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Barba: Skanky Pics Were an "Unnecessary Distraction"

3/9/2007 3:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Although rejected Jerseyite "Idol" wannabeen Antonella Barba was distracted by racy pics of her that spread over the web, her parental units apparently didn't blink an eye.
Click to hear Barba on Seacrest's show
"They're really encouraging me to just not get battered by nonsense that doesn't matter and that's not relevant to the competition," Barba told Ryan Seacrest this morning on his KIIS-FM show. The fallen slut-ebrity added that the whole situation was "hard to deal with" and an "unnecessary distraction." Yes, it was distracting for many!

Barba revealed she'll probably stick around L.A. for a bit to see what offers come her way, saying she'd like to keep singing (ack!), act, or even model. Looks like "Girls Gone Wild" may get their wish.

And while fellow rejectee Sundance Head spilled details on a behind-the-scenes brat, Barba played dumb and wisely kept her mouth shut ... for once.


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This girl antonella barba is on a gravy train with biscuit wheels quote from the movie Kingpin. Anyway I mean she's got a first class ticket to the Playboy mansion! Wtg Wtg....

2695 days ago


The girl is a whore. Her parents should be mortified by the fact that they sat there supporting this immoral being they raised. She should have been removed by the producers just like they removed all the others that did wrong things prior to being a contestant. THANK GOD she is gone!!!! If I were her I would bury my head for a while!

2694 days ago


umm.. 114...since when is having a lil fun once ina while immoral.. ohhh i forgot, you never have fun, since you sit inside your church 24/7... damn, i aint even a fan of hers, i aint into pop idol shit, im juss SOOOO done wit all the bible thrumpers callin ppl who arent nuns and actually enjoy sex and a vodka shot once ina while whores and immoral..burn in hell that you created yourself, lmao

2694 days ago


UMMM...#115...thank you for your well thought out, articulate and grammatically incorrect response. First of all, I've been in Church maybe 10 times in my entire life, and I've never read the Bible let alone thumped one. If you think taking near naked pictures of yourself as a teenager in public places and leaving them available for anyone to get their hands on is fun...then you must lead a very sad existence.

Have another shot of vodka, enjoy sex with another random stranger and try to get a life. Meanwhile I'll reserve myself to the fact your just another jerkoff loser my tax dollars will be supporting.

2694 days ago


Antonella Rocks

2694 days ago


ooh babygirrrrl you hit a nerve. I'm going to have a tun of fun with this one. Do you seriously call taking naked pictures of yourself at the veternans memorial fun? Oh, I get it - you must be some bim that likes to show your dime slot, no make that a quarter slot, in your too tight jeans and your saggy ass boobs. Fun is fun but when you slam our vets you cross the line. Yeah, I'm a catholic girl and I like my vodka - what the fuck does that have to do with this scank. You must be her dirty, scabby friend. You can rot in hell along with her. Biiiiaattch. You touched a nerve you scab. I'd come out of retirement and kick your ugly ass over this one. Are you friends with this nasty bitch or what? Bible thumpers my sweet ass.

2694 days ago

Jayne Alford    

I think all of Dell and Microsoft in Pakastan must be voting for Sanjaya. Get him outta there

2693 days ago


you people are vicious....worse than Simon Cowell.

2688 days ago
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