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Judge Judges OJ Book By Its Cover...Price

3/13/2007 6:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

OJ SimpsonBREAKING NEWS: A judge has ordered that the rights to the scotched O.J. Simpson tell-all, "If I Did It," are to be sold at auction to help fund a civil judgment against the Bronco buster, which means it could soon see the light of your local Barnes & Noble after all.

(That's assuming the McSweeney's musical version of "If I Did It" didn't whet your appetite.)

It's certainly a disgusting turn of events and an impossible situation for the Goldman family, which fought to prevent the book's sale, when it turned out that the Juicy One would profit from it; they now find themselves in the unenviable position of having to promulgate Simpson's lurid recollections in order to ever see a dime from him.

Where could such a book come from? Only from ex ReganBooks publisher Judith Regan, who's the subject of the most excoriating piece by Micahel Wolff in recent memory, in this month's Vanity Fair.

Viz, According to Wolff, Regan represents..."the psychopathology of the media -- its shameless self-promoters, so without a moral center, so motivated by their own grandiosity and need for attention, that they have bankrupted the culture..."

Personally, I'd like some Purell.


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The same people who think that O.J is a killer and the same people who think African- American have tails and Jews have horns. They just love their racist position in this world. O.J is either a magician or Ron waited his turn to get his throat cut. How could a group of people be such dummies. Ron's father hardly knew the boy now he wants to be paid for his murder. He went on off with another woman leaving his family to make it without him. He needs to get a job if he wants money. Oh! only niggers refer to others as niggers. Are you one????

2780 days ago


Excuse me - some black folks do address each other with the "N" word. Some nonblack folks also use it. Weather or not they are racist is on them.

I for one do not agree with the dedcision to give the Goldman family proceeds from this book.

My opinion is the old man is looking to make OJ his own personal cash cow. He should have taught his son to behave himself.

The business about Ron returning the sunglasses was just an excuse for him to visit the lady again. What a price he paid for his carelessness! One person could never have pulled off such a thing.

Two people who know the real truth are dead. This will never be solved to everyone's satisfaction. Stop giving glory to the tradgedy of the past! If they keep bringing it up ignore it - let it die too.!

2780 days ago


Fred Goldman sat on show after show talking about how disgusted he was that this book would be published, and now apparently the most signifcant thing about this new ruling is that the door is now open for the book to be published. that he'll be the one profiting from it, it's ok. This confirms what I have thought since hearing about this book and Fred Goldmans objections to it..... I don't think the book bothers him as much as the thought of OJ getting the money and not him. Shame on you Mr Goldman. You are clearly a hypocrite motivated by gaining financially from your sons death. My hope is when I see him on Larry King or whatever show he goes on to justify this sleaziness that I can get through on the phone line to tell him directly. My only other wish is that that ridiculous looking mustache is gone from his face.

2780 days ago

Judy Hartmann    

Fred Goldman was estranged from his son. How too-faced is he. He wants the money and doesn't care about his son. He has always been on TV crying and blaming OJ. It is his fault he didn't have a relationship with his son. We haven't seen Nicole's family demanding Money. This exposes Mr. Goldman for what he is. A hypocrite and money hungry man.
I agree with previous post/ Get a job!!!!

2780 days ago


I can't believe that in today's society, people are still using the "N" word. As a proud African-American, I am disgusted by the use of the word in the comments on this topic. Please note that regardless of if O.J. did it or not, he does not represent all african americans and he certainly does not deserve to be called the "n" word.

2780 days ago

Bertha / Baltimore    

as for whoever feels a need to be racist in their comments shame on you this is 2007 wake up a large majority of our children are mixed in race and i dare that n word be used in my home get out the dictionary and you will see the n word is an ignorant person so you should go look in the mirror and see if it describes you as for the o j case it should be left alone as the deceased need to be aloud to rest in peace and i think mr simpson has suffered through this whole ordeal along with his children yes lets not forget the goldmans but an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth wil not change what happened all this hatred isn't going to bring noone back and the case was never proven that oj did the killing . therefore go read the dictionary and tell us what you see under the n word.

2780 days ago

Jim Evans    

Let OJ have his book published. I hope people are smart enough not to buy it. That way, both OJ and Goldman lose.

2779 days ago

OJ Did it!    

How come nobody has offered a bounty on this murderer?

2779 days ago

Shelby Kaine    

He will never go away, he loves the limelight to much. I read on that in today's society the people are prevoking their own public relations nightmare.

2778 days ago

Charles K    

The 'N' word needs to go!

Not all people that believe a person muders someone is a racist, just because the accussed is black

The glove did not fit because wet leather that dries up, shrinks...

The Goldman's will never let go. If it were my 'careless'kid that was brutally murdered, I might not either.

Though I may beleive that he did have something to do with the murders, the courts set him free so let him be.

Peace...PEACE... and let go.

2778 days ago


Ouch. Such racist ugly comments. Ouch.

2778 days ago


I'm black and I think OJ killed Nicole. I'm not stupid. His rage, his anger, his don't judge me because I'm black and think like I do. He's a bastard who got his way his whole life, and when he could no longer have his way, he killed them both. And why would he make up a story of "how" he killed them, if he vehemently claimed he didn't. Where are his tears? Why isn't he sad for the loss of these two people. Because he killed them! And whether you agree or not, please, keep the racist comments to yourself. Some of my friends agree with me, some not, but they don't call me the way, where's OJ's black girlfriends, if you are all so on his side and think whites are bad......

2778 days ago

Ben Kemp    

Lets boil it down---OJ is a murderer!! He owes millions to the Goldmans & hasn't paid them a penny. I do not think that the book should be published, but if it is it would be a crime for OJ to get any $. He has a legitimate debt to the Goldmans.. They have a right to get the $ that they are owed. As to the N word. lets not let that card be played. Johnny Cochrane used that word to get a murderer freed!!

2778 days ago

Shelby Kaine

2778 days ago


I cannot beleive that people could ever beleive that this man didn't kill Nicole and Ron. There was more evidence there than any case before it. If you don't beleive it read the transcripts of the trial. That anyone would blame Ron and Nichol for being murdered is beyond belief. I don't care if they were having sex on the front porch (which they weren't)they didn't deserve to be murdered. As far as the previous comment from Dee. Let me see you go up against a 230 pound man with a knife, lets see how long you would last. Get your facts straight, another employee at the restaurant where Ron worked ask him to deliver the glasses to Nicole. He testified to that. If my child was murdered I would be just as enraged as Fred Goldman. It is hard to know your childs murderer is out there free. If he cant get justice thru a criminal court then he needs to hit O J where it hurts him most, his pocket. As far as using the "N" word it is wrong said by any race.

2778 days ago
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