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Britney -- Addicted to Coke ... A-Cola

3/14/2007 11:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears is hooked on the real thing.

The rehabbing pop tart has been popping up to a case of Coke every day while at Promises, according to Star. But all that caffeine is making Brit a less than exemplary patient, say Star sources: "She's been very demanding ... refuses to pick up after herself and even asked if she could hire a maid!"

Still, TMZ spoke exclusively yesterday to someone who might be helping Brit through the difficult times – new man-friend, musician Jason Filyaw. "I love her, I support her 100% and we are close," says Filyaw, who's been attending AA meetings with Spears.

Angelina Gets Her Man

Angelina JolieAngelina Jolie's at it again. The earth mother left an orphanage in Ho Chi Minh City last night, and took with her a boy from the Tam Binh home. They got into a Toyota SUV which then sped over to the Department of Justice, where Jolie may have finished the paperwork for the adoption, reports the AP. Then, Jolie was expected to go to the US Consulate, where a passport could be arranged so the pair could go home. The adoption was fast-tracked by the Vietnamese government after Jolie and Brad Pitt visited the country last November and decided they would adopt another child.

Jolie was accompanied, as TMZ reported yesterday, by Cambodian-born son Maddox, and the pair were greeted at the orphanage by a welcoming party of 20 children dressed in traditional Vietnamese tunics.

Martha -- Sketchy and Rude

Martha StewartMartha Stewart is clearly still as bitter as strychnine over her ImClone legal mess of a couple years ago. During a taping of her show on Tuesday, the domestic diva spotted Shirley Shepard, the woman who did the sketches of her in court during her trial in 2004. According to Page Six, she pointed at Shepard and screeched, "I know you! She's the bad artist who did all those terrible sketches of me," and made a red-faced Shirley stand up for the crowd. Says Shepard's daughter Andrea, herself a sketch artist, "It was so rude and so embarrassing." Stewart's rep declined comment. You may remember that Stewart begged Shepard at her arraignment back in 2003 to make her "look prettier."

Senator Ah-nuld? It Could Happen

Arnold SchwarzeneggerCalif. Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger is being courted for a run for the Senate, says Rush & Molloy, against incumbent Barbara Boxer in 2010. GOP officials "have expressed interest" to the Governator, and the GOP-sters think Schwarzenegger could "blow [Boxer] out of the water." Arnold hasn't yet proclaimed any desire to go to DC, but has said, "It would be boring if I knew what I would be doing four years from now. That's why I did movies and didn't do a TV series, where you know what happens." Pols point out, however, that Arnie might have an uphill battle against the popular Boxer.

Party Favors: Jay-Z Back on the Cristal? ... Yancy Butler Popped for DUI

Jay-Z was spotted with a bottle of Cristal champagne on his table at PM the other night, say Rush & Molloy. Could there be a chilling of his anger toward the bubbly's maker? ... TV actress Yancy Butler was charged Tuesday in Connecticut with driving under the influence, after crashing her Saab into a wire guard rail. Butler once starred in the cable series "Witchblade."


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this whole boyfriend of britney is a bunch of bull. im sure he is in rehab with her but they are prolly just friends and everyone is blowing it out of proportion. angelina is a media whore who couldve adopted from AMERICA where she lives~ hello??? i mean there is a diverse amount of american children. she just wants to rope down brad as much as she can, i give them less than 2 years. martha stweart will never be pretty but if that lady didnt wanna hear it she shouldve never came to HER show! jay z is a the biggest hypocrite in hip hop. hes A SELL OUT!

2746 days ago


Damn, Martha -- The woman's a sketch artist, not a miracle worker!

2746 days ago


I wanna fuck arnold!!! hard!

2746 days ago


These stupid celebs ... " I LOVE HER..IVE ONLY KNOWN HER FOR 2 WEEKS" "WERE GETTING MARRIED...WEVE BEEN DATING 2 MONTHS" They are so freakin' pathetic. I hope she does find someone to lean on thru this time...but let's hope she STAYS sober and doesn't rush in to marriage cuz she thinks some rehabbed druggie 'loves' her...he wants her freakin' money like K Fed...they'll get together and reak havoc...doin drugs n drinkin each night, she'll lose her kids and they'll end up dead by 30. What a sad life. I hope it doesnt go like that..but im just sayin , that 's how most celebs r nowadays- they wont see the age of 30!

