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Sundance to Ryan: Arrogant Finalist Claiming Victory

3/9/2007 2:08 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The horribly bearded Sundance Head was booted from "American Idol" last night -- and today he admits there's one cocky SOB left in the bunch.

The rejected singer was on Ryan Seacrest's KIIS-FM morning show, where he said one of the guys remaining on the show -- whose name he wouldn't mention -- thinks he already has the competition in the bag.

Sundance also confessed he was shocked he was kicked off -- as the pseudo-vocal stylings of Sanjaya Malakar remained in the Top 12 -- saying, "I had not prepared myself for that ... I was a little angry ... at this point I'm just bitter this morning."

Head's elimination was only the first bad news he received yesterday, as OK! Magazine reveals he received word right after the taping that his cousin died in a fire that night. The cousin, Burl Head, had given Sundance $1500 for his stay in Los Angeles during the competition.


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hot snot    

it is a shame...i was SHOCKED to say the least that Sabrina got booted instead of Hilary (is that her name?) and Sundance instead of Sanajay. Good LORD i was not expecting those two to stay!

I hope it's not Blake that he's talking about. That kid rocks it...he's fun. I like someone getting in there and mixing it up a bit. I doubt he's going to win...but he sure is fun to watch. meow.
I think that Melinda should get it

2755 days ago


I was a little surprised by Sundance getting voted off as well.

That Sanjaya kid is a joke...I would think that maybe there were a bunch of little girls voting for him cut they think he's cute (girly lookin' sissy) but my 12 year old daughter thinks he is EWWWWW. Girly hair, not a great voice and he hula's..woohoo. :0)

2755 days ago

Tom Cruise has landed    

The two worst guys are the guy that always wears a hat and the Menudo looking kid. They can't sing and they are hard to look at! This Sundance guy wasn't bad. The pretty boy that they kicked off was actually one of the better singers. I hate AI. I think they are hypnotizing us into watching this crap!

2755 days ago

Skeeter 17    

Sundance should have stayed instead of that ugly--untidy looking Sanjaya---who, himself, looked surprised he will be part of the "magic" 12. At least Sundance is so pleasing to hear when he belts, unlike Sanjaya who seems to only mumble which makes him look so weird having the guts to do the hula!!! Get out Sanjaya and do us a big favor!

2755 days ago


I always felt that the whole voting thing is done wrong! It should be change so only one vote per person can call. I hope Sundance will be offered a contract to sing in Vegas...He is good!

2755 days ago


tis sad to see pube chin go! i think it's because he chose Jeremy and the target audience of the show is too young to know what the hell the song other news, who can believe the judges didn't know the 311 song, that's ridiculous

2755 days ago

wasabi joe    

ca girl, are you retarded or has the california sun just melted the half of your brain that worked. competition, not popularity contest, he has every right to be bitter, being left off the top 12 means he won't be on the american idol cd, being left out of the top 10 means he won't be part of the tour, both of those things generate money. i'm sure he wasn't really thinking he would win, but those other two scenarios would have given him some money. now the "competition" is left with a couple of turds mixed in with the main course

2755 days ago


Sanjaya?? You gotta be kidding! I wonder what 37 million people were listening too! He can't sing, he's lacking any charisma and boring as hell to watch!! You go Sundance. You have great talent, go out there an show American Idol what you can do!! So sorry to hear of your family's loss. Go girls, the guys that are left all suck!

2755 days ago


I know, It is Blake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2755 days ago


WTF!!!!! Are you kidding me!!! How did that indian kid get to stay.....I mean c'mon!!!..I'll stop watching cause I was voting for Sundance...he was in another league ....It'll be a female who wins this...hopin' for Lakisha.

2755 days ago


I cannot believe he was voted off.. America really does have bad taste to keep that indian kid in there. He has a ton of maturing to do... Sundance would have had that competition won!! I hope someone gets him in on a record deal! I'll be the first in line to buy it.

2755 days ago


GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! I am soooo mad that Sundance was voted off last night! That's just insane! Sanjaya is horrid! I know who that "SOB"'s that Phil Stacey character! You can tell by his attitude. I hate to burst his bubble...but it's going to be either LaKisha or Melinda that take this one home! NO ONE at this point should be so arrogant!

Sundance...we here in Houston still love you! You and your family are in my prayers. I heard the news about the cousin on Fox News last night and my heart hurts for their family!

2755 days ago


The whole premise of American Idol is that the American public chooses the winner. I thought Paula was extremely rude to that young man Sanjaya...America voted and we chose him. Simon of course is just an ass to make the rude comments on their looks and then's a singing competition. ( He really needs to make up his mind...immature bully tactic fashion critique or singing competition). I felt bad for Haley and Sanjaya after the judges immature behavior. If they don't like whom America chooses..they need to change the rules...otherwise..suck it up and get over it. America has voted and we chose Haley and Sanjaya. Different strokes for different folks..I like them both and I'm happy they made it through.

09 March 2007 17:41

2755 days ago


It's Haley (not Hilary) that should've gone, NOT Sabrina. Amercia must have been drinking too much vodka too! Sundance should be there! WHEN will they get rid of Jungle Book Boy??? I can't stand to even look at him!!!

2755 days ago

I Agree........    

I agree with #22 and have been saying this for ages............1 VOTE PER PERSON!!! I think it's on Dancing with the Stars where you can vote 10 times which is alright because there might be more than 1 person in a family and they each have a different choice. But this voting over and over just isn't fair. I was totally shocked that Sundance got voted off and that girly Sanjaya is still on. Every Indian must be voting for him. He is so dull and has no talent. The guy with the curly hair needs to do something with that mess. The guy can sing but he sure isn't what I would want to see as an American Idol. Glad the girl with the pictures on the Internet also got voted off......... FINALLY!!!!

2755 days ago
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