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What Happened to Li'l Eddie Furlong?

3/9/2007 1:32 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

It seems that the "Terminator" star has been doing some terminating of his own. Since we last spotted him, he looks like he's demolished a few thousand double cheeseburgers... with fries and beer.

His current state also makes us wonder if his home has running water.

(And just a side note, smoking around children is really selfish.)


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Didn't he marry his nanny when he was 17?

2762 days ago


He looks hot to me...come on over to my house!!! And bring your smokes, too, if you want!

2762 days ago


Hey Alison, I don't think anyone is not standing up for the baby, you sick fuck. If you have eyes, you can see that the baby is inside and EF is outside. Baby Nazi... Get a life and stop pointing fingers at every thing you think is not right. I'd love to take a look at some people's lives who post on here. And BTW, I hope you don't use that language around babies...

2762 days ago


I also thought it looks like she is behind a door or window. You can see the door jam to the left.

2762 days ago


At least he's obviously not just another coked-out too skinny celeb. Poor thing just isn't a celeb any more!

2762 days ago

Sick and Tired    

WOW! What a bunch of ignorant people.
First of all there is NO GLASS....he is at a doorway and the girl in the doorway is his wife and the child is his son Ethan!!!!

2762 days ago


he dated Paris Hilton back in the look what's happened to him.........once touched by Paris, you are cursed.

2762 days ago


Ledbetter or whatever your name is, this is a public message board. I
am damn sick of people trying to call me out by name because they
don't agree with my opinion.. BACK OFF. Also, I stated before I
don't see glass in the picture. I guess you do. And as a smoker I
certainly know that, while cigarette smoke is harmful to childen,
swearing really can't be medically proven to have the same effects,
asswipe. Although, I do try not to curse around them, since you
asked. Now, go back to playing with your asshole and leave me alone.
I can smell your ugly through the computer.

2762 days ago

He's Boring now    

#33 Couldnt agree more

2762 days ago


Hey "Al"l"ison" - or whatever your name is, don't call people names if you don't want them to say anything back. I don't care about your opinion, and my asshole doesn't need to be played with, your mother did that last night. BTW, You should stop smoking and swearing in front of babies, it's not politically correct...

2762 days ago


I'm actually glad to see him with some pounds on him. Considering his well-publicized struggles with heroin addiction, the pounds and the cigarettes (and the can of Diet Rockstar which you can clearly see) are a welcome alternative.

But I bet news like that never makes your website.

2762 days ago


I did not name anyone as you did. Your logic is as flawed as your skin probably is. Also, the girl who spells her name with two l's is not me. I am not that childish.............

2762 days ago


First of all, no matter if you're a celeb or not, mostly everyone gains weight at some point in life. Second, who knows what he was doing to look haggard, maybe working out, working on something. Third, yes, it's selfish to smoke around children. Bad judgement.

2762 days ago


BTW, Allison, with two l's: I was not calling YOU childish, I meant to say I am not chidish enough to post under a false name....or even a pseudonym... as some people are

2762 days ago


So angry, Al"l"ison - no, you didn't name anyone, you just generally insulted everyone who wasn't in the mass majority and didn't jump on EF for smoking. That isn't very "logical", Allison. We all have our opinions and you shouldn't call anyone out because of them if you don't want to be called out. And Al"l"ison, your skin is probably alot more "flawed" than mine is - smoking is bad for your skin, but don't worry, I won't judge you - I'm not as rightgeous and arrogant as you and other TMZ posters. And I wouldn't throw stones at the other Allison, Look at you...spewing insults at people you don't know is also childish... well, not childish, maybe a little delusional...

2762 days ago
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