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Hilton & Cuthbert: Shop U.

3/12/2007 2:12 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Move over Kim Kardashian, Caroline D'Amore and Nicole Richie, because Paris Hilton has a new BFF tutee -- Elisha Cuthbert.

Paris schooled Elisha on how to shop like an heiress, as the two hit up one of her favorite fashion institutions, trendy Sielian's Vintage Apparel on Saturday. The boutiquing blonde babes rummaged through every nook and cranny of the shop's stylish racks, with Paris picking up 20 vintage dresses, 12 purses, 12 necklaces and 12 vintage scarves, clearly preferring to buy by the dozen. Phew! Luckily, Professor Hilton left something for Elisha to study, as the former "24" star managed to find some super-cute 60s hats.

Paris spent the day educating Elisha on all her favorite L.A. retail haunts, and was overheard telling a Sielian's employee, "You're the only place I took Elisha for great vintage!" Quite an endorsement coming from a girl who majored in International Mall Relations with a minor in Fitting Room Science.

Later on teacher and student hit trendy Petro Zillia on West 3rd Street, where Aly Scott of StyleChic tells us staff shut the store down for Paris and Elisha. Class dismissed!


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I think everyone just needs to leave Paris alone. You all are just jealous, she has what u dont. Just Get over it.

2777 days ago


paris does look very tall in this pic or the other chick is really short...

2777 days ago

lil bitch    

shes hot i love paris i wanna have sex with her

2777 days ago

Joseph Davis    

Elisha no!!!!!!!!! Stay away! This sow is going to bring you down. First of all you are a million times prettier than she is. So the first thing she will do is try and trick you into making yourself less beautiful. Just look what she did to Britney! Plus given that she hates blacks, Jews and homosexuals she probably hates Canadians too. Don't let her find out you are a former foot model or she might try and screw up your feet too. You'd better wear socks for protection!

2777 days ago


It's called a wide angle lense. That's why Paris seems so abnormally large.

2777 days ago

Sick and Tired of Paris    

It is quite amazing to see the type of people who respond to these articles. I am also quite surprised to see the passion that some people have for Paris Hilton. For example, take KissMissHilton'sBeautifulFlyAssForMe, this mother has been constantly writing backlashes to those who have disagreed with her original comment. Well, here's some advice to you, your a mother, act like a mother, you say you have two daughters but your are acting like a snobbish high-schooler who didn't get their way. Everyone has their right to say what they think, you just need to get over yourself. If I'm not mistaken, I have seen footage of Paris Hilton running out of gas because she didn't know the gauge was on empty, she tried to pull her car into an upward slanted drivway in reverse thereby scrapping the front of her car, and in once footage, she couldn't figure out how to put the car into drive. So, as a last remark to you KissMissHilton'sBeautifulFlyAssForMe, be a decent mother, don't encourage Paris Hilton's behavior among your daughters, and encourage them to get a college education and actually do something worthwhile for themselves and the world.

2776 days ago


All I gotta say is... we all need to get a life and stop living our lives through paris,britney and so on. Who gives a heck if Paris has a new friend... BIG WHOOPIE DOO! Hey I made a new friend too... TAKE A PICTURE QUICK! LOL We all need to leave these ppl alone in their private lives.

2776 days ago


Whyy do you people have to be so mean to Paris Hilton! I mean come on then othere gurls do it to them selves,, You dont haccually think she can do that to someone do you!! Since shes' SOO DUMB" .She acts how she wants yo just to plz you ppl,, You ppl are just rude to talk about any one like that! IDK i'm done with what i save to sayy .!


2776 days ago


Some people are just luck as Paris is to be born with a lot of money that she did not even moved a little finger to get any.
She should be doing at least something good with it.
Why not donate the old vintages dress to charity?
You will still have plenty of money to buy new ones...

2776 days ago

your mom    

it's cute how all of you are so pathetic.
god, if you're going to leave a comment bagging on her, tone down the jealousy, will you?
i'll bet all of you ANYTHING that if you had the money her family does and you had the life Paris does, you'd be exactly like her. it's not her fault she's living the fabulous life; so that automatically mean she's the devil in disguise with herpes?
"liek omfg, pariz haz herpes liek woah!"
"omg paris is so tuttolay ugly. shes liek the amazon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
"like omg ----" SHOOT YOURSELF.
get a friggen life, and, while you're at it, grow up.

2776 days ago


No matter what your last name is, you can't change the fact that trailer trash will always look and smell like trailer trash..
Paris, get a life. I am so sick of hearing your name I gag whenever its on.
Have some damn self respect. I was your age once too, but I never pulled the crap you do and expected to maintain my dignity..
Whats so bad about all this is that you laugh when you are ruining your, your families and your freinds reputations. Where is your moral compass..
Maybe you need to move into that trailer park you look so good in, get some education and some morals. I have seen a LOT of people that live on less than what you make in interest a day and yet they have their dignity, their morals but most of all their self respect..
Stop being a sleezy bitch and take the time to throw your money and what little intelligence you do have and do some good with it. There are families all over this country that could use one days interest. And, I am sure, would do a whole lot better with it. Why, because they understand what it is like to want..

2776 days ago



2776 days ago


Paris is a Parisite. Point Blank............I live in theh North west.........and love the freedom and simplicity that we enjoy. Paris never woked an honest day in her life. If she were born Paris Jones.........she would be no one............and to me.......she IS no one. I detest that phylosiphy of..........I get what I deserve.........and I deserve......what i get..........Paris will have to DIG in...........and help all the people of the world that need her Angelina me the money..........honey..........or else you are just the porno whore..........that the news media have predictied you to be. I can tell you one thing.............I am so happy......that you are not my daughter. Where would I begin? explain your slutty values? from Oregon........

2775 days ago


And you're talking crap about her bc....? If you had her kind of money and lifestyle, what would you do? Nothing! Bc you'll have everyone else wanting to it to do it for you. So what if she's a brat or tall. If you don't like her then pay her no mind! If she was just another rich girl in LA would you be so interested? How do you know that she doesn't do things for charity? If you ran into her and she asked you to go to one of the hottest night clubs and all drinks were on her...would you say no? So she's rich and doesn't have to do just wish you had her lifestyle. And everyone talking bad/good about her , are the ones making her famous! Do your thing Paris!! :)

2775 days ago


She goes through BFFS like Purses (same with Bfs too). GEEZ! When will she grow up!!!

2772 days ago
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