2746 days ago

Only in    

I have been a friend of Brit for a long time,and I miss her,most of all the sex

2746 days ago


Spears is a dumb moron spoiled creton. All that sugar in the Coke sure won't help her calm her celeb stressed nerves. Demands, demands. This is what comes of undisciplined little children. She not only needs a time out, she needs her stupid ass kicked, something her negligent parents failed to do while presumably raising her to become a responsible and accountable adult. She obviously was raised without any accountability or responsibility for any of her actions. Now we're all stuck with having to put up with it. Negligent and neglectful parenting is also child abuse!

2746 days ago

Great Dane    

Wasn't Brit the poster girl for PEPSI? LOL.....I prefer Diet coke myself......

I am so tired of all of the stars looking elsewhere to adopt children.....we have hunger, and foster children- being KILLED by greedy people who are adopting for the wrong reasons.....right here in the good ole USA.....

I'm glad Martha said she the most attractive woman? no.....but, that doesn't mean she needs to be drawn in a horrible light either- she did her time....that woman had BALLS to be in her audience after disregarding her requests to draw her a little bit better......

2746 days ago


Martha Stewart needs to go away!

2746 days ago


Congrats to Pax Thien Jolie!!

For being the newest winner of the Jolie Adoption Lottery!

He's one lucky boy, being picked out of thousands of orphans! ( he does actually look like a young Maddox, doesn't he?)

This will be his prizes:

One Adopted Momma
One Guardian Daddy
A brand new hyphenated name
Learning to speak English.
2 other adopted orphaned siblings
1 bio blob, sibling
A set of grandparents, who can't stand momma, but will tolerate her, for the sake of their son/bio granddaughter.
1 Grandfather you will never know.
Caretakers that will see to your every whim.
Every material things you ever wanted.
Living in and out of hotels
Going through various airports...
Living in various mansions.

Seeing Movie sets via your own special movie trailer/child care center with you're siblings, where you will be put while momma or guardian daddy has to work, all over the world..
Photo-ops at the whim of your adopted momma/guardian daddy.

What is excluded from the prize package:

A stable life.
Keeping the name you've known all your young life.
Never again seeing those persons, that have become an integral part of your young life.
Privacy . As you are now one of the Jolie-Pitts, you're every move will be photographed, and scrutinized.

2746 days ago


I know you don't give a crap (and apparently neither does jason filyaw if he's talking to the press about his relationship) but would you please, PLEASE give Britney stories a rest so she has a chance to get sober? There are plenty of other celebrities who have been through Promises whom you haven't given us practically hourly updates about.

The only people who need or want daily updates about her shenanigans are her family and friends. Sobriety might be a P.R. tool to people who thrive on buzz words like sobriety for attention, but it isn't like TMZ needs the attention any more than Britney does right now. I think your Anna Nicole coverage gets you just about as many hits as you need, doesn't it?

Nobody's going to forget who Britney Spears is any more than they're going to forget who TMZ is. To everyone involved with the focus on Britney's activities, do her a favor: Give Britney her 28 days.

2746 days ago

K. Jackson    

If what we're reading about Britney is true - she needs a good ass whipping. If that doesn't help - throw her sorry, demanding self out on the street and let her learn the hard way. She's a punk and her career is over! As for Angelina's new member to the family - great - I wish them all the best. Christmas should be exciting at their house!!

2746 days ago


Everyone in Hollyweird seems to be whack jobs.
The "Star" says. How does the Star know what's going on in rehab?
Britney is a little girl who should have never had kids. She can't take
care of herself let alone 2 innocent babies. How sad and selfish of her.
Jolie makes me want to hurl. Someone needs to stop her from messing up
these kids lives and anymore she adopts.

2746 days ago

I'll rent the DVD when it's done    

As a friend of a person who is adopting overseas, I am appalled at the special treatment celebrities in this country receive. The adoption process for any "normal" person takes at least a year, with tons of red tape to get through. My friend started the process in June of 06 and has several months before she brings her daughter home. Ms. Jolie should be ashamed of herself. She makes me sick.

2746 days ago


OK, my opinions...

-Britney is a spoiled little brat that just wants attention, in a few years will find out she's a wonderful actress (despite her movie Crossroads)

-Angelina adopts a new kids every time she gets bored with the newest addition, she likes them for a year then gets bored. She resents shiloh because she's white

-We all know Martha Stewart is a bitch so let's move on an not give her any more publicity for being said bitch.

-Let Arnold do whatever, his movies weren't that good anyway

-Jay Z, what he drinks has no impact on my life, and even if he has a beef with Cristal we know he's a lying sack of poop. He protested them for attention.

Hmmm looks like most of these celebrities are doing stuff for attention. Isn't that why they became famous in the first place?

2746 days ago


What, no mention of the kidnapping plot against Angelina?

2746 days ago
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