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What Happened to Li'l Eddie Furlong?

3/9/2007 1:32 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

It seems that the "Terminator" star has been doing some terminating of his own. Since we last spotted him, he looks like he's demolished a few thousand double cheeseburgers... with fries and beer.

His current state also makes us wonder if his home has running water.

(And just a side note, smoking around children is really selfish.)


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Two words. "Man hands." Look at those hands holding the baby! Weird!

2763 days ago

Tina Fan    

Yo, EF!
You want to clear this up? Were you standing inside or outside?
And why, if you weren't outside, didn't the Mom move the kid out of the vicinity?

2763 days ago


I really dont see a glass door there.. maybe I'm just a nimrod.... but so what... my parents smoked around me and I'm alright...sorta.... I mean, I sit around reading these lovely but otherwise....hehe

2763 days ago

John C jackson    

He looks the same as he's always looked or the way normal people age. For some strange reason in Hollywood everyone is cnsidered "cute" until they are adults- when they have always looked the same or were even "weird " looking kids.

I dont know a single person whose head and waist havent expanded since high school.

2763 days ago

John C jackson    

He and his wife also both seem to be working in movies and TV fairly steadily.

2763 days ago


This website has interesting stories, occasionally but, usually there are stories that are only on here to rip on people or to fill space. In this case it's both. Hey I have a great idea let's completely sh*t on this guy who is going through a rough time. Let's accuse him of child abuse because he's OUTSIDE smoking and his girlfriend or wife is standing near him, would you like him to run away if someone gets near him or should the parent holding the kid stay away? I hope you all feel great about yourselves.

2763 days ago

mary poppins    

The baby is so cute. I wish he would have continued acting.. Its like he just dropped off the scene.

2763 days ago


You amercians all suck. Let the poor guy smoke - the baby is behind glass!

2763 days ago


I'm sick of these asshole parents who smoke around their kids. It is so inconsiderate and stupid. Gross.

2763 days ago


*cough*, *cough*... "wtf, how many airtight glass doors do you know of...cough, get me....away from this trailer park....cough cough"

2763 days ago



2763 days ago


Umm, if you're more observant, it looks like the woman and baby are behind a window and unaffected by the smoke.

2763 days ago


Blah Blah - he is PROBABLY shooting a movie in that pic. Its a good thing you are all so worried about your civil rights evaporate - explain that too your kids...I never exposed you to second hand smoke...but you used to have a right to privacy oh.....Bet hes getting 5M for standing there smoking (that or hes tween shots).

2763 days ago


Yea this loser is such a BUM- thats 3 movies in 2007...smoke em if ya got em Eddie your more famous then we are.

*I love it when the single mom with the TANK SUV glares at me for smoking (sitting on my motorcycle)-Her SUV is winner the war n killing me much faster.

2763 days ago


Smoking around the baby, who cares! How many other parents do the very same thing every day, and where's the uproar about that, huh?

Attacking a washed up movie star that 1. needs a shower, 2. needs a shave, and 3. needs a new less-trashy wardrobe .... this guy isn't exactly anyone's role model!

2763 days ago
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