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Johnny Depp's Daughter -- Mystery Illness Revealed

3/8/2007 4:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Johnny DeppNine days after Johnny Depp's 7-year-old daughter was rushed to a London hospital, the cause of Lily-Rose's mysterious ailment is being pinned on a rusty tack.

According to In Touch, "the wound was left untreated" and "blood poisoning developed. It has now spread through her body and has affected her vital organs."

While there have been several conflicting reports on the severity of Lily-Rose's condition, Depp's reps tell the AP that she is "doing much better." The actor has reportedly not left Lily-Rose's bedside since she was admitted to the hospital on February 28.


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amle, WTF does this have to do with Angelina and Brad? Are you that obsessed?

2787 days ago


Johnny Depp adores Lily Rose and Jack. He is a devoted Father...I know that he is tortured during this . We send up hours of prayers for the quick recovery of Lily Rose.

2787 days ago


According to In Touch, "the wound was left untreated" and "blood poisoning developed. It has now spread through her body and has affected her vital organs."
Doesn't mean that touch is right on this
Becasue the release on what is going with lilly rose has not be release to the public so this wound thing is bullshit
when you hear According in the media is most bullshit .

2787 days ago


Why are you all talking about tetanus? This is most likely not about tetanus, but some other bacteria. It could get into the blood by a small wound that you would not normally take the kid to the doctor for. And if the bacteria gets into the blood stream, the sespis can accelerate very fast, depending on the nature of the bacterie. This is not the place or time to blame the parents. These things can happend to every kid if you are a litte unlucky.

By the way: The tetanus shot is included in the French vaccination program.

2787 days ago


I f you don't give a fuck Natalie, why reply?I'm glad it's so easy to piss you off. LOL! dumbass. And....................................................................................................?

2787 days ago

Jamie Lynn    

Neglect Neglect Neglect! What a jerk!

2787 days ago

a depp fan    

Rust does not cause Tetanus infection. A wound, whether it is a scraped knee or a cut, can allow the bacteria to enter the blood stream. If it is indeed a blood infection, she is recieving massive doses of antibiotics and recovery can be several weeks to several months.

A tetanus shot must be given as soon after the injury but if the wound was very small or the child didn't seem to complain, then no one would have caught it. These things happen and if you have children of your own, you know full well that we cannot protect our children from everything and somethings do slip by us. That doesn't make us bad parents or ignorant...I do believe that Johnny and Vanessa have done everything possible to prevent injuries and illnesses to their children but all parents know that it is impossible to keep our kids free from injury and illness all the time. Accidents happen and there is no need to point fingers at Johnny. This has NOTHING to do with his money or nannies or any other ridiculous comments being posted here.

2787 days ago


Hey natalie, try some anger management classes.

2787 days ago


wonderful parenting

2787 days ago

a depp fan    

***47. Do any of you know where tetanus really comes from? It is horse and donkey shit. That is the ONLY place tetanus is found. We are required in the US to have these but when do you tromp around in shit with a needle? by Kris***

So Kris, do you spend a lot of time in horse and donkey shit? Where the hell did you get this info???? Farmers almanac? We are required in the US to have what? Horse and donkey shit? You better get back to the farm, jenny ass is calling ewe...

2787 days ago


how do you know if i am pissed off?? did i not just laugh?? geez moron LOL

2787 days ago


sheesh no why don't you take them

2787 days ago


If the wound had been properly cleaned, an infection likely would not have been an issue. The most important thing in an injury is to *make sure* it is cleaned immediately and well.

2787 days ago


I am a very BIG Johnny Depp FAN!!

I absolutely Love Him!!

I am truly very Heartbroken over this illness of his Daughter Lily Rose....

He is a Wonderful parent...I don't know much about his wife...

But as we live in this life...Don't find what happened or try to punish..

Pray for Lily Rose and for Johnny and his wife in this terrible time for their child....OK People.....

Love ya.... Johnny :x O:-)

2787 days ago


mish that is the point i was trying to make...maybe she didn't say anything...other people on here are saying "well i would have said something" well that's them...they're not his daughter....people like french fag have no sense of direction.

2787 days ago
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