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Homicide Meeting in Anna Nicole's Death

3/14/2007 7:52 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Anna Nicole SmithFlorida police have looped-in homicide prosecutors in the death Anna Nicole Smith, according to the Miami Herald.

The newspaper reports that officials have confirmed the meeting but wouldn't elaborate.

The paper claims Seminole cops aren't the only ones on the hunt. The police chief in the Bahamas is in South Florida right now, meeting with his counterparts.

As TMZ first reported, Anna's bodyguard, Big Moe, was interviewed by Seminole cops last week. We're told Big Moe told the cops that Howard K. Stern had given Anna drugs during the last months of her life.

Broward County Medical Examiner Joshua Perper announced last week he was delaying his autopsy findings because of two new pieces of evidence, though he was not specific. The cops are now exploring where that evidence leads.

UPDATE: Although officials have now acknowledged there have been meetings, they say no homicide investigation has been launched.


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Disappointed and Disgusted    

It's amazing how quiet it is on this board.....

2728 days ago

Linda Blair    

Well ,well well it seems That Howard K. Stern may have to give himself up! Yes the plot thickens . I am praying that The US steps in and gets Dannielynn before something happens to her . I was praying for justice!

2728 days ago

monkia louinski    

Yeah! Team Birkhead! Go Seminoles! Yeah Broward County Sheriffs Office!Thank you all for working so hard on this!! Thank you Fla State Atty's Office! Thank you Bahamas PD! HKS's so called friends the Gibsons will quietly distance themselves from HKS when "Criminal" comes into the verbage just watch and see.

2728 days ago


Here's main highlights for you that state "HKS is going down" tell me where in the article does it say that? I don't see anything even remotely stating that...

''Those [homicide prosecuters] are the people, [that] if you were doing a death investigation and needed to speak with someone from the State Attorney's office, you would go to,'' said McDaniel.

``We have never had any indication of foul play. There is nothing that we have uncovered that would lead us in that direction.''

Initial autopsy reports have shown Smith was not a victim of foul play, and Perper said no drugs were found in her system.

The FBI is not involved in any aspect of the Anna Nicole Smith death, spokeswoman Judy Orihuela said today. Neither has any members of the bureau met with anyone from the Bahamas, Orihuela said.

Straight from the Herald itself -

2728 days ago


Even if they are saying there is no criminal investigation into the death, that does not mean they are not doing a criminal investigation into the drug trafficing that has obviously been going on.

And why did the Miami reporter write this:

That is not accurate. Dr. Perper said there were NO PILLS or TABLETS visible in her stomach, meaning that she had not taken a handful of pills in a suicide attempt. He stated he could not rule out that drugs were taken in another manner, such as in a drug cocktail. That is why they did all of the toxicology studies.

2728 days ago


# 3 : "he"'s a GIRL.

2728 days ago

Get your facts stright!    

This thing is going to blow wide open soon. You are going down hk$. and all your flunkies are going down with you!!! Yeah siminol police. keep it going.

RIP Anna and Daniel
Dannielynn is coming home soon Larry!!

2728 days ago


what if it is moe or his wife that is being charged...they have been the only one's interview. not howard.

2728 days ago

Camp Birkhead!!!    

We all knew it was coming, I just pray that in his de$peration, he does not kill the innocent baby!

More More More...we are anxiously awaiting the arrest!!!!!!!!!

Howie was obviously signing illegal prescription pads to keep Anna konked out all the time! She died of a cocktail that HK$ gave her, NO DOUBT!!!!
See ya Dr. KA-POOR Judgement!!! You are going downtown too!!!!!

YOU ROCK, HARVEY LEVIN!!!!!!!!! Keep it coming!!!!

Hey Krista Barf, Ron Raleroad, Bonnie $tern and the gay lion tamers....waa waa waa!!!! Your filthy, guilty boy is falling apart at the seams it seems......HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!

SAVE DANNIELYNN~HURRY!!!!!!!!!!!!! SHE IS IN DANGER!!!!! Sleeping 16 hours a night? Oh, My GOD!!!!!!!

2728 days ago


It aint over till its over LOL

2728 days ago


If this is true which it probably is, each & every one of those people around her are up for grabs! Howard, Moe, his Wife, Dr. Khris, etc!

No one was watching out for Anna! Even Larry Birkhead when she was pregnant but he's off the hook on her death!

I have never rooted for anyone but the baby, even though I question everything... justice may actually be served in this case and Daniel's.

2728 days ago

Attention Ho    

It is sad...especially for Daniel and Dannielynn. Let's just hope the bastard that's responsible doesn't get away with it.

2728 days ago


I Hope that the Family Services group in the Bahamas takes charge of that little baby ASAP. They are responsible for her welfare at this point.Then they should make arrangements to give her to her next of kin...her father and if that is not possible , her grandmother.This need to happen right away.
I thought that HKS was drinking an awful lot of water on that witness stand in Fl.!
"Oh , what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to decieve."

2728 days ago


Howard Stern YOU ARE IN DANGEROUS TERRITORY AND YOU'RE NOT THAT GOOD. You are going to pay for your crimes and just watch how it unfolds for you and how quickly when all the depositions are in, you'll go to prison. You'll love it there .. you can tell everyone how you almost had zillions of dollars and almost got away with murder. Almost but they are on to you and you made eneimies all for not taking the DNA test and letting the baby go with her real daddy. Otherwise, you probably would have gotten by with all you did to kill Daniel and Anna. HOWARD STERN YOU ARE TOAST AND YOU'LL BE IN PRISON FOR THIS SOON FOR A VERY LONG TIME .. FOREVER ..

2728 days ago


Let's hope they don't get "bedazzled" and paid off like the famous trio of Seidlin, Melstein & Perper did. (my opinion)

2728 days ago
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