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Britney's New Dude:

'We're Growing Very Close'

3/14/2007 6:48 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney and JasonBritney Spears' newest rumored boyflavor of the month, Jason Filyaw, admits that he and Brit have been "growing very close" since their "special" relationship began, and even used the L-word to descibe his feelings for her.

In an exclusive interview with TMZ, Filyaw, self-described as "very spiritual," would neither confirm nor deny that he is dating Spears, but admitted, "I love her, I support her 100% and we are close." Filyaw, who's been attending AA meetings with Spears, also revealed that he is helping Britney with the spiritually "deep" part of her recovery.

Britney Spears Gallery: Click to launch photosThe 33-year-old lead guitarist for the rock band RIVA says he met Spears long before she checked into Promises Rehab Center, and that they go "way back" to 2003, when he recorded some music with Britney at The Hit Factory in New York. Filyaw claims they stayed in touch, but "a few weeks ago ... we met up again at a Los Angeles AA meeting."

Ah, spring.


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Lisa Groff    

Her new guy is from AA to. He is a normal guy. Maybe that is what she needs. She is all over John S. and he doesnt seem to mind.

2705 days ago


Poor dude has no standards. He probably grew up without a mommy.

2789 days ago


great, 2 drunks dating in rehab. that will last....not

2789 days ago


Hopefully he is just a friend. She needs to focus on her self and nothing else, so she can recover from all her disorders.

2789 days ago


How long will this one last? A month at best? How can she be so filthy, sleeping around with so many different men. Doesn't she realize that HIV/AIDS is real?

2789 days ago


Wow... if this is what having money does for a person, I'd rather stay poor.

She's a very bad example to so many, including her own babies. Makes me sick. What a spoiled rotten, selfish person.

2789 days ago


The LAST thing Britney Spears needs is to become involved with ANY man. Her entire attention needs to be on herself and her two sons. Until she and those who really care about her - are ya listenin' Mom and Dad - CREATE a scenario where she feels safe and is allowed to nurture her two sons without pressure to "make a living"...she's destined to look for her validation and worth in the "new guy"...and the cycle continues. IT'S ABOUT YOUR SONS NOW...THEY ARE PRIORITY!!!

2789 days ago


I love Britney Spears but I really think she needs to fall in love with "herself" all over again and then fall in love with jayden & sean.

Those are the only to "men" that will make her whole again, then she can work on letting the right guy come along (not finding the right guy) & you know what, the right guy won't be a guy that will hold her hand & mug for photos with her while she jumps out of a limo from one club to the next half drunk and acting crazy with two small children at home.

Once you have children, the right guy for "you" comes second, the right guy for you & your children is first.

All in all, I sware this whole thing has been a 4 year "justin", I know you love me so take me back before I ruin my life cry for help.

2789 days ago

Only swim in the Ocean    

A member of AA should know better than to involve another member in a romantic relationship. Recovery requires no major relationships/involvements for at least a year.

2789 days ago


Great, Sounds like another loser that Britney is getting involved with....
Just what she needs. This poor girl really needs some serious HELP! And, I am not even a britney fan, but I kind of feel bad for her. She's like a little lost puppy....... and the worst part is that now she has these 2 babies that she is suppose to be a mother to. Someone really needs to intervene here..... Where's her family at???? Like her mother???

2789 days ago


Um I thought AA members weren't supposed to talk about who went to meetings, what was said there, or about someone else's recovery. And to TMZ? Brit needs to find different people to trust.

2789 days ago

just saying    

how is she dating if she is in rehab???stupid site!!

2789 days ago



You are right. They are not supposed to talk about what goes on in those meetings nor who is there. That's the big one. Hence the term: ANONYMOUS.

He must have a record coming out or something. Give me a break. I hate to say this, but Kevin is clearly the responsible person for those two kids and that's not saying A LOT.

2789 days ago


"12. Anonymity is the spiritual foundation of all our traditions, ever reminding us to place principles before personalities."

Whoever is feeding TMZ these stories, can't you give this girl a chance to get sober before you start manufacturing stories of love? I know how important it is for her to stay in the media so people don't forget who she is, but by doing so you're destroying any chance she has at sobriety.

You can't tell me that there's nobody at TMZ who hasn't been through the 12 steps, just like I can't tell you whether anyone I know has been. Think about it.

I guess it's true what I've heard: some are sicker than others.

2789 days ago


Technically, she's not supposed to start any new relationships and focus completely on her recovery. If this is in fact true, it really shows that she is not serious about her recovery. She's hopeless. I have no hope for her sobriety. I wish she would just OD or fade away into obscurity. I am so SICK of Brit.

2789 days ago
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