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Is TomKat Getting Suri

a Little Brother?

3/7/2007 5:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

BrotherTom Cruise and Katie Holmes may be expecting a visit from the stork sometime soon.

TMZ has learned that a TomKat confidante went to trendy West Hollywood baby boutique Petit Tresor last week, looking for four "scenarios" for a boy's nursery. The TomKat friend was overheard saying, "We want to be prepared for a baby boy." We're told the interested themes for the room were: sports, nursery rhyme, cartoon and the color blue.

The estimated cost for the eggshell blue-themed room alone is $45,000 -- and would include a custom-made blue and white antique crib, blue bedding and blue walls with floating clouds. The shop was also given a deadline of April 15, three days before Suri's first birthday, to come up with the designs.

If the Cruises are expecting a little brother for Suri in the near future, the question is: Will he be biological or come via a Third World shopping trip?


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Your'e Fired!    

.................#36......Tom and Scientology have custody of the 2 adopted children...............Nicole wanted them exposed to the Catholic teachings,
next thing you know, Tom is divorcing her.....He has physical custody of them.............

2601 days ago


Does anyone else think it's weird that he was supposedly sterile while married to Mimi Rogers and Nicole Kidman - does Katie have a magic baby oven?

2601 days ago

I'll rent the DVD when it's done    

They should both move to the Bahama's to be with Anna Nicole & Daniel.

Oooops, wrong thread......sorry.

2601 days ago

Your'e Fired!    

..................#40, Sterile? No...Gay! Yes...... But he is Scientologies "Golden Boy"..........

2601 days ago


Alex, don't get your panties in a bunch!

2601 days ago


I have read that Katie has said she wants more children, but I would worry that Tom isn't quite stable, and will he divorce her in 10 years...that would bother me if I were her. And I don't think it is right to diss little Suri, personally I think she is cute, but if you dont like her looks, please keep it to yourself, cause she will be reading in a couple years, and those kinda comments hurt and can cause a lifetime of pain.

2601 days ago


What the fuck is a a "custom-made.....antique crib." Custom made entails it was made for an individual....but since this individual has yet to be the fuck can it be an antique? Man that Scientology is a hell of a religion. Anything that can actually alter the space-time continuum is okay in my book. Closest I ever came was watching Doc Brown drive a DeLorian through a mall parking lot....or maybe Mr. Peabody sending Sherman through time with the way-back machine.

2601 days ago

Your'e Fired!    

...................................#46, Religion.....NO.....................CULT..........YES!!!!!!!!!!!!

2601 days ago


Who gives a shit! There hasn't been any "press" about HIM lately, so he's just trying to create some. Their "new friends," the Beckham's are stealing the limelight so guess old Tom is trying to get some of his own. His "creepy factor" keeps climbing.

2601 days ago


You people that are offended by the 'third world shopping trip' comment can't actually be offended, right?

They're poking fun at how celebrities have been adopting babies lately. Not legitimate adoptions from overseas.

Come on...

2601 days ago


I think that Katie may be getting this stuff for (possibly) someone like a friend or family! maybe J Low?? I wonder if Tom is Bipolar himself.....he sure the hell acts like it!!!! that would suck if Katie is pregnant she needs to give more time to Suri and get her carreer going!

2601 days ago


I'm glad someone else mentioned that when he was married to Mimi, they told the media the reason they didn't have children was that he was sterile. What's really outrageous is that there is someone out there who has a kid and doesn't know it, which also means that there are grand parents out there who don't know they have a grand daughter.
It's uncanny how much that kid looks like a mix of Katie and Josh H.

2601 days ago

Mary Worth    

Tiny Tommie is sterile! There is proof from a lab report that a famous author saw in person. The news was on another web site a few months ago.

The author would be sued by Tiny Tom, to the max, were he to publish it. And whatever happened to the book that was supposed to get everything about Tiny Tom out in the open?

2601 days ago


they're not 'making' babies -- tom can't have his own kids!
they're either buying a boy or buying boy sperm to impregnate katie again.
sorry, but they gross me out. there is nothing real about them or their phony marriage/relationship.

2601 days ago


#54, it's called Pellicanos Enforcer, and the Cruise camp is suing the shit out of everyone involved to keep this book from Google Pelicanos Enforcer and the first link to come up "Hollywood Interrupted" is it, great stuff!!!

2601 days ago
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