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Picks Another Bone

With Trump

3/13/2007 12:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0313_trump_rosie-1Rosie O'Donnell is disappointed -- terribly disappointed -- that the sight of her doesn't make the Donald horny.

Or so she mockingly suggested in a pre-emptive strike against Trump on her blog this morning, responding to comments that Trump made to "EXTRA" about Rosie's bouts with depression. Trump, never one to pass up a chance to skewer his favorite lesbian talk show host, made remarks suggesting that she's depressed from looking in the mirror. Responded Rosie, in her customary lowercase verse-ish;

the dump truck is at it again
so hurtful 2 know he doesnt find me attractive
as it has been my goal
for so long
to give a balding billionaire a boner

Whoa, Ro! Could the Rosie-Trump War have become engaged anew? Stay tuned, kids!


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lisa mae magillacuddy    

#77, did i hurt your feelings? does "him" need a hug? boo hoo!!!!! he called me a witch!! oh, what shall i do?????

2789 days ago

Only in    

Have a Nice day RU!

2789 days ago

lisa mae magillacuddy    

well thank you God Bless America!!

2789 days ago


Rosie started all this BS with Donald, she deserves whatever she gets. Rosie herself asked what makes Donald Trump a moral compass for our youth...Well for 1...Me....I would pick The Donald over her any day as my childs "Moral Compass"

2789 days ago


I don't care for Donald or Rosie but, I think Donald has a point, here. I would definitely not want to wake up and see Rosie's reflection in my mirror! Yucko! She's nasty looking! Donald was speculating on Rosie's depression reasons. He's probably on the mark with his comment. I think Rosie has a laundry list of reasons for depression, though.
And before any idiot says something ignorant to's my personal opinion, choke on it if you don't like it.

2789 days ago


Donald Trump fired the first shot this time, so all of you Rosie bashers should stop saying that she did something wrong...she just responded to his nasty comments.

If he thinks she should be depressed when she looks in the mirror, what do you think he sees?

2789 days ago


You whale, you could not give a dead dog a boner. The only boner you see is a strape on with DD batteries

2789 days ago


grow up old donald dump...we all know your and old perv a real old ugly perv

2789 days ago

lisa mae magillacuddy    

barb, Arghh, Arghh, Arghh!! (the sound of choking)!!!

2789 days ago


Sasha and R U Freakin kiddin me..... why don't you get a job and get off the internet. This is a site to post a comment... not your personal play pen for picking on other posters. State a comment and leave already !!!!

2789 days ago

lisa mae magillacuddy    

oh james, I'm so scared-did-did!!! so, are you saying you like strap-ons?

2789 days ago

lisa mae magillacuddy    

none ya, why don't you go over there and sit in the corner and mind your own bidness?

2789 days ago


Defintely pcik trump as the winner any day, though both obnoxious , Rosie is just so uncomfortable with herself that is comes across in such vile opinionted speeches.....she can start by dropping some of that fat!!!

2789 days ago

Only in    

Phoenix Rising and RU are in this together?Theirs a lot of personality's"going on in this story, HUh! Will the real man hater please identify yourself?

2789 days ago


This need to grow up they are not 5yrs old, who cares who said what first just leave it alona allready. Rosie know's she is chuncky and Donald know's he is bald. Tell me something I dont know.

2789 days ago
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