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Mark Burnett Sued -- You're No Rock Star

3/7/2007 9:32 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Mark Burnett, the man behind the popular reality show "Rock Star," is being sued INXS of $2 million, by a woman who claims he was part of an alleged conspiracy to steal her idea for the CBS reality show.
Mark Burnett Sued
In the lawsuit obtained by TMZ, a writer/producer named Sharlene Sullivan claims that in 2002, she registered a show synopsis called "Rock Star" with the Writers Guild of America, in which "lead vocalists for rock bands would compete and would be judged by well known musicians/rock stars."

In the lawsuit, Sullivan claims she shared the idea with several industry people connected with both Mark Burnett and the rock band INXS. After receiving initial interest from those parties, Sullivan claims she was told to "abandon the project" and "write an unrelated treatment regarding transvestites."

Soon after, the suit claims, Mark Burnett claimed he created a reality show called "RockStar: INXS." Sullivan says Burnett knew that it had already been created. Now she wants Burnett, along with CBS, to fork over more than $2 million in damages.

Calls to Burnett's reps were not immediately returned.


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That's show biz. A lot of thieves stealing other people's ideas to get ahead. She should be suing for more.

2753 days ago


I hope Sharlene has been paying attention to the fact that when women are robbed of their intellectual property in Hollywood, no one listens. No one helps. Not even when a copyright has been filed.

In this patriarchal nation women are victimized and deprived of their legal rights. Women aren't getting paid fairly. As for their ideas and copyrighted property, men will steal anything and everything they can get their hands on. You are not safe no matter what precautions you take as a woman. If they want it, they take it, end of story. They have no problem stealing from women as they believe they are more entilted. They are greedy and desperate to be acknowledged as men, as rich men, as having arrived. They have pitiful egos that make them amoral scum. Once you realize this self-evident truth then, you will know that they can't be trusted.

Just give them one hell of a dirty battle and try to kick the living sh@t out of them. At least that way you can have some fun while you're losing to the male dominated Hollywood dirtbags. Put on a show and maybe we'll get to watch when the media whores jump in, not to help you, but to hurt you. But hey, a girl's gotta try.

In case you don't remember, the woman who sued for Syrianna lost and had to pay the court. They added insult to injury while Clooney went out and had his face lifted and dumped his partner Soderburgh who apparently he couldn't trust to do things legally. You see how that works. The men always win even when they show every sign of guilt.

The courts will not help you honey. The legal system is designed to kick you when you're down if you're a woman. That's how men stay in power.

You're screwed. If you sue, you'll have to pay the men more out of your pocket. They don't care. They just want money and easy sluts to do and dump. 99% of the men in Hollywood can't be trusted. Good luck, but luck won't help you, nothing will.

They have honed their thieving skill to a high art having started way back before John Steinbeck stole the intellectual property of a woman and turned it into a long film and literary career. He stole her book had it made into a movie and was given property after property which he claimed credit for though none of it was likely his at all. And who helped him commit this crime against a female writer - none other than his own agent, a literary agent. You can't trust the gatekeepers, they are bigtime thieves. Don't send anything to Parrotdigm, they just take what you write and repeat what you say as do certain managers who share your work with other writers for a cut of the profits, control, a percent of the earnings. Men profit from lying and stealing. Know that and you can at least know what's happening to you.

Basically, these humps would kill you after robbing you and sell your body parts for a few more bucks to put in the bank, that is if you're a woman. They are afraid men will kick their b@tts. Women need to kick their b@tts... in court that is. Get ugly. Get mean. Fight dirty. Kick their @sses. They ask for it. But you won't get the chance in reality because the male attorneys will charge you 50,000 dollars just to hear what you have to say. That doesn't cover much. They know how to milk you for money and put you in debt.

This is what they do. That's how men oppress women and rob them. No one will help you and you'll never win. But don't give up. Get into the ring and fight them. They are only stupid humps.

2753 days ago


I knew it would only be a short time before Burnett was sued for this. I could tell by his comments that he wasn't the original source. That and the others making claims that Burnett used their ideas for the show. Those involved didn't have their story straight. Burnett gave this interview where he showed his true colors, he seemed to be the biggest fraud and was spouting cr@p out of his mouth, sounding arrogant and pretentious while seeming to be putting on airs. He came off as a thief and a liar. He was quoting things that were written elsewhere and I could tell that he wasn't the one who conceived the ideas. He was impersonating is more like what he was doing. He started going on about his big lofty ideas for many other ideas that I said to myself, he'll steal those lofty ideas somehow.

He was just in with the people who could pull it off. They don't care how the material arrived, only that they can profit.

That's how they do it. They block you any way they can and run with your idea. That makes them feel powerful and accomplished.

2753 days ago


haha - SJ literally has no clue what he is talking about - haha... going on and on like they know the law! Oh man, that made me laugh ~
FYI: CBS has nothing to do with this - the show was NOT produced by them! DUH! That is the network that purchased it from Burnett.

did you get a law degree and

2753 days ago

gloria query    

Mr. Burnett I don't know what to even say, so I am saying nothing. Innocent until proven Guilty is what I was taught in Law Enforcement Academy. Mr. Burnett can you call Gloria Q. you know who she is, in Virginia I have some secretive Survivor news for you kind sir!!!

2752 days ago

gloria query    

Mr. Burnett, I don;t know what to say, so I am saying nothing at all !!. But remember the slogan, "Innocent Until Proven Guilty." THATS WHAT i WAS TAUGHT IN THE pOLICE ACADEMY! Mr. Burnett can you call Gloria Q. in Chesapeake, Va. I have A Suvivor secret!

2752 days ago


Copyright, a funny thing! Grab this! I created a game called 'Millionaire', a long time ago. It was stolen from me and produced by ITV and Celador. I alone took them, and others, to the High Court of Justice... due to my illness I had to give it up, three weeks before the trial, and take an out of court settlement from them, not a huge amount. Now I am better and new evidence has appeared I am thinking of re-opening the claim. Also, I notice in the USA that I have been further ripped-off by 'Super Millionaire', merly a continuation of WWTBAM? and someone new claiming 'He' created it, Bastard! Not only that I am really pissed-off that these people now call WWTBAM? 'MILLIONAIRE' which is the title of my game. If anyone knows a good Lawyer who would take it on, on a no win no fee basis... let me know please. If you think this is a joke, it is not ...check-it-out the High Court of Justice website, 2004. Any comments?

2734 days ago
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