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Is TomKat Getting Suri

a Little Brother?

3/7/2007 5:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

BrotherTom Cruise and Katie Holmes may be expecting a visit from the stork sometime soon.

TMZ has learned that a TomKat confidante went to trendy West Hollywood baby boutique Petit Tresor last week, looking for four "scenarios" for a boy's nursery. The TomKat friend was overheard saying, "We want to be prepared for a baby boy." We're told the interested themes for the room were: sports, nursery rhyme, cartoon and the color blue.

The estimated cost for the eggshell blue-themed room alone is $45,000 -- and would include a custom-made blue and white antique crib, blue bedding and blue walls with floating clouds. The shop was also given a deadline of April 15, three days before Suri's first birthday, to come up with the designs.

If the Cruises are expecting a little brother for Suri in the near future, the question is: Will he be biological or come via a Third World shopping trip?


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Breezie, good screen name for you since the breeze seems to be blowin through your empty head. CAN'T YOU READ??
First of all she doesn't adopt from here because SHE DOESN'T WANT TO. You people all act like AJ adopting children is her job. It's not her fucking JOB to save the orphaned kids in the U.S,
This is HER family, she is making it grow as she sees fit, you know because IT'S HER LIFE

On another note to which you CLEARLY missed, many people have come here to tell the horrors of trying to adopt in the U.S...waiting for 10 years on a list, the only babies here are CRACK babies, the mothers come back after a year and want the kid back.

GROW UP, and educate yourself, become informed before you open your big stupid pie hole

2724 days ago


To all adoptive parents and future adoptive parents: TMZ was NOT questioning your choice to adopt out of the country, they were making a statement about celebrities and the growing fad of foreign adoptions with THEM. My cousin adopted a Korean baby. It took 2 years and lots of money. But I admire them for being consistent. Celebrities are using their fame to push past others and indeed it does appear that they "shop" for their newest acquisitions. Not you, them. Please learn to read the entire article and between the lines before jumping to conclusions, you will save yourself a lot of grief.

2724 days ago


I hope she comes to her senses soon and figures out she married a boy in a slightly older boy's body. I read this morning that he will be on the set of her next movie ALL THE TIME to "help her" What a joke! While I don't think she's that great an actress, she certainly doesn't need any help from him. Katie needs a husband, not another father!

2724 days ago


Geez.......some people are so cruel. I'm, 99.99% sure that little Suri is their biological child. She is adorable. I have the same eye shape as Suri and so do my sons and we aren't technically Asian, we are caucasian because my father's side of the family is from a country on the continent of Asia which also includes Russia. If they want to have another baby either by natural methods or adoption, good for them. They certainly can afford it. And I do agree that the crack about the third world shopping spree was tacky.

2724 days ago


Tom did get Nicole pregnant..and she miscarried..right around the time they broke up..She even had the dna tested and recorded in case he disputed it.

2724 days ago


I just came form, where they report Giselle is Pregnant and I am getting bashin gfor tellign the ignorant housewives about scientology...I believe the found the sites disturbing and it was ll my all my time on blogs I have never come across such empty headed ignorance unless of course htey are scientologist....critical thinking is really in demand on that site.............

2724 days ago


MIapocca (#123), those "ignorant housewives" are comprised of the sad sad low percentage of the population that will believe anything they read in magazines or see on tv. They are a prime demographic that will buy shit from their own assholes if a celebrity advertises or promotes it enough. They make terrible witnesses and jurors for they lack to possess a college education. And without a higher degree of education, their sense of systematic thought ceases to exist. One can't reason with someone (ie. those housewives on Babyrazzi) if there is none to begin with.

2724 days ago


The thought of Tom getting his seeds off makes me nauseous. Waitaminute, he doesn't have any "seeds"!

SUUUUUUURRRRRE they "want to be prepared for a baby boy". It won't take them very long to find a surrogate male within their extremist faction with eyes that droop down at the corners like Katie's. Then it's Turkey baster time!

