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Mischa's Ruff Ride

3/9/2007 12:33 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Mischa Barton had a case of canine absentmindedness in Beverly Hills yesterday, and then had a little hissy fit of road rage, captured by paparazzi.

After brunching at La Conversation in West Hollywood -- and nearly forgetting that her dog was tied up at the front of the place -- a bohemian-looking Barton got caught up in a mini-traffic jam while trying to get out of the parking lot, and girl was not happy about it. Honking her horn and yelling, a miffed Mischa was mired in gridlock for only a few minutes before speeding off.


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C'mon guys that was not road rage! Can you say make something out of nothing? Puhleeze! Slow news day? All that horn action was not on Mischa, she only did one time. All I could see was a girl trying to leave. Poor poochie, he was cute, at least she didn't get up the road before she remembered him. Good thing she doesn't have kids or Britney would have some competition.

2764 days ago


Who is she?

2764 days ago


Wow! Just amazing, headline newz! Sometimes, silence is golden.

2764 days ago


its all good, just pass her the joint...........

TMZ, post that other pick of her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol, you know what im talkin about

2764 days ago

Only in    

Poster David Allen Coe/David Duke has been posting vial comments. He attacks anyone for no reason at all.It started when the Ann Coulter stor first came out. It appears he has issues to work out.

2764 days ago

ya know    

AAwwww...She had to wait on traffic. Bless her heart. Does anyone out there have Patience?

2764 days ago


Mischa Barton likes Fall Out Boy.....

2764 days ago


What you don't see is the paparazzi purposely blocking her in so they can take more pictures of her...which is why she's yelling "c'mon guys" in it's ridiculous to purposely block her in...

that's my theory anyway...considering you didn't even show the "traffic jam"

2764 days ago


That is NOT Road Rage. It looks to me like the paparazzi were blocking her way!!!

2764 days ago


She forgot her poor little doggie!

2764 days ago

fame ho    

USELESS....waste of time...she is a nobody....and an untalented one at that. Take a cue from your idiot show....die

2763 days ago



She has NO money. She's unemployed! She decided to give up her gig to move on to greener pastures and we all know she's been enjoying her "green days." Only in Bev Hills is it socially cool to be unemployed. After she left TOC, her spot was kinda filled by new comer Autumn Reeser. Having met Reeser I can say that she is not only a REAL cutie, but a real nice young lady. Hmmmm? Why is that she never seems to have her photo plastered here doing stupid stuff? Oh yeah - she has a job! TOC bowed out a couple of weeks back, and Reeser is in San Fran working on a film already. What was it you have been doing for the PAST YEAR Mischa? Hanging with Nicole in Malibu and partaking of the ganja won't get you out from behind the wheel of that ford girl!

2763 days ago


Yeah real road rage..LOL Get a life.

2763 days ago


That was NOT road rage. She didn't even look that impatient and even had a smile on her face at one point. I'm no fan of this lady, but let's be real.

2763 days ago


That was not a road rage. All she said was 'You guys' telling them to shift it. She honked ONCE. The guy behind her was mad.. It was as though he [or she?] was sitting on the stupid thing. In fact, Mish was quite patient and laughed it off with her friend. Jesus, people don't know what the real definition of a road rage is anymore..

2760 days ago

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