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Johnny Depp's Daughter -- Mystery Illness Revealed

3/8/2007 4:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Johnny DeppNine days after Johnny Depp's 7-year-old daughter was rushed to a London hospital, the cause of Lily-Rose's mysterious ailment is being pinned on a rusty tack.

According to In Touch, "the wound was left untreated" and "blood poisoning developed. It has now spread through her body and has affected her vital organs."

While there have been several conflicting reports on the severity of Lily-Rose's condition, Depp's reps tell the AP that she is "doing much better." The actor has reportedly not left Lily-Rose's bedside since she was admitted to the hospital on February 28.


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To: "Hannah" (number 25)

You claim to be a nurse but say there is "no way" this sort of thing can just show up. Wrong! A child can very well go to bed at night and wake up the next morning in dire condition when you're talking about something like a bacterial infection.

Children (vaccinated or not) don't have the strongest immune systems yet and they are always putting them to the test. Once the bacteria is cirrculating in the blood stream, a REAL nurse would know that it could take as little as 4 to 8 hours for it to start getting to pumped to the organs. She would then start to spike a fever and this is probably when she was taken to the hospital. Needing many days of antibiotics once bacteria has entered the blood and organs is not surprising. But anyone that believes she "had to have been neglected for days" is clearly not educated on the subject to begin with.

Also, if the heart became infected it would take next to no time for her to go from "healthy" to "seriously ill".

Come on people, most parents don't rush their kids to the doctor at ever sniffle or thumb tack, that's just a fact of life.

2695 days ago


How would you know? EASY bathing your child at that young age, helping dress them, playing with them etc. THEY SHOULD HAVE KNOWN even if they child said nothing at all! Unless they don't even bother being involved with their children. Even then wth was the nanny? And infection that bad would have clearly be seen otherwise the child would not be in the hospital in this bad of a condition. As a parent, sorry if something is wrong on my child's body I would know.

I also agree the French are not very clean people. Johnny doesn't look like he knows what a shower is. And his girlfriend's yellow teeth are disgusting!

#12 This topic isn't about Obama so stfu NO one cares!!!

2695 days ago


"To French Fucker": what kind of a racist, fascist are you to say someting that disgusting about French people?I am a French citizen and I feel really offended by these comments, How would you react if I insulted your troops in Iraq or the American culture? But we don't do that, we respect other culture, so "french fucker", I really suggest you to travel, open your mind,and, no, Arabic people are not all terrorists, no, Black people don't smell bad and French people do take showers everyday.. Don't forget we are all the same, no races, just brothers and sisters... thank you

2695 days ago

Ms. Manda    

To whomever posted the second comment,

That is unfair and completely rude to say the French are no better or worse than any other nation in the world, as far as I'm concerned you are filthy. As for the post by America First honestly if all your going to do is sit around and degrade people for what they write and where it happens to be then I think you are the one who needs to get a life. For all the people who said that they should have watched her and known, I'm betting that you don't have kids and careers because if you did you would know how hard it is to constantly watch them. And as for Johnny, Vanessa, and Lily-Rose I wish her a speedy recovery and not more tacks.

2695 days ago


This is not about a review but a child's life and to critique Johnny Depp and his wife negatively when they are loving and good parents and he's not left her side is depraved and disgusting. God bless all of them and may his little girl get through this to play and grow and know how loved she is.

2695 days ago

Delta Pearl    

"Having a free and open mind is a wonderful thing." says America First.

How would you know? Your kind of wrong-headed fascistic claptrap makes me laugh. You should change your moniker to 'Hates America First'.

2695 days ago


JOHNNY DEPP IS THE BEST DADDY AND THE BEST ACTOR NOT SEAN PENN !! God bless your little girl Johnny and our prayers are with you and your family. What an amazing dad you are !!! Every father should give the love you have to his kids.

2695 days ago


Ive known people who have died of a paper cut. A new plastic window fan scrapped my ankle and i darn near got gangrene. It began to eat a hole into my ankle- even though my shots are up to date and I cleaned and dressed it up right away. Many antibiotics later I still have the scar. Its called BACTERIA and they live on everything.
Hang in there Lily Rose!
Hugs to Johnny and Vanessa and to all people of good sense.

2695 days ago


I hear the girl WAS being treated. It is some resistant anomoly. A REDLINE, I don't know. Neither do any of you.
As for the parents being negligent...other people were certainly attending to her care, in ADDITION to her parents.
I DOUBT the little was left with a festering wound that no one noticed!
WOW, how fast we call foul, IN THIS CASE! You all scare me. No need to rag on the french....

2695 days ago


poor Johnny, let me comfort you during this difficult time.....

2695 days ago


Yes, agreed THIS is a forum about Lily-Rose Depp.
by the by, though...I have served my country and am a member of IRAQI VETS AGAINST THE WAR.
...and to the person who thought you were HELPING the antiwar cause, Faux news may stink, I agree, but AlJazeera, like it or not, is a credible news source, it just happens to be middle eastern. There IS Al Jazeera America, another credible, as any, news source.
*****Let's stick to the Depp family crisis here.*****
plenty of other forums to air political views, and they are numerous and ALL should be listened to and RESPECTED.

2695 days ago


Oh my Johnny, what a terrible situation to be in. My thoughs & prayers go out to you, Lily Rose, & the rest of the family. I pray that she over comes this & lives a long & happy life. May God bless you all with a miracle.

2695 days ago


Whomever said something about she should have had her tetanus shot or gotten one or whatever, first of all she has BLOOD POISONING, not tetanus and second of all, vaccines are not 100% effective, not even close. You could have every shot in the book and still get whatever they are supposed to be protecting you from. Plus anyone with kids knows that if you blink you miss something with them, especially a tiny wound on the bottom of a foot. Get well, Lily-Rose, stay strong!

2695 days ago

the gap    

#4, Yay me--absolutely right.

God bless Lily-Rose and I hope she makes a full and speedy recovery. Best wishes to Johnny, Vanessa and their family.

2695 days ago


#74, Nicole, that was the funniest thing I've read in alooong time! Shit that was funny!

2695 days ago
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