Antonella Barba: Odds on Her Next Move

3/7/2007 1:21 PM PST
Antonella Barba, 20-year-old "American Idol" hopeful, has allegedly been seen in various racy photos circulating on the web, but the burning question remains: What will she do after the AI circus is finished? has some ideas ... that you can bet on.

Here are the odds on some of Barba's potential next moves:

She will appear nude in Playboy: 5 to 1
She will have an affair with Paula Abdul: 90 to 1
She will have an affair with Simon Cowell: 100 to 1
She will be photographed drunk with Paris Hilton: 12 to 1
She will shave her head: 20 to 1

This isn't the first time this time "American Idol" has dealt with nude pix. In 2003, the show dumped contestant Franchelle "Frenchie" Davis after it was revealed that she posed topless for an Internet porn site.