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Homicide Meeting in Anna Nicole's Death

3/14/2007 7:52 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Anna Nicole SmithFlorida police have looped-in homicide prosecutors in the death Anna Nicole Smith, according to the Miami Herald.

The newspaper reports that officials have confirmed the meeting but wouldn't elaborate.

The paper claims Seminole cops aren't the only ones on the hunt. The police chief in the Bahamas is in South Florida right now, meeting with his counterparts.

As TMZ first reported, Anna's bodyguard, Big Moe, was interviewed by Seminole cops last week. We're told Big Moe told the cops that Howard K. Stern had given Anna drugs during the last months of her life.

Broward County Medical Examiner Joshua Perper announced last week he was delaying his autopsy findings because of two new pieces of evidence, though he was not specific. The cops are now exploring where that evidence leads.

UPDATE: Although officials have now acknowledged there have been meetings, they say no homicide investigation has been launched.


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Yeah HKS is going down

2674 days ago


HK$ thought he was above the law. His own selfish actions, culminating with his hateful eulogy at Anna's funeral, did him in. HK$ could care less about that baby girl and Anna wasn't even buried before he was trying to stike a deal with Larry Birheart for $$$. I hope Howard gets what he deserves.

2674 days ago


WHAT DO ALL OF YOU IDIOTIC STERN SUPPORTERS HAVE TO SAY NOW????? NOT MUCH HUH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TOLD 'YA SO.........................

2674 days ago


Here's more from the herald....It's nothing that hasn't been announced from the sounds of it....

Seminole Police Captain Robert McDaniel cautioned against making conclusions about meeting with homicide investigations since there is still no evidence of foul play in the case.

''Those [homicide prosecuters] are the people, [that] if you were doing a death investigation and needed to speak with someone from the State Attorney's office, you would go to,'' said McDani

``We have never had any indication of foul play. There is nothing that we have uncovered that would lead us in that direction.''

There's a named source that states there's NO indication of FOUL PLAY.

2674 days ago

Alicia Poole    

I just won $50.00 from my sister as I predicted they would find out that HKS was an enabler. Now how did ANS obtain those prescription tables that they found when things were taken from the house? The pink house in the Bahamas, did this belong to the Official that quit, or his father. Word is that he has been seen tooling around the Bahamas in the yacht.

ADICTED and staying tuned..

2674 days ago


Sad,its all just so sad

2674 days ago


we have another OJ here. HKS will talk his way out of this do the DNA test and if the baby is not his or Larry let Vergie have it . or their will be another death maybe Danny was the father with that crazy family who knows. this is just a mess neither guy was married to Anna ., let the baby find a home and be happy ,

2674 days ago


This is great news. I was watching NG last night and saw the Private Investigator that Daniel had spoke with about Howard and it just made me so mad. I was getting worried that this plot was so twisted, that nothing would come of it but thankfully i'm being proved wrong!

2674 days ago

Attention Ho    

uh huh.... shocking....not!

2674 days ago



2674 days ago


They are no doubt taking a very close look at Ford Shelley & what he did to Anna's computer and what he might have stolen from her home.

2674 days ago


Hey Ron Rales, James Hewitt, Alex Goen, Krista Barth, --------- how'ja like your pal Howie now?

(sound of rats scuttling all over the floor to avoid the light)

Hey Dr. Kapoor- which prison would you like?

2674 days ago


3. Looks like we can never get enough of Anna Nicole Smith. When her child gets a hold of the internet I wonder what he will think of the world and his mother.

Posted at 6:58PM on Mar 14th 2007 by Urban Thought


where the hell have you been?! Her male son "he" has been DEAD for 5 months! I wonder what you think when you get a hold on the internet....

2674 days ago


Only OJ got away Stern from all his previous fans. Howard Stern you and your family have no fans and your zest for greed and averice along with theirs, is over. You're going to take the fall for what you did. PRISON FOR YOU OR SUICIDE HOWARD OR WILL YOU KILL THAT BABY TOO?

2674 days ago

lisa runnels    

Howard K. Stern is GUILTY. If not of outright murder then a reckless disregard for her life. There are just TOO many coincidences.

I've read about things that were allegedly said by Howard to witnesses (and some of those witnesses have already been deposed in the Bahamas) that give the appearance that he was setting-up this scenario. Like when he pulls out the pouch of drugs from under Anna's bed and tells some guy that Daniel had stayed with that he HAS to keep it away from Anna or she might OD.


If he was truly "in her corner" he would not be blabbing to others about details (like where she keeps her drugs. ANY druggie knows that you do not tell just anybody where you keep your stash.), of her "use". This would be confidential between her closest inner circle.

Then I go back to Birkhead's testimony in the trial to release her body. That was EXPLOSIVE. I have loved an addict, and had he ever found the strength to check into a hospital and go through detox, the LAST thing I would do is bring in drugs. NOT ME NO WAY. And she was pregnant at the time. How sad. WHY WOULD HE BRING DRUGS INTO THAT HOSPITAL?????

Then to Danielynn, If she were his biological daughter the DNA test would already be done and everybody else would have no claim to her. However; if proven to NOT be his biological daughter, HE would have NO claim to her. In the U.S.A. anyway. ** Isn’t it convenient that she is in the Bahamas? Where LEGALLY a mother’s word on who fathered the child is not challenged. Hmmmmm

I sure glad there are detectives out there right now digging in to this. I sure hope that the officials in the Bahamas will be cooperative with the U.S. as this develops. I can’t believe that he WON’T be arrested eventually, because it makes me sick to my stomach.

2674 days ago
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