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Johnny Carson Has Left the Building

3/7/2007 5:05 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned that Johnny Carson's Malibu estate, which had an asking price of $42 million, has been sold!
Johnny Carson's Malibu Home
The late "Tonight Show" host's home was purchased for an undisclosed amount by Sidney Kimmel, Chairman of Jones Apparel and producer of recent Hollywood films like "Breach," "Alpha Dog," and "United 93."

Johnny's good friend, comedian Don Rickles, helped broker the deal between Kimmel and Carson's widow, Alexis. On the market since last July, the ultra-modern home comes with a guesthouse, guardhouse, tennis court, tennis pavilion and "exquisite park-like grounds." Johnny died at age 79 in January, 2005.


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2788 days ago

We, are not amused.    

$42 Million...high even by Malibu standards!

2788 days ago

He's Boring now    

Too bad that miserly, miserable behind the curtain human being wasnt around to enjoy the fruits of that sale. Surprised he let his wife be able to inherit it all. Not surprised though his kids havent done well in life---he was distant as both a husband and a father.

A funny man when the lights were on...tears of a clown when they were not.

Rest In Peace Carson, I'll try hard to remember you for the humor you brought the masses and overlook the misery you brought to your supposed loved ones.

2788 days ago



2788 days ago


Sickening isnt it? What a country this is. A no talent vaudeville comedian who was a miserable human being, is worth so much money and there are so many people who need help in this country and the world. The only irony is what good did it do him, he's still dead.

2788 days ago

george vieto    

No truth to the rumour that Johnny's ghost will show up in his former and tell Sidney Kimmel that Urinated 93 was a Pe Pe Lew. A stinker of a film and the jokers aboard that flight traded their angel suits for red union suits since Captain America has taken over that flight and beat the bad guys.

2788 days ago

U Can't B Serious    

Wow...a lot of Johnny haters! Amazing how little they know about all the money he donated to various causes. Even most of his former wives have nicer things to say than some posting here.

And there are stories that he was around for his sons. But unlike the current Hilton-style of parenting (give 'em all the cash they can burn through), Carson actually expected his sons to make something of themselves. Oh no! The horror!!

Was he more introverted than most? Absolutely! He was probably the most recognized human being on the planet during his day. Can you imagine NEVER being able to eat a meal in a restaurant, walk down the street, etc. without someone coming up to you?

And if any of you even were lucky enough to have $5,000 to your name, you can bet there would be a line of 'cousins' waiting to see if they could hit you up for some cash! He worked hard and was successful...he spent AND gave his hard-earned money the way he saw fit. Just as any of us would do. He's dead now. Don't you have something better to do than beat on a dead guy? Really!?!

2788 days ago

George Edwards    

It's sad that people can disparage someone that they've never met and have probably only read about them in the tabloids. Johhnny probably did more to help the average citizen than all of the Obamas, Hillaries, Bills and other bleeding hearts ("I feel your pain") idiots than any other entertainer in our recent past.

2788 days ago


We miss Johnny!!! He entertained us every night for so many years. Who cares what his personal life was about? You people are strange. Knocking him for his private affairs when he was entertaining and hilarious as a performer. No one in late night TV today or in the future will ever measure up to Johnny Carson...he was one of a kind.

2788 days ago


I remember moving to L.A. about the time Johnny retired. I was out very late the first night I was in town and we stopped for gas in Santa Monica and this wicked ghost white Corvette pulled into the pumps beside of us. I was admiring the car for a few seconds before I realized that Johnny Carson was getting out - to pump his own gas! My first celebrity encounter in L.A. and it was one of my favorites. Trying not to seem like a crazed tourist I struck up a conversation with him about his vette and eventually how much I had enjoyed his shows every night while I was a college student. Being away from home during college in those days meant not seeing the faces or hearing the voices of family and Johnny was like a crazy uncle or grand father that you got to see almost every night and I told him so. He thought that was a riot and said he was flattered. We actually ended up talking to him for like 15 or 20 minutes and he seemed very genuine and just a common every day man. Since then I have met countless celebrities (I worked in both the music and film industries before deciding to go to law school to become an entertainment attorney) and I must say that I have yet to meet anyone who seemed to be more real and friendly than was Johnny Carson. In the last year or so I have met Jay Leno on a couple of occasions and although I didn't let myself like Jay for a few years after he took over, I have to say he is a class act and very down to earth as well....with the exception of being a bit car crazy. The first time I met Jay in Burbank, he was driving a tricked out Corvette too. I kidded him because it was covered in mud. I never found out where the hell he had been driving it. Now I hate to see Jay leave. I can't stand Conan.

Johnny was known to lend his time and name to worthy causes and was said to have given large donations to children's hospitals and other needy causes.

While he played host to all that was Hollywood for many years, in the end he was a simple man from Kansas. His sound stage at NBC in Burbank is now used for Access Hollywood but the spot where Johnny delivered his monologue from for all those years is marked with a red star to this day.

BTW, 42 mil for an upper level estate in Malibu is not uncommon these days. A few months back, a place down O.C. way (Laguna Hills I think) went on the market with a reserve listing of 75 mil, which seems to have driven asking prices up in areas like Malibu. Malibu has always been considered a notch above say Newport or Laguna, so there is some perverted logic that they can up the asking prices there. It's lunacy run amuk I tell you. But everyone wants to live in Malibu these days and I can't blame them. It's a beautiful place over looking the Pacific and if I had my drothers, I know of no better place to live in the continental U.S.. You just have to pray to the wild fire and mud slide gods that they leave you be.

2788 days ago


Wow, Johnny was a legend, I wonder what you think about Jay leno or letterman.

2788 days ago


I made a mistake in my earlier post and just thought of it. Johnny was not a simple man from Kansas, he was a simple man from Nebraska. Hey at least I remembered it was one of those squarish flat states.

2788 days ago


I don't understand all the "hate" comments, Johnny made millions laugh for many many years.......Rest in peace........

2788 days ago


When Johnny was on followed by Dave it was the perfect lineup. I think Dave has slowed down a bit since the heart attack. Jay seems to really have finally found himself as a tonight show host (just in time to retire). I don't think Conan ever will. He just lacks the class and distinction that has been the standard for The Tonight Show since the beginning. He's just goofy and weird. Did you know that not only did he graduate from Harvard, he did so with distinction? I just get the feeling that he is forcing the character he is on Late Night.

2788 days ago

U Can't B Serious    

SJ....Love your story about meeting Johnny. I think it's typical of people who ran into him and treated him like a non-celeb. I happened to be at a waterfront restaurant in Seattle in Summer of 2004 and found myself standing next to Johnny. I told him how I thought his tribute to his son Rick with the photos from his portfolio was one of the classiest things I had ever seen on tv. He said it was one of the toughest things he's had to get through on tv, but that he was proud of Rick's accomplishment as a photographer. He was on his way to the San Juan Islands on his 'boat' (ha! the 'Serengetti' was defintely a yacht) with Alex. Our conversation was no more than two minutes, he collected his order and shook my hand. A truly class guy. That's why it confounds me to see the postings blasting him just because he made a smart real estate investment that is now paying off for his widow. I say good for him!

I think Letterman has lost a little because he's picked up on what's important in life. He knows his dad lost battle with heart disease. His idol Carson had a quadruple bypass just six years before he died. He has a family now. I think it all plays a part at his age. But I do think the writing staff should sharpen it up a bit. The bits they churn out are repetitive and unimaginative. I cringe when the audience reaction is 'dead'. But not as much as I cringe thinking about Conan sitting at the Tonight Show desk!

2788 days ago
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