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Britney's New Dude:

'We're Growing Very Close'

3/14/2007 6:48 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney and JasonBritney Spears' newest rumored boyflavor of the month, Jason Filyaw, admits that he and Brit have been "growing very close" since their "special" relationship began, and even used the L-word to descibe his feelings for her.

In an exclusive interview with TMZ, Filyaw, self-described as "very spiritual," would neither confirm nor deny that he is dating Spears, but admitted, "I love her, I support her 100% and we are close." Filyaw, who's been attending AA meetings with Spears, also revealed that he is helping Britney with the spiritually "deep" part of her recovery.

Britney Spears Gallery: Click to launch photosThe 33-year-old lead guitarist for the rock band RIVA says he met Spears long before she checked into Promises Rehab Center, and that they go "way back" to 2003, when he recorded some music with Britney at The Hit Factory in New York. Filyaw claims they stayed in touch, but "a few weeks ago ... we met up again at a Los Angeles AA meeting."

Ah, spring.


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Why???? Britney are you hard up for Press. Stop Planting these stories. You are making an azz out of yourself.....

2675 days ago

Just wondering???????????    

Britney, for once think with that peapod between your two ears and not with your vagina, get better, raise your boys to love and respect YOU!

Then (and only then) get yourself a toyboy, until then, keep them momma long legs closed, to men and too the paparazzi

2675 days ago

doggy style    

"Life is a learning process and we never graduate"

2675 days ago


I'm seriously doubting this guy's story is legit. He's breaking several AA rules by talking about meetings and who was there as well as the no dating or relationships for at least a year once you start the program. I'm thinking he's an opportunist trying to get some free publicity for himself and his band at her expense. Another of the many user "friends" taking advatage of her celebrity - tarnished as it may be. Hopefully some of her therapy in rehab with help her see these people for what they really are and avoid them in the future.

2675 days ago

Movie Ticket Buyer    

I believe Elizabeth Taylor made that mistake with Larry Forentensky ages ago.....Dang must be Bi-Polar for sure....Hope K-Fed and Shar get the boys

2675 days ago


I am always amazed how these twenty-somethings can fall "in love" in a couple of days . . . but it's really bad when they have already walked down the aisle and had kids . . . don't they give a damn about the kids? . . . and why do they have to drag AA into the mix anyway? . . . AA is the most successful solution out there for addicts . . . more so than "rehabs" . . . so why can't these spoiled brats who have plenty of dough focus on the posh "rehab" scene and leave AA alone . . . at this rate of media exposure, it won't be long before they ruin it for everyone!

2675 days ago


I wish this young lady all the best. I don't understand how people can call her all these filthy names and yet have never met her ?

All of these people should get a life of their own and let her live her own life. !

2675 days ago


"the L-word"stands for lair,what dumb a-word....if you are a friend of Bll'sthen you'll like this one....we have a saying "13 stepin'"that pertains to anyone with more than 1 year sober to pray on someone in that has not even got a 30day chip yet. Oh if so close why would you not respect her and keep your mouth closed....I think what ever your lil' rank band is you are trying to get some press (here is a hint...) if we don't know who you are by yourself maybe you just suck

2675 days ago


First of all, that guy looks like a seriel killer. Right up Britney's alley. Loser alert. And addicted too? Oh, that's hot.

He is proclaiming "love" already? His eagerness and inappropriate relationship timing is a clear indicator he wants some of what Kevin got (is getting) ... a big, fat payday.

Beats working and Britney is more than willing to give her money away to Losers.


2675 days ago


I hope this is not TRUE. Please, Britney...stay FOCUS! Well, I cannot blame her that she confuse is right now what LOVE is. Britney, have found somebody that understands her because they have the same experience as an alcoholic. You tend to be close to persons that you can relate to. Instead to people who keep telling her what to do without understanding what she is going through. Right now, Britney maybe you can keep him as a friend but not a lover because you have to evaluate your feelings first. It's been a few days. There still a lot of things that you need to know about this guy. He might be good to you right now. But don't you realize that your exes has been good to you at first also but still things did not worked out for you. Fix yourself first and when you become whole as a person. You will be able to LOVE another person without loving yourself less. Please learn from your past mistakes. Because if you won't learn from it. It will continue to happen to you again and again. It's a cycle. And you're the only one who can stop the cycle and point to other direction. I hope the direction is way up to success. Go straight ...and GOD is just waiting for you to fill you with LOVE that's better that any man can give you. Open your eyes. Your fans care about you. We want the best for you. We did not say that you don't have to fall in love but please give it sometime. You know we LOVE you and Whatever it is that you go through with your life. You have are 100% support. Take Care of Yourself. God Bless You always.

2675 days ago


AA is only a hour please!I say not true.

2675 days ago


Isn't it against the rules for him to reveal who he is in AA with? And you know I used to really feel sorry for her up until the whole rehab fiasco. She is just totally wack.

2675 days ago

J Doe    

shes thinking with her vadge and not her miniscule peanut sized brain,she is so badly desperate for a F*K.

she cant wait to get out of rehab so she can take him and ride him hard !!!

2675 days ago


6:01 pm no one said she was sleeping with him. i believe this story was made up by him and his people to get his name out there. maybe his band needs some help in selling records? lol

2675 days ago

Mad Balls    

Nice Hypnotic stare , BUD wieser up ! Dude ! Fartface . This guy , that guy , HONEY IT COMES FROM WITHIN !! oh yeah, that and a cold 40 . Fartfiend .

2675 days ago
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