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Casino: We're Calling Greasy Bear's $75,000 Bluff

3/9/2007 11:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Greasy Bear Brandon DavisOily heir Brandon Davis is slick, but is everyone's favorite Greasy Bear the next Danny Ocean? The portly party boy, whose family is worth billions, is being sued for allegedly ripping off a Bahamian casino for a barrel of cash during a weekend in January.

In a lawsuit filed in New Jersey and exclusively obtained by TMZ, the Atlantis Paradise Resort and Casino claims Paris Hilton's favorite hanger-on owes them $75,000 -- after checks that Davis wrote for a hefty casino marker were returned bearing the stamp "Non-Sufficient Funds!"

According to the lawsuit, Davis was either "aware at the time that he presented the checks that his account had insufficient funds," or had borrowed the cash with "the intent and plan to order the Bank not to pay or honor the checks." Either way, the casino wants their green -- stat. They're even after Greasy for an additional $270 to cover the returned check fee! Bad Greasy.

Calls to Davis were not returned.


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Your'e Fired!    

.........#11, He is known for NOT taking daily showers....Heck, weekly!!!!!
He sweats, smells and well you get the picture...........

2749 days ago

Mad Balls    

What a waste . We have to hear about this overblown ego . His " firecrotch " remark was not even funny and Paris laughed her ass off . Just shows how immature this group is . Drop this bunch in the middle of Iraq and see how long they last . I'd give them five minutes before they are turned into a true " firecrotch " . idiots .

2749 days ago


thats funny. to bad he will get away with it.

2749 days ago


This guy does not even deserve for ANY of us to comment on him-he is a spoiled drug addicted DRUNK, that all he strives for is the limelight-get him off this site

2749 days ago


Why does the press even write about this loser? Has he ever done anything worth writing about? If not for the family's money, he would not even be noticed. He's disgusting on so many levels.

2749 days ago


That guy is just disgusting! I have seen some video clips with him, and he acts in such a ridiculous way, talking dirty in such a stupid way that you want to puke. The worst is that Paris and others, are laughing, as if he is funny. What are they thinking? As once when he was dissing Lindsay Lohan, calling her a "firecrotch" or something. On and on again. I think he once almost ran over a photographer too, wouldn't be too surprised if he drove under the influence of something. it looked really scary.

When you see how these rich kids act, one can't help but think that it would be a blessing for little Dannielynn if somebody called off Anna Nicole's lawsuits for mr Marshall's estate! Growing up in such a family, sure does not seem like a good thng. Just look at the behavior so many of these kids have. E.g. Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie in the SimpleLife. And her parent's said "We are so proud". What are they thinking? Her family in Norway (her granddad who made the family's fortune, was grew up in Norway and went there regularly until not long before he died) even made a public statement that they were embarrassed over her behavior, and that she were a shame for the Hilton name. Think that was after the episode where the girls STOLE presents for the family they stayed with at the local feed store.

No, these "kids" are a disgrace! They should really not get a dime for few years, so they would have to learn how to do some honest work for your living...

2749 days ago

Mike B    


Enough said!

No more posts necessary!

2749 days ago


It nust be nice to throw around money like that. Even the rich can't handle gambling.

2749 days ago

Only in    

Poster David Allen Coe/David Duke has been posting vial comments. He attacks anyone for no reason at all. It started when the first story came out on Ann Coulter. It appears he has issues to work out.

2749 days ago

Hal R. Hosfeld    

My wife is from Taiwan where they break your knuckles for bouncing checks!

2749 days ago


I don't know who this is (thanks for the input on that for me about), but best I can tell, "grease" and "bear" appear to be giving his the benefit of the doubt.

PORK FAT RULES, so please don't anoint him with THAT kind of grease as it would be an insult to the pigs. I don't think the bears deserve this either.


2749 days ago


I would not piss in his mouth if his tounge was on fire.

2749 days ago


he needs to get his ass kicked

2749 days ago


what else can you expect from a nasty dirty TURK. Put a gold nugget in a turks pocket and watch it turn to dust.

2749 days ago


Looking at this guy makes me want to wash my face and run a mile.

2749 days ago
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