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Homicide Meeting in Anna Nicole's Death

3/14/2007 7:52 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Anna Nicole SmithFlorida police have looped-in homicide prosecutors in the death Anna Nicole Smith, according to the Miami Herald.

The newspaper reports that officials have confirmed the meeting but wouldn't elaborate.

The paper claims Seminole cops aren't the only ones on the hunt. The police chief in the Bahamas is in South Florida right now, meeting with his counterparts.

As TMZ first reported, Anna's bodyguard, Big Moe, was interviewed by Seminole cops last week. We're told Big Moe told the cops that Howard K. Stern had given Anna drugs during the last months of her life.

Broward County Medical Examiner Joshua Perper announced last week he was delaying his autopsy findings because of two new pieces of evidence, though he was not specific. The cops are now exploring where that evidence leads.

UPDATE: Although officials have now acknowledged there have been meetings, they say no homicide investigation has been launched.


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There is nothing that says Howard is a suspect, or that they have even declared it a homicide. I also don't like the Shelleys either.

2719 days ago

Behind the HardRock    

I'm not jumping on this headline yet....but I nearly fell out of my chair ROFL when I read Me bringing back Ford Shelley....OMG.... how many days in a row!!!!

2719 days ago


I KNEW IT**!!!!!!!!!**I KNEW IT**!!!!!!!** I KNEW IT**.!!!!!! HK$ YOU ARE GOING DOWN**DOWN**DOWN..
Thank you TMZ for keeping us up on all this good information.Still waiting in OREGON

2719 days ago


i still support howard so stick it #14. A homicide prosecutor meeting means nothing. No one killed Anna. Howard is only guilty of enabling.

2719 days ago


Perper never said there were no drugs in her system. He said he didnt find pills in her stomach, but even so, she could have taken some but where dissolved rapidly and where already gone by the time the autopsy was conducted.

2719 days ago


All of you are right!! It's about time and do it right law officials...please don't let those that are guilty of contributing to her death walk quietly into the night..

AND...please Bahamian government, let Dannielynn find some truth in her precious life..let her know who her natural father sad it would be to let "negotiations and stupidity" get in the way...

2719 days ago

where is the justice    

I was wondering if COWARD injected Anna possibly in the late morning hours with the lethal cocktail....because Perper stated that Anna did not have any pills in her stomach.
I wonder if Perper could tell if she had recently recieved a shot somewhere on her body!!!
I HOPE THAT THEY CAN PUT COWARD AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2719 days ago


sighhhh..... dont you people ever get sick and tired of the same story over and over and over again.
First of all to Elizabeth dont address the Bahamian people as morons because you have no idea nor the slightest inclination as to what legal proceeding are taking place in the Bahamas, secondly there is a scheduled inquest into his death. As with things over the world investigations take time you writ ethat down moron.
#18 Alicia poole
The house does not belong to shane gibson, it belongs to G. Ben Thompson and whtever 'word" you have received about Shane sailing around the island are totally untrue and impossible for reasons I cannot say at this time.

2719 days ago


Who gives a sh*t, the woman was a trainwreck! I don't see the major networks covering all trailer trash, drug addicted and social misfits with kids on the evening news. Enough Already, the woman ( I use that loosely) didn't even know who her child's Father was, never made any contribution to the Community....C'mon already

2719 days ago


There's a named source that states there's NO indication of FOUL PLAY.

2719 days ago


I hated Virgie, but what if she was right?? I cant believe that Howard would do this, but then again in this world, it would not shock me.

I thought if he did kill Daniel, he wouldnt have gone after Anna, at least not so soon. But then again, he might have and wanted everyone to think it was becasue she was so distraught over her son.

I think if they suspect Howard the least, they need to get that baby away from him. Put her in care of the Bahamian courts until they can prove who her daddy is.


2719 days ago

Ha Ha    

I'm telling ya, this is an episode of "Investigative Reports" and "American Justice" waiting to happen.

2719 days ago


it ain't over till the fat lady sings...stay tuned i am sure there is more to it than meets the media's roving eye. Big Moe could be covering up for himself too ya know. I still say it is a trim spa baby from alex and that alex is the culprit.

2719 days ago


I support Howard K. Stern too dont give up.

2719 days ago


I hope there is justice for Anna and Daniel. But, I hope that baby can soon be out of harms way and with her father, Larry. Howard K. $tern is one frightening man!!!!!

2719 days ago
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