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Zarf Is Must See TV

3/9/2007 5:09 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Housewives across the country got a little lesson in transgenderism on Friday's episode of "All My Children."

The soap furthered the storyline of transgendered lesbian character Zarf/Zoe's quest to transition from male to female. On today's educational and partially unscripted episode, Zarf, played by male actor Jeffrey Carlson, ventured to a support group where he encountered trans persons, played by genuine transgendered actors in various stages of undergoing the change. Janice Dickinson must have been unavailable, but a Sandra Oh lookalike was!

For a brief moment, the ABC soap diverged from their laughable Satin Slayer storyline to expose audiences to more diverse characters in a positive light. Let's hope this noble effort doesn't turn into the serial's killer, or kill the serial.


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#57 you are DISGUSTING! You REALLY think with how society is today that people would go off and choose a lifestyle that would make it so they would have to live in constant fear and suffer torture at the hands of the cruelest creatures on earth: people! Not all people are cruel but ALOT of them LIVE off hate and LIVE to cause other's misery and woe. From what I've seen, IMHO. I would NEVER choose to have to live like that, and I know no one would CHOOSE that kind of life of misery, not being accepted and all, so I believe that people are BORN this way, and I support these lifestyles. It's not like it's killing anyone, god fucking dammit!

2780 days ago


Barb, your children, will be nothing but hateful. I hope I never have the unfortunate event of running into YOU, your husband, or either one of your children. I know your kind you live on hate and spit hate constantly, you really think Zarf is going to leave an impression on your children? Maybe it's better you let them understand who someone transgendered is and how they feel before you release them out into the world to make people like that feel more miserable. It's people with a firey hate like yours and a lot of others here that push a gay man, a lesbain, or someone trangendered to commit suicide...but then again you'd LOVE that now wouldn't you? TAKE THAT YOU SCUM SUCKING ROAD WHORE!

2780 days ago


I don't go off on me about me saying how you should raise your kids becuase that is not what I'm doing you whore! I am not going to put up with that SHUT YOUR FILTHY MOUTH AND BTW DON'T SAY I HAVE MENTAL HEALTH ISSUE! IT'LL MAKE YOU LOOK MORE STUPID...nuff said!

2780 days ago


awwww relax all you haters....the zarf/zoe storyline will be wrapping up soon. he/she will be leaving pine valley w/ bianca...geeezzzzzzzzz why get your panties in a twist over a soap opera storyline???? get a life !!

2741 days ago


I have stopped watch AMC. I have watched since Erica was a teenager, but this story line...can't believe it!!!! I am truly blown away that AMC would allow such a character to exist. But as they say...if you don't like it, turn the channel. I did.

2741 days ago
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