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A Celebrity Salute

To Aging

3/12/2007 11:07 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It was Sharon Stone celebrating her 49th birthday on Saturday, but it was Demi Moore and Melanie Griffith who caused a scene.

Sharon, Demi, and Melanie Griffith had a celebratory celeb lunch at The Ivy, then made separate exits from the posh eatery -- each maximizing their individual paparazzi time. The photogs were generous with the birthday girl -- making plenty of room for the Stone to pass -- but were less friendly with Moore, forcing her to push her way through the pack. Moore was so blinded by flashbulbs, she didn't even notice she was getting into the wrong car.

Melanie Griffith became irritated with the paps, yelling, "This is ridiculous!" as she tried to get to her car. For publicity, having a birthday party at The Ivy is second only to throwing a naked birthday bash in the middle of Rodeo Drive. Next time, perhaps the three hottie milfs should consider Chuck E. Cheese.


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Sometimes I feel terrible for them. Poor little rich people.
Now why didn't they have a little party at someones home?
But really who the hell cares!

2747 days ago


i am so tired of these celebrities whining about how they are getting so much attention from the media. Well i have news for you.
When the day comes (and yes it will come) that people don't care about you anymore, and you are no longer getting any press, you will wish you had enjoyed it while you could.
They also need to remember that if we see them as spoiled brats, or being obnoxious, that WE HAVE THE OPTION OF NOT GOING TO ANY OF THEIR FILMS, NOR BUYING ANYTHING THAT HAS TO DO WITH THEM (PERFUME, T-SHIRTS, ETC.)

So, quit whining and be happy that at least some of the media is still intereted in you!

2747 days ago


They knew when they all went out together that the photogs would be out in full force. Stop your complaining!

2747 days ago


Gosh, again how much plastic surgery is between all of them?

2747 days ago


Melanie Munster is such a hateful bitch and so messed up with botched surgery, she should be grateful she didn't scare them all away!

2747 days ago


I don't feel sorry for these stars, after all, they go to restaurants to be seen, then when they are given attention, they claim not to want it by evading the camera. If they wanted to be anonymous, they'd eat somewhere nobody knows about.

2747 days ago


So agree with the above comments!...The Ivy is known to be swarming with the paparazzi just staking out and waiting 24/7 for ANY celebrity photo-op!!! Like Duh! If you want to hang out with your girlfriends to celebrate your BD you could always have the chefs from The Ivy come over and cook up a special BD lunch at your sprawling Hollywood Digs!! They are "attention junkies" and when they haven't had the cameras on them for a little while...they hunt the cameras down!! They don't want to be forgotton!! See how smug and arrogant and happy Sharon Stone is walking into The Ivy to have the cameras on her!! Demi Moore seemed more genuinely concerned only about her safety while leaving while all washed up and screwed upin the face plastic surgery case Melanie Grifftith barely got one camera got her at the very end. So sad she messed her looks up with AWFUL PLASTIC SURGERY!! Her doctors should be sued for what happened to her face!!

2747 days ago


The video was scary. There should be a law that photogs in these kind of situations have to stay 10 feet back. The situation looked dangerous, and I can see why some celebs go ballistic, after being baited like this. That said celebs should know, which places are the worst photog pits and avoid them. There's plenty of other places that are public, but aren't mob scenes.

2747 days ago


This story will be news again in 20 years,only it will be Paris,Lindsay and Britney.

2747 days ago


49 my ass! A few years ago on IMDB, Sharon's year of birth was listed as its 1958...who knows what it really is

She looks great though, whether or not she's had work done

2747 days ago


Melanie G. is lucky ANYONE wants to take her picture nowadays. She should be paying them.

2747 days ago


I love Sharon. She's so irreverent. Takes ba...ovaries.

If they didn't want flashes in their faces, shoulda eaten somewhere else. It seems like they're begging for attention and frankly, I'd rather flash a nip to get some attention than have desperate photogs in my bubble like that.

2747 days ago


why why why? All 3 of them are old enough to be members of AARP-49 my ass! Here I thought we would finally reach a generation that would be proud of their accomplishments and their age. Sharon is so selfish to adopt at her age, those poor babies will have no one in their teens because she'll be in an old folks home. If Demi gets pregnant-that is another tragedy. Melanie was so beautiful when she was young-but we all get older, Ladies, have a little class and be grandmas like everybody else your age. Quit going to young hang outs and no one will "bother" you.....................

2747 days ago

Anthony a    

Oh Bull Shittt, They can eat wherever they wish to.They are attractive, always have been and always will be...They were pretty b4 plastic surgery and dont have that much done. They happen to take care of themselves....The photographer thing is a mess and Nightmare and I would hate it too...They should be able to Eat wherever they want whenever...The paparazzi is the Problem..The selfish bastards want biggg dollar photos and would kill 4 them

2746 days ago

Down with stupid people!    

Yes the attention is asked for, but....... doesn't anyone find it terrible that these photogs are not arrested for harassment? The footage shows them getting in their personal space, not giving room to pass. Just because people think the ivy is a photogs dream and they have every right to interrupt their lunch. Maybe the ivy has impeccable food? Why cant the stars go there? Do they not have the right? The paps are going to far. In my opinion this incident crosses the line. Lucky it wasnt me, Id be pulling a Britney. Ooh Ouch! That would be some poor @ssholes bad day!

2746 days ago

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