Lindsay Cloaked, Stares Daggers

3/13/2007 11:30 AM PDT
Lindsay Lohan tried to hide her freckled face in New York last night -- but when a photog suggested she was driving drunk -- she shot him with the raygun stare of death!

TMZ cameras spotted the rehabbed and peroxidated Lohan outside Butter last night, where one of her friends did her best to keep Linds covered with a coat, but LiLo didn't seem to mind the attention and quickly ditched the feeble disguise.

One photog then began shouting at Lindsay, "I hope she's not driving! Yo, why you driving drunk?" That's when La Lohan, carrying a bottle of water, gave him a look that is usually reserved for turning men to stone. She then hopped in the car and sped off -- but not before nearly causing an accident.