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Anna Nicole Death Timeline

3/8/2007 3:48 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has pieced together some of the events that ended in the discovery that Anna Nicole Smith was dead.
Stern, Smith, And Big MOe
Rewind to the morning of February 8. Anna Nicole Smith was in bed in her suite at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino. Tasma "Taz" Brighthaupt, the wife of bodyguard Big Moe, was tending to Anna. Taz believed Smith was sleeping. Mid-morning, she left the suite and went with Big Moe to the airport to pick up some people.

We're told that just before noon, Big Moe, his wife and several others entered the hotel lobby. As they approached the elevator, Howard K. Stern came down the elevator from Anna's room. They all chatted and all went upstairs. Moe and his wife went into their room in the suite, leaving Howard in the living room. We don't know if Howard entered Anna's room.

We're told that a short time later (just after 12 noon), Moe was getting ready to leave. Howard asked Taz if she would stay and tend to Anna. She remained and Moe and Howard left.

We're told once in the lobby, Howard began pacing as he used his cellphone. Moe left the hotel.

We're told Taz never spoke with Anna that day. Taz assumed she was sleeping. Taz was using a computer near Anna's bed, never knowing there was trouble. At around 1:30, Taz realized something was wrong and called her husband. Moe then called the hotel, and someone on the staff then called 911.

It is unclear what Stern was doing between 12:00 and 1:30, but we're told he did not go back to the room during this timeframe.


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Just Thinking    

I should have had a good childhood, and I did until my parents separated due to my mother's infidelity. Of course, she got custody. My father was stable and mother was not but it did not matter; back then, women had custody. Mother had her children because they were a safety net to keep my father. That was it. So little sharing and compassion and love.Finally, at 16, I requested court intervention and was removed from the home and placed in state custody. For the first time in over 8 years, I slept soundly at night. I went on to drop out of high school ( and to return for a college degree) and spiral my life down hill. At 19, I moved across country with my dad's assistance, and began trying to heal. It was a hell of a childhood that I promised myself my kids would never see. I would not trust my kids to my mother.. not after what she did to us kids.

There are some events in ANS life that seem too close to my own experiences. I don't have time for parents demanding so called rights when they had an opportunity and blew it.

My kids all turned out well. I respect their choices because I helped to shape them. My friend, who had the "perfect" life, had three kids. All three turned out, well, they don't fit into society. She used to ask me if we could trade children because mine were so well adjusted. The difference? Because of how I grew up, I was stern, loving, and sharing. My friend gave her kids all sorts of liberties I never gave mine. I did not try to be a friend; I was the mother. I used to envy children who had God, parents, regular bed time hours...rules! Parents who cared about your friends and your grades more than to yell after the fact. I invested my life into my children and then let them go to find the world as they desired. They have done well and my job is 99% over; now, I wait for the rewards of my efforts. Kids are always thanking me and sharing...

So. ANS. I see her as wanting something Virgie did not/could not give. I don't think Virgie, who was 14 when she had AN S, had a clue about raising a child. Virgie was one herself. I can understand that. Yet, because she did not have the parenting skills, the child suffered. Since ANS was essentially in charge of herself, she took liberties of want instead of I really need. ANS wanted more and more and spun out of control. Her lifestyle proved that. Selling herself with self riducle was okay, being scandalous was okay, anything that let her have more financial freedom and to live better than she ever had... anything was okay. She was hungry for love, life, acceptance... she needed to learn to love herself and she never learned how.

We can only guess how Ben or th e prince or anyone else would raise this child; history wlll be written with Larry as the helm.

I can't find any info on LB or child today. Are they still on the island?

2702 days ago

Just Thinking    

I hear they have passport and are getting ready to head to the states on Wed..

Access Hollywood had an interesting interview with LB on 4/12 in which he was asked how he would handle the media. LB stated he would put a few photos out there and then everyone could go about their business. LB stated he wanted D. to have a quiet life with some good friends as she grew up. Other things said. Good to view.

2701 days ago


I admire you so much for overcoming such difficulties with your
mother and your early life. You were a very strong and intelligent
person (and still are). Plaudits to you for that, and for
doing such an excellent job with your children!

Larry is in Kentucky with his parents. They looked like good
people in the glimpse I had of them on ET. She was showing
a little outfit they had for the baby. Of course, looks don't tell
the true story, so we don't know. I have hopes that the baby will
be with them more than with Larry, and that Larry won't take
that child to LA and attempt to keep her in an apartment where
a lot of creepy people will be coming through. And, I include
Howard with the creepy people.

