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Kapoor Excuse?

3/9/2007 1:34 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The doctor who prescribed Anna Nicole Smith methadone while she was pregnant is firing back at the man claiming that he's not cooperating with the investigation into her death.
Dr. Kapoor, Anna Nicole, Dr. Perper
After reports that the results of Anna Nicole Smith's autopsy were delayed by the medical examiner so he could examine additional evidence, an attorney for Dr. Sandeep Kapoor says he has nothing to add to the investigation.

Broward County Medical Examiner, Dr. Joshua Perper, had criticized Dr. Kapoor for what he says was the good doctor's refusal to cooperate with his investigation.

As TMZ first reported, Dr. Kapoor prescribed Anna Nicole methadone to her alias while she was pregnant. Ellyn Garofalo, Dr. Kapoor's lawyer, says that he has "been appropriately cautious about protecting the confidentiality of Anna Nicole Smith's medical treatment." She then calls out Dr. Perper, saying, "It's apparent that such caution is justified when the Broward County Medical Examiner makes public statements about a supposedly confidential investigation. The medical examiner's job is to determine the cause of Ms. Smith's death. Dr. Kapoor has no information that will help with that determination. Dr. Kapoor's treatment of Ms. Smith was at all times medically sound and he will continue to cooperate with any formal requests from authorities."



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Karen S.    

ANS was being prescribed and mailed drugs under several assumed names, ie. Michelle Chase, Vickie Marshall, Vickie Hogan as well as her own and also under....Howard K. Stern..... and ALWAYS picked up by Howie and I'm sure delivered to her by Howie too since Anna didn't wasted! . Not only is the Dr. shopping (like the "daddy" shopping) ILLEGAL but also HK$ knew this. Apparently HK$ went berzerk after Daniel's death and the Doctors got gunshy about these mail orders to the Bahama;s. Records show that Howie made dozens of harassing phone calls keep the drugs coming....interesting!!!!!

2749 days ago


# 28 Perper wants to know why Anna was given the methadone, so until Kapoor is willing to HELP the ME with his case, on one will ever know why she was taking it.

2749 days ago


#41----where do you live??????? Some doctors do this every day. You can also order them on the internet without ever seeing the doctor, with or without an Rx.

2749 days ago


I agree with comment 14 about ET, and the Insider, these two shows are all about making a rating and putting alot of money into HKS pocket, as for Dr Kapoor, this man needs to go back to whatever country he came from because in this country we have laws that have to be taken seriously or otherwise we have deaths like these.
Dr. Kapoor, give the medical examiner what he needs to complete this mess that you have made along with alot of other people. As you know this is a federal offense to prescribe that much methadone to a person and in a fake name at that to boot. Maybe you and the rest of that clan can get a cell together and talk about all your secrets and love for this woman that you killed. I am sure glad that big Mo is coming forward to shed some light on this case now lets keep it moving folks.

2749 days ago


i think we will hear some people start singing real soon.and hks is going to jail for murder of ans.thay just need to get him before he does somthing to that baby

2749 days ago


HK$ isn't broke....they are lying. I doubt if ANS' assets have ever been frozen, so he is still happily using her funds also.

2749 days ago


Medical examiner wants to see Anna Nicole Smith's computer.

2749 days ago


Just announced on Fox........The CA. medicial board is investgating Dr. Kapoor.

2749 days ago


Hey Jill, s--t!!! this is interesting

Maybe Ford Shelley's reason for taking this stuff is the key to the answer...

2749 days ago

Karen S.    

HK$ and Ron Rale? Well, I kept wondering why Howie's ex boyfriends haven't been coming out of the woodwork and I think ya'll just answered that question and it sure makes sense!

2749 days ago

Susan Robertson    

I am very concerned about the baby Dannielynn. Does anyone have an update regarding her health? A few weeks ago the nanny - Ms. Gibson - stated she is a really good baby - she goes down at night around 7 and doesn't wake up until the following morning around 8:30. Now I had two children and at 6-7 months they were still waking up at 2x for a feeding. Then I read somewhere she only weights around 10 lbs.

2749 days ago


Smith's autopsy were delayed by the medical examiner so he could examine additional 46. HK$ isn't broke....they are lying. I doubt if ANS' assets have ever been frozen, so he is still happily using her funds also.

Posted at 1:12PM on Mar 9th 2007 by Ann S
HK$ knew how to clean out ANS' accounts before anyone knew she was dead!!!!!!!!!!
Remember, he's a corrupt lawyer, IMO

2749 days ago


Yeah right! This is the same doctor who was in that Rated-R video with Anna with his shirt off---real professional. He needs his license taken away!

2749 days ago


This is just TOO MUCH. She is dead and gone and she was headed for disaster for years. The authorities are looking for someone to blame. Forget it, they ALL had a part in the downfall of Anna. Rest in Peace, Anna.

2749 days ago

Karen S.    

I believe it was 'manslaughter' instead of murder since even HK$ knows that he would be much better off with a legal marraige instead of the sham of a 'commitmnet ceremony' that nobody bought. I think Anna knew if she was going to have any hope of keeping Dannielynn and doing her drugs...she was actually going to have to marry the fag.....excuse me....I'm off to rehab now!

2749 days ago
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