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Lawsuit Be Damned

Kim K. Sex Tape to Be Released!

3/8/2007 8:14 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Sex Tape To Be ReleasedDespite Kim's pending lawsuit, Vivid Entertainment is going forward with a March 21 release of "Kim Kardashian Superstar" -- the sex video Kim made with then-boyfriend, Ray-J.

Steven Hirsch, Co-Chairman of Vivid, told TMZ, "I met with Kim yesterday and unfortunately, we didn't even come close to reaching an agreement. We will now immediately move forward with the release."

After Kardashian filed suit last month, Vivid announced that they would temporarily halt production. The company feels confident that they have a legal right to distribute the DVD of the video. They paid an unidentified third party $1 million for rights to the tape, which was made three years ago.

Vivid promises a new preview clip will be available next week on

Despite the lawsuit, Hirsch tells TMZ he is still a huge fan of Kim's. "Kim has all of the qualities that we look for in a Vivid Girl. She's both beautiful and well-spoken which is a rare combination. In fact, if she was a Vivid Girl I might have cast her as 'Debbie' in our 'Debbie Does Dallas...Again' TV series which debuts [Friday] night at 11pm on Showtime." Nice plug Steve.

A rep for Kardashian confirms Kim and her manager met briefly with Vivid, but says nothing was resolved. She says Kim will "continue to vigorously defend and protect her legal rights" and adds that her lawsuit against Vivid is still very much active.


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What gives any company a right to release someones private video?

2788 days ago


THAT WAS FUCKED UP OF RAY J - I hope ya'll know he did this, betrayed this poor skank only to fund his need to impress/wine & dine WHITNEY HOUSTON, obvious - this non star is tooling around in a ferrari and I doubt BRANDY bought it. & i know his little roles on tv aren't funding a lifestyle like that...

2788 days ago


Why do people videotape themselves?????????????? All it takes is one idiot to expose it. Whatever.

2788 days ago


Who is this woman anyway? Should I know her from MTV or something?

2788 days ago

chin chin    

Just another sleazy "ho" that needs her 15 minutes. She'll do anything to get it. With each slut- it's gotta get racier & racier...what next?

2788 days ago

Enough Already!    

Give me a break! The only reason this video was put on hold for a while was because Anna Nicole Smith died and took the glare off this broad Kim. Now she feels time has gone by enough to where she can get her pissy glory so lets bring this story to the limelight again. This girl is very much a part of releasing this porno tape. I guess she feels shes got to act like she doesnt want it released so she wont feel like such a scank. Too late Kim....youre just as bad as your herpes friend Paris

2788 days ago


Diana - #5 - She is the daughter of one of O.J.'s attorneys who has died.

2788 days ago


This also goes for that sleazy mexican bitch on idol. If your stupid enough to make a nude anything and let your man have the rights to it, then you are taking a chance and deserve the outcome whether you get a dime out of it.

2788 days ago


Oh, thanks, Julie!

2788 days ago


OMFG. Why are they waiting 2 weeks to release this when its already been 2 weeks since it was supposed to be released. They should release it next week on the 14.

2788 days ago

my opinion    

Another tramp dirt bag and her daily outings will be chronicled by TMZ. Kim goes to lunch, Kim goes shopping, Kim and Paris yada yada yada. Ignore this moron because she will be around for her 15 minutes.

2788 days ago


Veronica, #7 - I have never pounced on another persons comment but I have to tell you, you are a dweeb & a buzzkill.

ps. If the link you posted was a mistake - I completely apologize and you can slap me, but if you did that on purpose then my comment will stand.

2788 days ago


Dirty Whore.

2788 days ago


Excuse me, but Steve Hirsch is a sexist pig. Saying a woman being beautiful and well-spoken is a "rare combination" has to be the most ignorant and downright stupid statement I've ever heard. I know plenty of women - including myself - who are both. Maybe he should try getting to know other women, besides the ones who would rather become prostitutes for Vivid Video than become college-educated!

2788 days ago


Kim K is HOT & SEXY!!!!!

Release the tape so I can buy it and get together with my buddies, smoke some weed and watch this Bit*h get it on!!

2788 days ago
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