BTW, Miapocca, love your posts!

2724 days ago


I am not a major fan of either Tom or Katie, but after reading all these posts, I do have a question: How do know for a fact that Tom is sterile? Maybe he didn't want children with the other wives but said he did, we don't know what went on in their lives. Also, why does everyone mention that Tom is gay, has he ever came out and said anything?

Aren't we making some assumptions here that have no proof or backing? If I am incorrect, I apologize, but I just can't help but wonder how you all know this stuff.

2724 days ago


#117 Libraesque....hmmm educate yourself and get informed...the advice you gave to someone else is coming back to slap you in the face...not ALL babies up for adoption in this country are crack babies....where in HELL did you get THAT idea??? Or were YOu a crack-whore's baby and you're bitter about never being adopted???

2724 days ago


Tom Cruise is one of the several leading (has been) men in Hollywood alongside John Travolta to have potent gay rumors surrounding them. People who work within the entertainment industry know that Tom and John are both gay and/or bi.

Here's John Travolta kissing a man (this is serious and NOT a joke!):

As for Tom Cruise, read this article:

Why do people care about whether or not Tom and John are gay? Because it's true.

2724 days ago


#127.................Simply follow his life and media clippings and you find out that recent behaviour is bizzare beyond words especailly conerning the love and baby shit

Some questions:

1: He has been married twice, do you honestly think all the two women were infertile and how many men miracoulously marry infertile women back to back, some luck eh!!!

2: Kate is the goose that laid the golden egg, either some strange inpregnation tactics were resorted to get her pregnant or the baby is not his. How come those two previous mature women didn't want to resort to the same impregnation methods?

3: When a blip of the word gay comes up in the same sentence as Cruise, why does he go on the offensive and threaten to sue big time?? Even some homophobes cannto be bothered by these things

4: I watched the Matt Lauer interview live because I was late for work , but apparently I wasnt the only one who thought something was not right upstair..Why does Cruise suddently appear strange, or has he always had mental issues that were well covered up by his publicist?

5: Why is Cruise so crazy about this Cult? For most celebs regarded to be the best ATM scientologist ever stumbled across, the darker side of the cult is hidden till you have progressed sufficiently up the ladder..infact cruise had a breakdowm when he reached OTIII, vowing never to have anything to do with the cult...the SCN pulled back for a while, but eventually got him how do they do SCN auditing is a way to get ppl to reveal life secrets, there are tapes of auditing with stars like Travolta and Cruise, taht comes in handy when they try to break does Tom know that he is in a CULT....probably since he has achieved one of the highest levels in that cult, he should be well aware of the most former high ranking members note.....

I see that Xenu has updated their site...looks good.

2723 days ago


My Sincere Apologies to housewives...I am sure there are some that have PhDs but I was using the word in teh stereotypical sense adnI do apologize if any offense was taken.



2723 days ago


"AMY" Yale, that's where I get my information, so go fuck yourself honey

2723 days ago


1. 'Third world shopping spree' is not referring to the majority of international adoptions. Most adoptions take a lot of time and effort. Madonna was one of the celeberties who gave international adoptions a bad name. No offense was meant to any of those who have adopted children.. unless you picked one out of an orphanage, and bypassed many of the countries' adoption laws.. which Madonna got in a bit of trouble for, if you remember.

2. Tom and Katie have the right to have all the children that they want to have. If a Midwest family can have 16 children, and want more, why can't Tom and Katie? There are plenty of large families out there, and some of the parents can't afford that many children.. at least Tom and Katie can afford to take care of them. You may not agree with their religion, or marriage, or anything. You can't interfere with their lives. Nobody is stopping you from talking about them =)

I'm not going to get into the similarities between Caucasian and Asian, because it's pretty complex and I'll need to do some reading to verify my facts. From what I remember, they are both in the same race group, or something. I need to find a textbook to verify that,

2723 days ago
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