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Celebs Swappin' Spit!

3/11/2007 4:07 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A kiss is just a kiss ... until the kisser's snapped by a paparazzo!
Start clicking to have a peek at celebs kissing, canoodling and pecking!

Still hungry for more celebs in the flesh? Have a look at these lip-smackin' galleries!


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2751 days ago


Streisand is a bitch and now she is even uglier than before. If not for her money her husband would bolt, he only married her because he had none and was way back in child support. He paying on both ends now. And, hey, older is not anyone's fault, we will all get there but these photos are not pretty.

2751 days ago


The Tommy/Lukas man-kiss photo is so tired. Clearly, their mouths don't even line up. I wish you would have posted the 9 other snaps taken the same minute which show this one to be the only one to resemble a kiss. You really had to search the old files for this one anyway, it's what, nearly 5 or 6 months old now???? Nice TMZ......

2751 days ago


Are these Photos for real ? I'am in shock!!

2751 days ago


Leave the older stars alone... They don't have youthful bodies, so there's no reason to ridicule them. It's really tasteless... like ridiculing your grandparents for not looking the same as they did at 30. People age ! bodies sag and wrinkle. Yours will too.

Pick on the youngsters who could look good but don't make the effort.

Greasy Bear is NOT a star of anything except over indulgence. Why on earth is of interest to anyone?

2751 days ago


is this gay pride weekend for tmz or just a slow news weekend?

2751 days ago


Not flattering shots at all.

Brandon Davis needs a man-bra and some weights. Good thing he has family money going for him. Was John Travolta taking a whiz? Either that or he looks like he was playing with himself.....and having a good time while he's at it. LOL

2751 days ago


These Are actors, they have the money to Stay in shape. I see everyday people young and old who look better then Them . I Guess when you have money you kind of over induldge in things that play havoc with your Health.

2751 days ago

Ignore HKS Paid Bloggers    

KJ (has been whore) probably paid TMZ to have T. Lee and his boy showing kisisng just to get some publicty, TV made LR has only his myspacer friends to thank for poor record sales and not so good crowds. Shame on you TMZ for giving this text messaged creep and ugly loser any time on here at all.

2751 days ago


Having seen Barbra Streisand recently, I can say that at nearly 65 - the woman looks damn good and since she had the #2 of last year - I'd say she is doing great! Streisand has never been a "traditional" beauty but something far more precious. Living proof that real beauty comes from the inside out. On ordinary days, she looks like most any other Jewish woman of her age and on other days she is stunning. These insults against her are almost always politically motivated. If she caved in to everyone who called her a bitch over the years, she would never have come as far as she has. It's the sam eold double standard anyway, men are driven - women are bitches. Fortunately, her one of a kind artistic legend if forever secure from the likes of sad people who have nothing better to do than insult people they don't even know.

2751 days ago


Why is TMZ wasting space on that ugly greasy fat good for nothing Brandon Davis ? He is a nothing !! TMZ would be better to put my pic in there !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2751 days ago


First drag queens now this...Seriously TMZ, you couldn't come up with anything better? I mean I know its the weekend, but come on! This is nothing. You guys must be having a very slow weekend to be posting this crap. Can I work for you guys? I may not be a writer, but I can find better stuff to post than the crap you guys are posting.

2751 days ago


thank you #12 well said

2751 days ago

Lock her up and throw away the key    

In what universe is Fat Elvis (aka Brandon Davis) a star? Saggy yes...

2751 days ago


It would be better to have a blank page than to read this crap TMZ.
Take the weekends off.

2751 days ago
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