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Look Into Our Crystal Ball, Greasy Bear

3/13/2007 1:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The future of Brandon "Greasy Bear" Davis is looking a little Rocky! Yo Adrian!!
Brandon Davis and Sylvester Stallone
TMZ has uncovered the sly ghost of billionheir Greasy Bear's future -- and it's the sweating, steroidal, foaming-at-the-mouth spitting image of Sylvester Stallone.

Although the "Firecrotch" starter hasn't been caught with alleged performance and image-enhancing substances like Mr. Rambotox, lord knows Greasy's reputation could sure use 'em!


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what the hell happened to sly?
never seen such a bad transformation & its not just old age.
any surgeons or experts want to weigh in?

2780 days ago


Brandon is a nasty pig. He is SO greasy. He's going to end up looking just like his huge hoggish borther. And, oh, that face..looks like hes been stand a little too close to the FIRE!

2780 days ago


#15 lol
Hi Paris. Standing up for your friend Greasy Bear aren't we?Well, we won't be making fun of him if he didn't look like he walked out the house without taking a bath all the damn time. So what drugs do you guys do together? People are wondering you know; they're trying to figure out why he's so sweaty all the time. Not hot.

2780 days ago


That's insulting to Stallone. He's not bad-looking for his age. Greasy Bear will probably turn out to be more like Elvis when he was bloated. He already kind of looks like him.

2780 days ago


"Paris surely is a much better person than the Haters - and they know it."

some how I doubt that

2780 days ago


GOD WHO THEY HELL IS HE??!!! I have no idea what this guy does. He is so fucking nasty!!! He's fat, sweaty, and straight up not attractive.

2780 days ago

That explains things!    

Hmmmmm...looks like 6 in one hand...half-dozen in the other. They both look the same...NASTY!!!! They both probably itch all the time.


2780 days ago


Well, before seeing that Sly takes steroids and was caught, I would have said that comparing him to "Greasy Bear" was an insult to Sly. Now they are more alike that I thought. "Greasy Bear" is nothing but a VERY rich kid with too much money. He should try doing some good with that money instead of putting it up his nose. Go to Louisiana and look around. Plenty to do there. I'll bet his parents are real proud of him. GOOD BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2780 days ago


Who the hell is greasy bear??

2780 days ago


What ticks me off is this guy really has a nice face. If he would loose the dumb blonde chick, GET IN SHAPE, quit being a general dick to everyone, quit squandering money at casinos, take some acting classes hed be good in the movies, but that moves me to the next thing he would need to do...get off his fat ass and quit living off his billionaire family...sad

2780 days ago


#18, you forgot one thing to mention..
If Greasy Bear even lives till 60.

2780 days ago


His real name is Brandon Zarif.

His father is a turkish wine importer called Nebil Zarif who married his mother so it's really Brandon Zarif but he uses his mother's maiden name. It's more waspy

2780 days ago


It took Sly about 60 years to cultivate that ragged out look though. How old is this troglodyte?

2780 days ago

Lock her up and throw away the key    

Brandon Davis is truly a waste of air and space. Seriously, his parents should be devistated. What a waste of a pregnancy.

2780 days ago


he's friggin ugly... i wouldn't even do him for the money. BARF!.

2780 days ago
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