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Star Jones: New Business Likes Shoe Business

3/13/2007 3:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Star JonesTMZ has exclusively learned that a luxury shoe boutique in the Hamptons is offering the revamped Star Jones free shoes for life!

Since her ignominious departure from "The View," Star has undergone a complete makeover, including a new job at Court TV. Todd Shapiro, owner of Hampton Shoe Vixen is offering the deflated talk show host free shoes for the rest of her life. "Now that she has a new job and has lost so much weight, she is going to need new shoes," Shapiro told TMZ.

Since Payless Shoe Source did not renew their contract with Jones, Shapiro has offered to make Star the boutique's national pump-pimping spokesperson. "Although we can't pay what Payless did, we can pay her in shoes."

A rep for Star Jones tells TMZ, "An offer was never made to our client."


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Nancy . . . .

2744 days ago


She looks horrible!! She needs to put that weight back on.

2744 days ago


Good for Jones and I hope her show is a huge success. I admire her for her intelligenced and for what she did on the View to especially the phony Walters and her hangers-on. There's no comparison to Jones and O'Donnell, although too many thought Jones was wrong for what she did. At least Jones never pulled a Jennifer Hudson! Good for Court TV, too. If Nancy Grace can transition from Court TV to CNN Headline News with her own program as an attorney, Jones will also succeed, as well. Jones has gotten to be too skinny and it doesn't look that good on her. Although with a deal to receive luxury pricey shoes for the rest of one's life is a good deal and no doubt, her lighter frame will handle some of the tight pointy ones a bit better. There's nothing wrong with using celebrity for product, and that includes getting paid an endorsement fee, or getting free product; celebs always do it, and Jones shouldn't be "viewed" negatively for doing so.

2744 days ago

Larry wanna a cracker?    

Speaking of 'insect' looking, Nancy Grace looks like faded blondeTarantula!

No, Star is much prettier, I think!

Now come on, you guys.
Be nice to Star. She's had a hard go of it and I think she's learned her lessons! lol (well, one can hope)

2744 days ago


WOW, I'll bet Star has more intelligence in her pinky toe than most of you ignorant posters (speaking to the negative commentors)!

2744 days ago

Larry wanna a cracker?    

(Why am I defending Star Jones??? I must get a life!)

Did anyone ever catch the Larry King Show when Star was sitting in for him one night? I really couldn't believe it was the same Star who made an arse out of herself on that horrid View. She was well-prepared and came off totally professional.

Now, seriously! :)
I think Star will do her homework (unlike Nancy), will show up in proper attire and jewlery (completely unlike Nancy, the gypsy-girl) and will treat her guests with respect (totally unlike Ms Mouth, Nancy).

ok, Star.
I'm done defending time I'm charging you! lol

give 'er a chance. :)

2744 days ago


Star Jones is a media/sponsor whore ! Leopard's don't change their spots. She'll take anything that's not nailed down as long as the white man is giving it out.

2744 days ago

Paul Kline    

I heard from a friend that stretchmarks are as long as the distance from Compton to Disneyland......alledgedly.

2744 days ago

Cat Kil    

That b!tch is FUGLY!
She looks like a bulge-eyed goldfish or something.
And WTF is wrong w/ her she inhales really loud before talking.
It sounds like she is taking her last breathe before DEEP sea fishing & I do mean DEEP!
Just listen at her when she talks...

I have never liked her & hate seeing her when I am flipping channels.
I hope her new show fails & we do not have to see her again...EVER!

2744 days ago


Okay that girl needs to put a bag over her head...Enough already..She never was good as The View and I don't even remember seeing her before that..anywhere...She is just a ho for anything and I bet anyone...YUCK..YUCK..and YIKES.. go away NOW...

2744 days ago


She looks like the missing twin of Randy Jackson with those glasses and the sagging skin..result of gastric bypass.

2744 days ago


I think the point here really, is that we are all entitled to our opinions about anything. Some of the comments IMO are just plain ugly. For instance the use of the N word is IMO totally unacceptable and not even in the slightest way funny.
If I were giving advise to Star Jones it would be "Do not accept any more free shit PERIOD!"
That fact that she was asking for freebies in exchange for mentioning them on the View is IMO disgusting. She lost her job because of it. IMO it's a matter of semantics, being fired or being told that your contract is not being renewed are one and the same. By the way, their is a new policy in place at the View where the hosts cannot accept freebies of anykind. They cannot even take home the giveaways to the audience members.
Star Jones can fully take credit for that one...(with a little help going to someone else from the panel).

In the Know!!!!

2744 days ago


Being jealous and have a lot of hate in your system is very unhealthy, Star is very beautiful and smart, she is going on to do more wonderful things in her life, free food, free shoes thats a blessing, stop hating so much, we are all here to be a success in our lives, we that are sitting around saying ugly things need to get a life.

2743 days ago


For you picky ones out there, before I get nailed for a typo...I meant There and not their.

Peace peeps!

2743 days ago


So has that Fur Loving Bi--h given up wearing dead animals?
I don't think so.
Once a monster always a monster........
I shall never watch Court TV again.
They have fallen to a new low.....

Sweet Lexi

2743 days ago
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