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Celebrity Designer Arrested on Rape Charges

3/13/2007 7:24 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Anand JonFashion designer to the stars, Anand Jon, was arrested and jailed after cops say he raped two people.

According to the felony complaint obtained by TMZ, Jon allegedly committed a variety of horrific acts on three separate victims between October of 2004 and March 5, 2007. Along with two counts of forcible rape, Jon is also facing charges of "sexual battery by restraint, attempted forcible oral copulation and two counts of committing a lewd act upon a child."

In the document, police claim that Anand, 30, used an accomplice during the alleged sexual battery and forcible copulation. The investigation into that person is ongoing.
Anand Jon and Paula Abdul
Jon, who has been featured on MTV and is known to hang out with Paris Hilton, Paula Abdul and Michelle Rodriguez, was arrested by Beverly Hills Police on March 6, after one of his accusers came forward to authorities. An investigation uncovered two other potential victims, the youngest of whom is 15-years-old.

Jon is currently behind bars in Los Angeles County Jail, as reported earlier by New York Daily News, with bail set at $1,365,000. Jon is due back in court to face a judge on April 4.

Paris Hilton was scheduled to attend a major launch of Anand Jon's new line in India in Fall 2007, where Jon was born. The New York based designer has appeared on "America's Next Top Model." AJ Jeans were unveiled on Valentine's Day at MAGIC, a huge fashion industry convention in Las Vegas.

In 2004, Anand was featured in the "Power & Influence" list in Newsweek. He was also selected by then NYC Mayor Rudolph Giuliani for a 2000 showcase as one of the top seventy-five designers in the world. Anand's hand-painted Medusa Jeans retail for a whopping $720.

TMZ shot video of Anand Jon last July in the Hamptons at a benefit for Nature's Sanctuary, which was hosted by Michelle Rodriguez.


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OH MY GOD - i interned for him in 2001!!!!! I only worked for him for a about a week or so because of how creepy he was. At my interview he grabbed my ass but then comment he "liked my skirt" so being a young 18 year old i thought it was all in my head. I was just thinking about this a few weeks ago how I should of sued his creepy ass ! Now i know it wasnt just me !!! CRAZY- i cant believe yet again i can...

2751 days ago


Hey TMZ, you fill the world with enough celebrity bullshit, and you make a living at it, so why not have a link to a charity, do something useful

2751 days ago

Auntie Em    

This link was under "Contact Us" (management) on the perv's case anyone would like to inquire about his shenanigans....I'm sure they'd love to hear from
In posts # 56 and # 58 ...."Just so you know" .... posted the website and I have a question concerning one of the models.....The girl who's wearing the cream-colored cami....(she's 2nd from the left in the 2nd link)....
Can anyone tell me..... what is the odd protrusion in her rib area? It's in both pics. What is it????

2751 days ago


hang on, remember the Mcmartin case, and remember every wealthy / famous person these days is a target for money grubbers - who knows if he is innocent or guilty, but remember, there are some sick, greedy people out there (including all the parties who stand to profit by a famous celebrity trial).

why do you think people are clamouring to be jurors in these high profile cases - not to do their civic duty, but to cash in, write a book, and skim off some of the profit.

don't believe everything you read. I have no opinion about this guy - except anyone who hangs out with PH couldn't be awfully deep or bright, but before you condemn someone to hellish jail time, don't believe every thing you read.

2751 days ago


So let me get this straight... he boinked a few tarts/wannabe models...and now faces charges that could be life in prison? Every week, another disturbed female high school teacher is banging her class...and she walks. I call bullshit on the DOUBLE STANDARD. What's next, Tommy Lee gets arrested for tapping a groupie? Colin Farrel popped for tagging his latest LA conquest. Frankly, I don't see the problem. Don't know the facts, but just guessing...there was consent.

