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Jacko Appreciates Fans, By Charging $3,400 a Handshake

3/8/2007 1:31 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson loves his fans ... and their money.

Three hundred Jacko fanatics shelled out ¥400,000 (roughly $3,400 US) for the chance to meet Michael in Tokyo, getting only a minute each with the retired pop star. Decked out in a hideous black suit covered with little yellow lions, MJ was hands-on with his fans, posing for photos and signing autographs for the frenzied bunch.

As if the steep ticket price weren't enough, the "lucky" fans had to wait an hour in the cold for Michael to arrive. Way to give a little back, Jacko.


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Michael Jacksons    

all ya are fucking stupid and you know why? cuz when this guy walks out of this earth he gonna be something and he gonna be remembered as a legendary persona with musical artistics, unlike some of ya useless personas,you know ish about him, he has magic in him no wonder he is welcomed like no other, i mean even the queen of england wont be paid that much for fucking handshake and pic.

no matter what aint no person thats gonna be famous will ever get that kind of adoration and fan base like he has!!! aint never gonna happen so stop the hating cuz aint no body gonna listen to you, look at the facts hes num 1 both in music and in adoration so stop the jealousy...go buy guness book and see what hes famous for, the guy got fucking 25 breaking records framed in different frames just cuz he is so adored and so unique musically and career wise and persona wise so stop the fuckin jealousy, cuz he aint no paris hilton hes much more than just a ''freak show'' if you are ignorant enauygh to let the media fool you with give him the down notes, well thats shows how much ignorance yall have and jealousy, go learn about him and watch him dance , judg him musically and then persona wise which i think might be odd but ppl like odd and unique and great. screw all ya jealous useless pps! :)

2750 days ago


where were this black singer's blonde, blue eyed, white children while he was traveling about? they cant be with their mother, they dont have mothers. The 3rd white skinned, blonde haired baby (the Balcony Baby) Jacko brought home and it never had a mother. And no one was screaming for DNA, not even lawyer Debra Ugli. Amazing how much sperm is out there for sale. Dont these sperm donors ever worry that their sperm is going to concoct babies for Wacko Jacko, and weird Lebian couples?? What if a child wants to know his real father, how can you find a Sperm Donor Daddy? Will lawyer Debra Ugli help these children find their Real Fathers???

2750 days ago


Are people so blind and dumb that they still can idolize this nut job? The next child that gets molested by Jackson, should have his parents put jail for 25 years. It will be their fault and they should pay the price. This man desperately needs help and is only being enabled by his family and friends. He is not the same talented young man that he once was. He is now just a sad shell of his former self. A picture is worth a thousand words.

2750 days ago


Bingo great answer by POST. 34, michael jacksons....go man go!

2750 days ago

Whammer Jammer    

Wacko Jacko is a freak and all his followers are freaks. Worshipping a pedophile....what the hell is wrong with you idiots?

2750 days ago



2750 days ago

I Agree........    

LOL.............I love #10 comment. What a freak Michael Jackson is!!! I can't imagine anyone paying that much money to see a freak that should be in a sideshow!!

2750 days ago


Before you shake his hands, ask yourself a question. Do you know where they've been?

2750 days ago


I have been listening to the Jackson 5's greatest hits , I am so puzzled as to why Michael Jackson has ended up like this. He had such an incredible talent. What ever happened to get him to this point? I guess this is all he can do, because I realize that he has diehard fans who will pay to spend time with him. But I don't think he can ever perform in concert again. I really doubt that most people would pay to see him.I think he needs to realize his reign as the King of Pop is over. However, I will continue to enjoy his music when he was with his brothers and of course Thriller.

2750 days ago

Your'e Fired!    

...........................@!!!@#!@!!!#$#%^&^*??????@!#@$%??!!!!!.............Thats all!!!!!

2749 days ago

Edward Lovette    

Well, you got to remember that the Japanese, as smart as they are, wasted a lot of money on overpriced real estate, fine art, and movie studios like they have more money than brains!!

2749 days ago


go michael!! please if there stupid enough to pay for it make your money thats on them

2749 days ago


So what? These people made the choice to pay that money and wait outside for who knows how long stop trying to blame it on Michael if you could get that much money from people you know you would dont be all holyer than thow,I hope he keeps that money and does'nt give any to charity cause then he'll just get critisized for that. Leave him alone as the song says esspecially if you don't like him.

2749 days ago


It is so great to see that the KING is back!! He looks great, what a snazzy outfit!! Those fans got a bargain!!

2749 days ago



2749 days ago
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