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Zarf Is Must See TV

3/9/2007 5:09 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Housewives across the country got a little lesson in transgenderism on Friday's episode of "All My Children."

The soap furthered the storyline of transgendered lesbian character Zarf/Zoe's quest to transition from male to female. On today's educational and partially unscripted episode, Zarf, played by male actor Jeffrey Carlson, ventured to a support group where he encountered trans persons, played by genuine transgendered actors in various stages of undergoing the change. Janice Dickinson must have been unavailable, but a Sandra Oh lookalike was!

For a brief moment, the ABC soap diverged from their laughable Satin Slayer storyline to expose audiences to more diverse characters in a positive light. Let's hope this noble effort doesn't turn into the serial's killer, or kill the serial.


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The Man    

sasha, you are too stupid for words.

2733 days ago


LOVE AMC (but not as much as Passions)!

2733 days ago

Just a thought    

I am an AMC fan & have been for years - but this story line is crap - why can't people just be happy with how they were born ???

2733 days ago

lisa mae magillacuddy    

#36, Again, you're confusing gays with Trannies!! Plus, I don't believe any of your "fag friends" (your term) ever said that!!

2733 days ago


34 - I think you're right. What a better way not to look like a homo then to say you hate them?

Sasha - idiot.

2733 days ago

Only in    

There you go, cursing and calling people names who don't agree with you.You are so predictable,you freaks have to be more creative(Oh I forgot you are) I expect in a couple of minutes I will come under attack from all your friends.(Your probably on the phone now telling them to post their comments.As to the comments directed to me in a vial manner, I suggest don't go there, I can slur with the best.

2733 days ago


This story line bores me to tears. Zarf be gone!

2733 days ago


i love the character of Zoe on AMC. i hope some people learn through her.

2733 days ago


I think it is great that they have put the story line out there. Some people tend to forget that some soaps do actually put in true life stories, to EDUCATE others from anythign to drug use, to breast cancer, heart diseases etc. I think he is doing a GREAT job in portaying the transgender society

2733 days ago


I have watched AMC since I was 6 years old. I love the show. And it's good to finally see some change on here.

By the way... TMZ... you're a little late.

CNN reported on this before it even happened.

This storyline has been in play for over 5 months now.

Where have you guys been?

2733 days ago

The Man    

I'm sure you can slup with the best of them ;)

2733 days ago

living with a tranny    

I have to say, Ive been watching this story alot these days. But note this ... its one thing to watch and another to actually live with one! I live with one and I have to say, AMC are following this to a T. With the emotions and everything. Transgenders like someone mentioned are NOT gay! They are staright as can be. What's also stupid is to call them Bisexual which alot of people (not on here YET) put them in that category. The only stupid reason you think they are gay is b/c when you meet them and they tell you what they are and they are not fully who they really are it would seem like they are gay if they are daiting there same sex. Like I said ... THEY ARE NOT GAY! I would highly recommend you all to get educated on this issue before you start slamming it! Its ignorant, in the end ... they are just like you and I and any straight person in the world!

ps: they also have the biggest hearts!

2733 days ago

Just a thought    

True life stories ???? How many people do you really know that had a sex change operation ??? I don't know any & I don't want to know any !!!!!!!

2733 days ago

A Man Who Knows!    

I think it would be a great story line if he got his sex change, became a woman and then realized "she" was a lesbian! Now that's some good TV!

2733 days ago

lisa mae magillacuddy    

#47, I have to agree w/you!! There are some real STUPID people on this board!! What they don't understand or can't comprehend is that there are 2 things at work here! One is, gay is just that, 2 men or 2 women together!! Trannies have NOTHING to do with the same dynamic.. They see themselves as the OPPOSITE gender!! Therefore, they react and act accordingly!! Some do a better job than others (as in presenting themselves as that gender they have chosen), It's neither better OR worse than any other sexuality, gay, bi or hetero. COMPRENDE??

2733 days ago
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