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Is TomKat Getting Suri

a Little Brother?

3/7/2007 5:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

BrotherTom Cruise and Katie Holmes may be expecting a visit from the stork sometime soon.

TMZ has learned that a TomKat confidante went to trendy West Hollywood baby boutique Petit Tresor last week, looking for four "scenarios" for a boy's nursery. The TomKat friend was overheard saying, "We want to be prepared for a baby boy." We're told the interested themes for the room were: sports, nursery rhyme, cartoon and the color blue.

The estimated cost for the eggshell blue-themed room alone is $45,000 -- and would include a custom-made blue and white antique crib, blue bedding and blue walls with floating clouds. The shop was also given a deadline of April 15, three days before Suri's first birthday, to come up with the designs.

If the Cruises are expecting a little brother for Suri in the near future, the question is: Will he be biological or come via a Third World shopping trip?


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Who cares if they have another baby???? Enough already. Just noticed a headline on TIttle-Tattle Too as follows;
"Tom Cruise's Katy Holmes to join Victoria Beckham on TV show."

Does this mean he owns her?????

2788 days ago


All of these people offended by the "shopping" comment are who I find offensive. What about all of the kids in your own backyard that need someone to give them love and shelter? People seem to think that the only place you can adopt a child is from another country and that's very sad for all the kids needing a home in America.

2788 days ago


Sadly, there's no lifeguard for the gene pool.

2788 days ago

denise sala    

There was a photo on the computer today of Tom, Kat and Suri, I thought Kat looked very pregnant, covering it over with a very full sweater or sweatshirt. Did anyone else pick up on that?

2788 days ago


Oh great, more scientologists, what the world doesn't need, so I wonder who the REAL father is Tommy boy I know it's not you you sterile scientology freak, by the way how's the syphylis going.

2788 days ago


LMAO! These two narcisistic goons just want a piece of the hollyweird pie - the wild publicity that anna nicole and britney are getting and to cause more gossip and speculation. As for katie buying "boy" clothes and bedding, etc. it DOESN'T MEAN that she is pregnant. and if she is, i will always be wondering who the real father is. tom is sterile and everyone in the entertainment industry knows this!

2788 days ago



2788 days ago


Tom is GAY. Katie must have been impregnated with his sperm via invitro. Tom is doing the same thing that Michael Jackson does. Collecting kids. Except in his case he wants to raise them as Scientologists not for bait.

2788 days ago


Who gives a rat's ass what they do? I can't stand Tom Cruise anyway. He's just an aging soon-to-be-has-been. Or perhaps a never-should have-been. He's trying to make his mark on the world before he's too old-like everyone else. Mr. Hollywood Spoiled Brat, who's had many operations on his mouth to cover the fact that he had buck teeth. The only thing I admire about him is he's kept his weight down-but who couldn't, with millions of dollars to pay a dietician? You make me ill, Tom Cruise, with your pampered, surreal existence! GO AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2788 days ago


Poster #28 said: "sorry tomcat, if you are not a jolie or a pitt, they won't have anything nice to say. you are an excellent actor and Katie is one beautiful mom. your beliefs are weird, at least you have something to believe in. PRAY FOR OUR TROOPS"

LMAO! sorry joanne, if you want people to like tom and katie, then you are fundamentally challenged. tom plays HIMSELF in all of his movies, so I wouldn't call him an "excellent" actor. With all his money to buy-out the Academy of Motion Picures as well as $cientology goons at his beck and call to bully and scare people into submitting to his wants and needs (think Brad Grey who was literally ambushed by $cientology members on the Paramount lot to force him into raising Tom's salary), the guy still has never won an Academy Award. As for Katie, she is one gaudy titmouse and her golddigging scheme just bleeds out through her smile. She was NOTHING before tiny tom, and a D-list celebrity at best. And, she IS NOTHING right now but a rebound girl for twice-divorced-tom.

What do you do when you see other celebrities cashing in on and gaining a shitload of publicity with their baby pictures and tabloid story(s) crackups? Grab a piece of that Hollyweird Pie and get a young, money-hungry, publicity-hungry girl to pose as your girlfriend (in less than two weeks after meeting her), and then "have a baby" (because you see all the other celebrities having them and cashing in on pictures and publicity!), suck each other's face in public to "prove" that you are "in love" AND "heterosexual", and then have a gynormously-TACKY-ASS "wedding" (that's not even legally-recognized by the country you "shoot it" in), and then create some curve ball speculation by having Katie go out in public every now and then to some kiddy shop to stay in the news. Go from nothing to the world's most classLESS couple in Hollyweird. And what the hey, the public are just a bunch of sheep to manipulate, because they will buy into ANYthing (ie. Paris, Britney, Lindsey, etc. be is perfume, crappy cosmetics and clothes) no matter how stupid and how unethical they are, the public will still pay money to see or buy their shit, so what's stopping them from seeing yours (shit)? And what's stopping the stupid and gullible public from believing ANYTHING that's thrown to them by celebrity publicists, aka, professional LIARS. People like "joanne" post #28, for example.

But, the public are smarter than you THINK, tiny tiny tom. No one with common sense and logic wants to see NOR imagine you in a movie. The Public, sees right THROUGH YOU.

Oh, and by the way, "joanne," $cientology is a CULT. They DON'T PRAY. And they don't pray for our troops, only scheme and plot on how many of them (soldiers) who are physically and psychologically dismantled and VULNERABLE (if they don't get family and psychological support) due to the war, that they can get their hands on to suck into the $cientology pyramid scheme. "beliefs" my ASS. The type of "beliefs" they have are not what YOU think. Google and find out. But before that, I do encourage you to check out the $cientology website. They'll have you take a "free personality test", of which ANYone who takes it will be deemed to have a "serious problem that must be fixed immediately". But, go ahead and educate yourself. But get both sides before you come to your conclusion. Hell knows, we've got $cientology shills posting here and there around the internet acting as if they are neutral parties who just "happened to learn about both sides" and then "agree with $cientology teachings" and then deny that they're $cientologists posting under the assumption that they aren't.


2788 days ago


a custom made antique crib? are they custom making it from antique wood? or what? that is the only story sounds like bs to me.

2788 days ago


Well, whatever happened to freedom of religion? I see that most of you has invoked your right of frredom of speech, yet, you critizize what you do not know. I think Tom and Katie are very cute together and that the look happy. That is what it really is about, being happy. To bad a lot of u seem to be jeoulous or why such harsh words. By the way, Suri is very pretty and looks like her mom and dad. I wish them the best.

2788 days ago


I read an article where Kelly Preston said that Scientologists believe they can choose the sex of their child by using certain techniques. So even if she is very early along and the sex can't be determined, they may think they know already because they used some Scientology 'techniques' when trying to conceive.

2788 days ago


bellaroses (post #67) If you are crying out for freedom of speech and religion then you should respect the fact that many people disagree with scientology and are FREE to criticize its operations and any part of it. You voice your opinion yet you are condemning other posters from voiceing theirs? Don't be a hypocrite!!!

Now, getting back to MY freedom of speech:
No one is "jealous" of Tom and Katie Suri is Katie and Chris Klein's kid. Tom is a sterile man who could never have any children. I completely agree with post #65.

2788 days ago


Tom is GAY, it will have to come from another Country -- If he and Nicole had too adopt and now Nicole is trying to have a baby --that explains that it is Tom --whom is unable to produce. Ya know how most gay people in Hollywood try too hide. Well, Tom is one --Suri's dad has to be someone other than Tom's --They look nothing alike. Think about it!!!

2788 days ago
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