And, speaking of Howard, I had heard he was headed for LA,
then I heard today that they were holding his passport in the
Bahamas. I thought that was rather encouraging news, if it
is true. Do you think it is true? If they WERE holding his
passport it would appear that they want to be sure he is in
the Bahamas for the Inquest, and then for what could, if justice
still lives, result in a trial.

I have never watched "Access Holiwood", and don't know what
channel that is on. I did see Vergie Arthur on ABC at 4:30 yesterday,
and I thought she was clearly a down to earth, decent, honest and
sincere woman. She has been much beleaguered, and I believe
that is due to Howard Stern's unrelenting hatred of her for her
suspecting him in the deaths of Daniel and Anna. ET kept that ball
rolling, and of course Howard had the drugged Anna convinced
that her mother accused HER of killing Daniel.

Larry and Howard appear to be great buddies, and I saw them giggling together outside the court house at the last hearing. I do believe that Larry was in a very dangerous situation in the desperate need to get Danielynn away and safe. But, I sincerely hope he didn't make any financial deals
with Howard Stern, and he should not have turned on Virgie, who
supported him throughout. IF Larry assured Virgie of her being a
part of the baby's life there would be no need to return to the
Bahamas for the custody situation.

Larry is immature and appears to be a weak person. I am placing
my hope in his parents, who surely would LOVE this baby and
protect and care for her. Hopefully, they are decent and honorable
people who will share that baby with Virgie in visits and with pictures.
That would be the only civilized thing to do. I am happy knowing
that baby is in Kentucky, and is safe. Hopefully the Birkheads will
NOT be inviting Howard Stern.

I just read more posts from the idiot squads, calling Virgie "fat"
and saying she married her half brother. It is a matter of horror
that this country has reached the all time low of having so many
people with that mentality out there. It is also scary.

I had some tests run today, so am not doing too great. Better

2701 days ago

Just Thinking    

OK, just got done some good if old research on Access Hollywood. Type that into your search. That is the blank or open space near the top of the page. Then, there will be a lot of Access Hollywood listings to chose from. Click on the home page. Up will come the latest of LB leaving the island with baby. (I swear, that was HKS first to get on the plane...!!!)

On this page, near the top, type in Anna Nicole.... choose the videos. There is a whole slew of videos WE have never seen BECAUSE ET never ran them!!! LB speaking after the autopsy finding...etc.. Well worth viewing. Most to the clips are short, 2-5 minutes. There is a video of Virgie leaving the Social Services for the Bahamas where she tried to block Stern's "custody" of the baby...

2701 days ago

Just Thinking    

They have some really great photos of LB and Dannielynn over at Access Hollywood. There are pictures of the baby interacting with an Elmo, giggling and panning for the camera. (I swear, HKS is in the back seat across from the nanny... Some of the videos actually show him boarding the plane and it is not mentioned if he exits the plane...) Then, there are photos of LB's family and house, etc.. Well worth a look. Refreshing to see something other than ET's slant. LB also discusses the photos he had OK magazine take...

2700 days ago


That is one of the most beautiful babies I have ever seen.
She is adorable! I think Larry does love her, too. He is always
kissing her on the head.

Larry is not staying in his parents' home. They are showing
the home of a casino owner, and that is where Larry is staying.

My questions are these:

Is it true that they have retained Howard's passport in the Bahamas?

What is the status of the Inquest?

Are they investigating drug trafficking, bribery and embezzlement?

Is Howard out of Ben Thompson's House?

And, last, but not least, did Larry sign agreements with
Howard Stern. If he did, he is a fool.

Back later!

2699 days ago

Just Thinking    

Can't answer your questions but they are questions worth of answers. I think I am going to go to a new blog where there is more imput; that kind of keeps me up to date on what is what. May check back over here tomorrow to see where you are headed... TC :)

2699 days ago


Well, I will see you somewhere else. I have been on several.
But, so many rude, low class people using bad language.
They are all supporting Howard Stern, saying the most ridiculous
of things. It is tiresome, but I stay with it because I am hoping
and praying that the Bahamas WILL stand tall and that we will
see justice prevail.

I'll be at Kentucky Home (that isn't Larry's home but belongs to
a casino owner, although ET called it his family estate (morons),
and Reunited and it Feels so Good, for now at any rate.
I cannot receive any answers on those questions, so I presume
nobody knows!

I got a scary report on my CT scan, so am sending up prayers!
It may be o.k.

See you on the other locations if you use "Just Thinking"!

Great meeting you, and best of luck and happiness to you.

2697 days ago
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