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Brit Gets a Visit from K-Fed

3/8/2007 2:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kevin Federline visited Britney at her rehab facility on Wednesday, and as he left, a photographer caught him deep in thought ... er, deep for K-Fed.

While most fathers of four would be busy planning birthday parties for their kids, the Fed-Ex is busy planning his own!

Looks like K-Fed's got his hands full, with a trainwreck ex in rehab, divorce proceedings, another ex and kids, and a hovering mother-in-law ... oh, and being unemployed.


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He's Boring now    

Glad to see he's at least making the time to drop by..hope he didnt bring any rope with him.

They both should be in treatment and than go to mandatory parenting classes as neither of their own parents apparently taught them the basics of growing up and nurturing.

Will be glad when this whole wreck passes like the ANS one soon will for now and forever.

2786 days ago


Kevin and Brittany are nothing but rich trailor court trash! He's so fucking ugly, not to mention a poser. He's nothing but a fucking loser mooching off of Brittany and her fame. Uneducated fuck!

2786 days ago


oh leave him alone for christ sake, hell atleast HE KNOW'S WHERE THE KIDS ARE!! most celebrity dads or dads that boned a celebrity couldn't tell you where the kids are, even when the moms fly the coup, the kids are left with nannies, but not jayden and sean they are with grandma and dad, not to bad.

2786 days ago


I think he has more friends than you think. I think the media blasts him to much. If he goes out to a club one time, the media turns it into a huge issue.

2786 days ago


He went to ask Brit for some cash to pay for his lame b-day party that no one will be attending.

2786 days ago

Blah Blah Blah    

Hey #2 with all that cussing it sounds like you might have been one of their neighbors in the trailor park.

2786 days ago


Oh leave Kevin alone. He's a young kid, with kids and ex's. He's shown that he's growing up and taking responsibility. Give him a break. Happy Birthday Kevin.

2786 days ago


#2 and I suppose you think you are ARTICULATE? You're not. Go smoke some dope or suck on that crack pipe some more. The day is young...have at it.

Oh, and Jillian, since you read this junk...congratulations to you and Grant on the upcoming birth of your new baby daughter. She'll be a doll for sure since she is the product of two beautiful parents. Rock on Jillian.

2786 days ago


i think u have to give some credit for stepping up and trying to do the right thing.i just hope its for the right reasons(kids).THE PRESS NEEDS TO BACK OFF AND LET THIS FAMILY WORK ON THEIR PROBLEMS.

2786 days ago


Jillian, one more thing. I know how Grant wants to put his fingers through your hair but can't because of your extensions. Take them out when you go on maternity leave, go for something chic and cool and shorter for the summer. Come on Jillian. Grant's a hunk, let him have his way. Love you on my fox la. Good job getting that about a gravy train job. Lucky you.

2786 days ago


like really..give the guy a break. I couldnt imagine walking in his shoes with a pysco rehabbed wife like her right now. I am surprised he hasnt snapped yet from all the press because of her antics and rehab. At least he is getting thru this process as best he can and kids are safe with family. Happy birthday kevin

2786 days ago


Annie number #6 Hello? 29 years old is not "a young kid." He is grown adult who made 4 babies with no means of supporting them. Britney paid for everything. He is a sleazebag hustler who told his pregnant girlfriend he was going to Europe to get a job and instead hooked up with Britney. Then slept with hookers and drank and drugged his way around Vegas and now is probably delighted Britney crashed and burned beacuse it makes him look better and suckers like you fall for his bullshit act.

2786 days ago


I usually dont defend him , but AT LEAST, he is attempting to do the best he can with his two kids. I dont see him out everynight, drugging and boozing it up and passing out or puking in public. Oh thats right, this is from her PPD !!! Ha Ha.
He might turn out to be the better of the two yet. Maybe he went to see her to help her pick out her new clothes "on line" !!! Something that involved must be difficult for her to do in her present "PPD" state.

2786 days ago


# 5 good point, I got carried away on the cussing, I would think the same thing, that was unclassy of me, I just don't care for Kevin, I just thought she could have done better. #8 I am articulate thank you very much

2786 days ago


Aw, leave him alone already. If he doesn't make money, he gets blasted by the press. If he tries o make money, he gets blasted by the press. If he had a party without a deal, how much would all the tabloids (print and online) be paying paparazzi for photos.
At least he knows where his kids are, and he's concerned about his ex. Not many guys (in LA or anywhere else doing that!!

2786 days ago
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