2750 days ago

Philly Girl    

How about innocent until proven guilty??? And the amount of racist remarks on here is DISTURBING...what is wrong with you people??? Stop hating/stereotyping and just in general, sounding like ignorant fools! AND're supposed to DELETE inappropriate comments.....!?! Why isn't anyone reading/checking what's being posted in the comments?? Seriously...the racists who are posting on this are all sick people for the things you say. But what goes around comes will be nice to know you guys will get payback for saying such idiotic things :D

2750 days ago

Philly Girl    

Wow, he really knows a lot of celebs...his photo gallery on his site has a lot of big names. I don't believe he's guilty (there's nothing really to go by yet for making that decision!!!) but a lot of people on this site are guilty for being ugly racists. For all the bad-mouthing you all do, it is actually YOU ALL that are the scum of the earth. You all collectively make this world an uglier place with the ignorance in your words and thoughts.

I am surprised TMZ is allowing these comments to be on their site b/c they are grossly written and need to be deleted from here because they are highly offensive and just plain wrong.

2750 days ago

Al Kaline    

I see alot of open RACISM on this board. The guy molested some kids so he's a pedophile. I also think it's disgusting, not to mention that I don't like anyone making $700 off a pair of jeans. But instead of commenting on that, alot of the Right wing (very likely pedophiles themselves!) are saying "send him back to wherever he came from, that...terrorist...persian...iraqi...iranian, etc, etc". So you're attacking his ethnicity more than anything else b/c you could tolerate a pedophile (eg. yourself) but not a perceived dangerous terrorist....interesting. AND BY THE WAY, HE'S HINDU, long time rivals dating back centuries and fighting to this day. you morons. now go delete all your child porn you hypocrites.

2750 days ago


HEY#72 GUILTY!! but what goes around comes thats funny! GUILTY!

2750 days ago


Eye for an Eye,
Tooth for a Tooth.

I have seen this man with my own eyes VERBALLY abuse models. So this comes as no shock to me. I hope to see a guilty verdict, because more than my heart tells me that there are more victims out there who are afraid for their careers to not stand up against him. While he is a second rate designer, I've never liked his ill-fitting and hideous clothing, an aspiring model is usually afraid of confrontation with ones who are more established in the business... as the way he thinks of himself, he could be very scary to piss off. Regardless of the impression some may first get about his career, he really is just a member of the peanut gallery and not some big time designer. As some have said, they've never heard of him. As for the rest of the world.

First time I met him, he called a model a "moron"... I confronted his staff about it on a site called They were scouting for models on this website of which I was currently a member, for what seemed like a bogus job. I put out caution to all the readers on my experience with Anand Jon. I received a few emails from other members regarding simular experiences.

His staff did not deny his behaviour, simply excused his behaviour as basically the model's problem for not having a thicker skin. It was an outrage to me. Only the peanut gallery would personally attack people and think it's ok. "Thick skin" means ability to take rejection, not be able to handle attacks/abuse on a personal level which will effect these kids who worked with him for the rest of their lives. Lots of the models he'd use, were not models by the simplist of standards... the ones who he did find who could be... they were always very very young. 15,16,17. The fact that he wasn't able to get pro models very often is a sign of a not very liked person.

I am really glad to hear that the brave ones who have experienced the ultimate in trama have stood up against him, without fear... and with courage. I will say a prayer for them.

2750 days ago


his family must be wealthy. why else would these celebs be hanging out w/ him. it certainly isn't for his 'designer' duds. i went to his generic looking website & saw some of the most hideous, low-quality, hooker-esque designs that i've seen. wal-mart has better looking clothes than that. yeesh. & those models were gross. the guy just looks sleezy.

2750 days ago

low blow    


Account for domain has been suspended


I'm also a victim I hope these girls or guys? get justice!
I also had a celebs associate try shit on me when I was underage. No one cared.

2750 days ago

to little    

Just so you know

Thanks :) glad ya liked it.. His questions on his website were strange and seem to fit his profile...

2750 days ago


lets see which famous people stand by him and what defense he uses--he's going to shit like a cow when he leaves jail!

2750 days ago

to little    

His Myspace page... I am 42 i dont have a myspace account because mostly nothing but kids.....

2750 days ago
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