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Burger King to J-Hud:

Free Burgers for Life!

3/12/2007 2:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Burger King has awarded Oscar winner Jennifer Hudson an all-you-can-eat pass for their fast food restaurants... for life! Have it your way... forever!

Jennifer Hudson
Hudson reacted to Simon Cowell's criticism of her for not thanking "American Idol" in her Oscar speech. She reportedly snapped back, "If I'd been any better at my job when I was at Burger King in my middle teens, I wouldn't be here either, so should I thank them, too?" Hudson worked at the BK on East 87th and State Street in Chicago. Burger King was her first job at age 16, where she worked with her sister, who claims she sang while working the drive-thru and flipping burgers.

In an exclusive statement to TMZ, Burger King responded to Hudson's beef, assuring her that no thanks is necessary, and awarded her with BK for life:

"...In response to Jennifer's recent comments in which she asked if she should be thanking Burger King, we say thanks, but no thanks are necessary. Burger King Corporation is proud of Jennifer's success and while we never like to lose employees, in this case, our loss is the entertainment industry's gain ... To further show our support for Jennifer, and make sure she never has to sing for her supper again, Burger King Corporation is giving her a pre-paid BK Crown Card that will be automatically reloaded for life."

Looks like a whopper of a win for Jennifer.


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Hudson is a real "b" for her snap-back retort about working at the BK. Recently, this over-rated, non-talent was also given the Sammy Davis Jr. Award for performing achievement. Entertaining and performance standards are REALLY low. Nothing like pandering to the trash. She'll probably need to get her old job back at the BK, since she isn't very intelligent (or talented) and won't be in the "limelight" too much longer (thank God!).

2782 days ago

Had Enough    

Are you kidding me? Seriously? These is the words of a LAWYER????? Where did you get your degree? The bottom of you morning cereal box?

"52.white people make me sick, yall white trash is sitting in yall trailers with yall dirty ass kids so jealous that us black people are better. y dont u just go do something with yourself instead of trying to be playboy bunnies messing around getting dieases. jennifer is a beautiful black woman who accomplished her dreams get over it bulimic bitches
Posted at 4:04PM on Mar 12th 2007 by laughing"

Just out of curiousity....who in the hell do you represent?

2782 days ago

gotta getta life    

Ok, first off-she is ungrateful and it will come back to bite her on the ass. Second, there is no way in he*l she wears a size 12. I am big-I wear an 18 on a good day so I am not being prejudiced or "sizeist'. I wish more women were honest about their weight. When you wear a 12 you wear an average size, this woman is big. My size or larger-she has back cleavage for Christ's sake!

2782 days ago


Oh dear! This is all she needs. BK for life. She has already won an academy award for what? A song? Her career as an actress is already through. The AMPAC simply gave it to her since it was "time"once again. Good luck....cow eats cow!

2782 days ago


Jennifer is becoming a BITCH in almost every article this ungrateful fat mess is always downing american idol!! I am not really a fan of the show but that is how she became notice and everyone hates an ungrateful person. I personally think that this is it for her ! she has no sex appeal and that is something that is needed in the music industry!! And you know whats so funny about her the only role that she will get is the role of the heavy weight ANGRY BLACK FEMALE. just wait and see.....

2782 days ago

madam pince    

BK's showing a lot more class than JHud. Believes her own press. Karma is a bitch, honey -- just ask Earl. You're gonna need that BK card REALLY soon.

2782 days ago

Just Stop It    

Great, when the Dreamgirls fame fades away she'll be on Celebrity Fit Club.
She needs to lay off of whatever she's been eating.

2782 days ago


Hate to say this but her 15 mintues will be up soon i hope she enjoyed the ride.

2782 days ago


Where does anyone come off calling her ungrateful? Everytime I see her in an interview or a speech she is always humble, happy, and says that she is "blessed". I sure have not seen any of these white teeny boppers, grunge, rock and rollers, etc. thanking anybody but the devil or dead air for what they have. Why does anyone care if she is not a size 0, I bet she can out sing and out act any of you haters. So Burger King gave her a free meal for life card and the big deal would be... Everyone knows celebrities get free sh*t all the time I don't see them donating anything unless a camera is around not all just most celebs. In all honesty she should donate that card to a homeless shelter or something.

2782 days ago


Re - # 19-laughing : Please don't group "y'all white people" in one catagory. We don't all think the same. Personally, I'm very proud of Jennifer. An Oscar and an Emmy already, so quickly and that was without winning the AI?? To me that is a massive achievement. As Jennifer said herself,, "at 25 I am living my dream!!" and I say GOOD for her! If more people here who are bashing her were either living their own dreams or did so in the past when they were younger, they wouldn't be making some of the rude comments that they are. So she is a little heavier than many of today's "stars". Look at Nicole Ritchie, I fear for her health. Then there's Britney on the Mental Health spectrum - and my prayers are with her since folks, that is NO laughing matter. As far as the BK free for life card, who is to say that Jennifer wouldn't use that card to feed hungry people she comes in the path of? Ya don't know, nor is BK totally all high calorie, add how often ould she use it herseld? You don't live her life, you don't know and you don't know her heart as far as sharing its benefits. So she doesn't "need" a freebie. How many MULTI millionaires collect their "freebies" at the award shows? Goodie bags I think they're called. Not all of us will or have lived our dreams, some never will. Don't begrudge a very talented young woman who obviously is, who is "enjoying the ride", and who gives some people hope that yes, you can start out in life working at a BK and a few short years later, stay focused and keep chasing that "golden ring" as you just may catch it. Bravo Jennifer and congrats on your success. I wish you many more years of "living your dreams". My main prayer for you is to remember your worth and never be swayed by alcolhol or drugs that would quickly destroy those dreams. You're an inspiration to young girls everywhere that if you keep trying hard enough, the dream CAN be yours. Most of all, God blessed you. Stay close and remember Him also.

2782 days ago


Are they trying to kill her? Burger King has so many transfats you cannot eat anything without getting at least a gram of the heart clogger.


2782 days ago

so so sad    

lmao, lets all hope she likes the salads....... POOR THANG SHE IS TOOOOOOOOO BIG IN SIZE AND EGO ALREADY

2782 days ago

so so sad    

NIC take a valium and settle so hostle

2782 days ago

gotta getta life    

What little talent Jennifer has will not take her very far. Simon was kind to her on the show & she would NEVER have gotten where she is without AI. There are 5000 just like her in every town-she got a break and played on everyone's sympathy. Then, like a lot of other losers, she let it all go to her head.

2782 days ago



2782 days ago
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