Whitney Thinks Ray-J's "Sh*t is Off the Chain"

3/8/2007 11:58 AM PST
Whitney Houston & Bobby Brown had dinner together earlier this week -- but that doesn't mean she's done with Ray-J just yet!

The 43-year-old diva and the 26-year-old R&B hottie made Wednesday 'date night' at Crustacean in Beverly Hills. An annoyed Houston pushed through waiting paparazzi as she tried to get to her car, yelling "Get out of my way!" and "Why you in my face like that!?"

As Ray J headed toward his ride, a giddy Whitney began blow ing kisses to her young friend and repeatedly motioned for him to call her. Not yet ready to leave his urban cougar for the night, Ray-J then ran back to Whitney's car and begged her to take a ride with him in his Lamborghini. Though she said "that sh*t is off the chain," referring to his wheels of course, she only agreed to drive with him later, "when it's low key."