Greta's show (last night was a new one) are so painful to watch that it is comparable to watching the rape of a retarded child.


2724 days ago


Told ya, Howie.

It's starting to hit the fan now.

2724 days ago

When is this going to end??    

I said before that these people will start pointing fingers against each other if they start any criminal investigation on ANS death.

2724 days ago


This isn't true. What could Howard possibly have to gain by killing Anna? If that was his intention don't you think he would have done it after they were married? Come on people pay attention.

2724 days ago
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