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"Idol" Blocks Rosie's "View" -- No Clips for You!

3/7/2007 2:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

"American Idol" is retaliating against Rosie O'Donnell and "The View" by forbidding the gabfest from showing "Idol" clips, after Rosie slammed the world's biggest TV show one too many times.

As is their habit, Rosie and the "View" crew started to talk about last night's "Idol," but had no video to go with it. Ro explained the lack of footage was because "Idol" was unhappy over her slamming of the judges, her suggestions about Paula's "possible inattentiveness," and her accusations of racism and sizeism on yesterday's broadcast.

Sagacious den mother Babwa put it best: "You don't insult them with your left hand and ask for favors with your right." And Joy suggested a solution for the problem -- putting an on-screen Ro-Screed disclaimer that warns, "Rosie's views are Rosie's."


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leen salas    

Rosie....when is the view getting rid of you......Gee what does it take for these people
to see that you are nothing but a BIG's not so much what you say Fat Face...
it's just the way you conduct yourself, always fighting, not knowing how to talk ihey maybe it all stems from her childhood.........she always has to be right. she is something else.
I'd be one of the first to vote her off TV "Period"!!!!!!!!!!

2752 days ago


Anyone heard of the right to free speech???

2752 days ago


I think Rosie needs to keep her nasty comments to herself. She doesnt like it when people make a comment about her life style and when she critizes Paula and Simon and whomever else she talks about she is doing to them what she does not like done to her Please Rosie just zip it

2752 days ago


Well, I guess Rosie is just another middle aged, chunky, bitter woman trying to deal with menopause. Who would've guessed.

2752 days ago


This has to stop now! Frenchie's photos were on an ADULT WEB SITE, she HAD THEM TAKEN FOR MONEY. So, she new her photos were being used FOR PORN. The other idiot did not leak them, and intended them to be for a boyfriend. She MADE NO MONEY OFF THEM.

Rosie, you are an idiot and so is the majority of news programs out there, because they didn't do their homework on this one. This is not worthy of discusion, or boycots or anything!!

2752 days ago


I hate Rosie! I never watch "The View" now that she is there. I watched it the first week she took the helm and that decided for me. She monopolizes every conversation and if she disagrees with someone she totally cuts them off and will not allow them to make their point. It should be called "Rosie's View".....and another thing...she is so "in your face" about being gay.....I do not constantly walk around with my husband and brag about being heterosexual.......

2752 days ago

Brit sucks    

8. It's obvious Simon isn't racist over blacks. He has a black girlfriend and he seems to favor the blacks over the whites.

Doesn't that make him racist? Oh that's right, it's only racist if it's against blacks!!! Got it!

2752 days ago

Not for Nothing    

Rosie is exactly what everybody knows she is a "bull-dyke big mouth" who has a show forum outlet to be able to sound off on anything and anyone she wants to. having said that AI had all the right to refuse or prevent her from using anything they felt she would just use to fuel and use in a negative way toward thier show. and as far as Antonella, she has been great for this years AI show buzz, yes! she's not this years best singer but neither are the rest except one ultimatly, but she is not bad on the eyes, and Rosie wishes she could have some of that i'll bet.

2752 days ago

Sue the Crap out of Her!!!!!!!    

In the news today, Rosie states she has been on anti-depressant medication since the shooting at Columbine High School and that she hangs upside down 15 to 30 minutes a day for her mental health. WOW! NEWS FLASH ROSIE!!!!! It isn't working. In addition to depression meds and hanging upside down, try ANGER MANAGEMENT CLASSES.You are one super screwed up individual and should be in an institution for treatment.
Your "star' burnt out long long ago woman (?)
As for the Executives of the VIEW, they better dump this loud mouth dimwit before someone winds up suing their asses over her slanderous accusations of people.

2752 days ago

yeah right    

Can Rosie be banned too? It should be against the law to show her mug on tv. She is nauseating any time of day!!

2752 days ago


When Star was on the show there were different view points, real debate, real disagreement, but you sensed that they were freindly, that they respected each other. Now, it is just Rosie's view if you don't like it you are a homophobic _________________. I like Elizabeth, but she does not steam roll like Rosie, Rosie is a bully who bullies them all.

I stopped watching and all Walter's specials now that Rosie is on.

2752 days ago

Claire Voyant    

I hate to say it, but Mr. Trump is correct....Rosie is self-destructive. I think Babs is secretly enjoying this...more amo to finally can Rosie. Constance Marie was great bout a Latina on the regular View panel....and get rid of yapping 30 yr. old Hasslebutt and find a hip Black 20 something for the seat....c'mon The View!!!!
P>S> Harvey Levin...excellent job, here....thanks!!!

2752 days ago


Okay...I do think Antonella needs to go, but the difference between her and Fenchie is that Frenchie posed for MONEY on a PORNOGRAPHIC WEBSITE and the pics that have surfaced of Antonella are personal photos....not ones she got paid to do for a porn site. She still needs to be booted for it, but that's why it is different. Also, I like Rosie, but how can she say the show is racist? Randy is black, Paula is multi-racial and Simon's girlfriend is black. They also always have a few larger sized singeRs as well. I think Rosie's "schtick" lately is to always some kind of gripe about something. It's funny and often true, but on this one, she is just grasping!

2752 days ago


She didn't say anything I wasn't thinking. I still can't figure out why Frenchie got kicked off while this girl with very little talent gets to stay on. It is racist, or bigotry.

2752 days ago


Rosie's just miserable in her own sanction. She wants everyone else miserable with her! All she does is bad mouth anyone and everyone. She claims that everyone's homophobic and racist. In all actuality, Rosies the one that has a problem. She's heterophobic AND she's a racist. She's just trying to live her beliefs through everyone else! No wonder as to why we hadn't seen much of her since "A League of Their Own!"
Shame on you, Rosie!

2752 days ago
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