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Sundance to Ryan: Arrogant Finalist Claiming Victory

3/9/2007 2:08 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The horribly bearded Sundance Head was booted from "American Idol" last night -- and today he admits there's one cocky SOB left in the bunch.

The rejected singer was on Ryan Seacrest's KIIS-FM morning show, where he said one of the guys remaining on the show -- whose name he wouldn't mention -- thinks he already has the competition in the bag.

Sundance also confessed he was shocked he was kicked off -- as the pseudo-vocal stylings of Sanjaya Malakar remained in the Top 12 -- saying, "I had not prepared myself for that ... I was a little angry ... at this point I'm just bitter this morning."

Head's elimination was only the first bad news he received yesterday, as OK! Magazine reveals he received word right after the taping that his cousin died in a fire that night. The cousin, Burl Head, had given Sundance $1500 for his stay in Los Angeles during the competition.


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Ga girl, Sanjaya is an American citizen. America is now a pluralistic society composed of various race-ethnicities. It doesn't mean if one's origin is of a different race, one isn't an American.

Praise for the people who chose to comment on Sanjaya's and Sundance's talents instead of attacking the former's ethnicity and the latter's physical attributes. After all, it's their singing abilities that were supposed to be judged by viewers.

However, it's obvious that people vote for reasons of their own aside from contestants' singing prowess. Should Sanjaya's ethnicity and his supporters be ridiculed? Should Sundance's physical apperance be criticized? Judging by the color of the skin and physical qualities is a form of discrimination.

Inspite of all the racial bashing and attacks on physical features here, I still believe there are more people who can see beyond a person's skin color and looks. These people make this world a better place to live in. Cheers!

2751 days ago


Good grief. You are being ridiculously hard on Sanjaya -- FOR THE WRONG REASONS. No, he's not a good singer -- but for goodness sake people, pick on him for his singing, NOT for his color. His ethnicity HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH IT, go that? Vocal talent and race are TWO DIFFERENT THINGS. Gosh. Narrow-minded freaks.

2750 days ago


Are you implying that only Indians voted for Sanjaya? As if we all have to vote for someone our "own color"?

Gosh, my head hurts.

2750 days ago


In my humble opinion Sanjaya is better suited for selling donuts and big-gulps. Sundance should not have been voted off.

2747 days ago


truly sundance was eliminated too soon. he really had soul and heart. he is truly american idol. and he could sing. i think he really has a good future and just prays that someone will notice him and give him the chance. my prayers are with him and his family. my heart breaks for him. but one thing i can say,God is in control of everything. He might have knew he needed the break. although he was eliminated he touched so many. thank you idol for not overlooking him. his dad made it he willl too. im sure of it. God bless you sundance!

2741 days ago


Sanjaya is only a kid, and he is not the one voting for himself.
Although he might not be a great singer, give him a chance to shine for whatever he is about. We have at least four really great singers, and I am sure the others will be voted off, even before Sanjay has a chance of getting to the top five.

He seems to be a very great kid, and although all the negative things that is being said about him, he seems not to let that bother him in the least. He comes on and does iis thing.
Go Sanjaya, the people here on Grand Cayman, loves you.

No, I am not a family member, neither do I know him or his family. I am living out here on Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands, and we love American Idol and Simon

2737 days ago
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