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Homicide Meeting in Anna Nicole's Death

3/14/2007 7:52 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Anna Nicole SmithFlorida police have looped-in homicide prosecutors in the death Anna Nicole Smith, according to the Miami Herald.

The newspaper reports that officials have confirmed the meeting but wouldn't elaborate.

The paper claims Seminole cops aren't the only ones on the hunt. The police chief in the Bahamas is in South Florida right now, meeting with his counterparts.

As TMZ first reported, Anna's bodyguard, Big Moe, was interviewed by Seminole cops last week. We're told Big Moe told the cops that Howard K. Stern had given Anna drugs during the last months of her life.

Broward County Medical Examiner Joshua Perper announced last week he was delaying his autopsy findings because of two new pieces of evidence, though he was not specific. The cops are now exploring where that evidence leads.

UPDATE: Although officials have now acknowledged there have been meetings, they say no homicide investigation has been launched.


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tear drop    

I'm a bit perplexed after reading this article. If my memory serves me correctly, Anna's bodyguard stated that he'd never seen Anna take drugs whatsoever?
I think that he'd best get his story straight. Accusing someone of administering drugs to another party is quite serious.

2744 days ago

Forrest Gump    

I also heard that Jackie chick was stalking Anna! Jackie said herself she did drugs with Anna and in the next breathe said how she tried & tried to save her friend from drugs! Does everyone involved with Anna lie their asses off or what! Poor Anna! At least she is in peace now! About the only good one besides her son seems to be Howard. He said under oath he doesn't want one penny & that he just wants to make sure Anna's daughter is taken care of. He stood be her for many years. How is that considered bad? What would he stand to gain from her dying? I've thought about this & I wonder why everyone is so apt to blame someone who was so loyal and loved her so much??

2742 days ago

HKS hater    

HKS is a killer and he knows it... he has killed 2 times now and if they don't do something fast the baby will be next.. Thsi money crazed whimp will do anything to not have to work and mooch off of people to get money... He has mooched off Anna and always had his nose up her behind and when she really needed him he was gone, He knew she was dead when he left to go view the so called boat , Go to and read the facts, Times dates and true facts and this person who is writing this needs to be a detective because she has more facts and times than the police..
HKS needs to rot in a jail cell and let the boys there work him over... I don't believe HKS ever had sex with ANS, it has been reported that she couldnt stand him as a sex partner as she thought he was creepy... I think HKS likes men... Maybe HKS is gay and has not come out of the closet yet, but we all know he is a killer
and he is one ugly man.... YIKES what woman would want to lie with this dog.......

2742 days ago


Anna your in my prayers. No one has ever said this before , but say what you may Anna was a good person. Everyone has made her the sleep around girl but Anna never hurt anyone but herself. She had a baby girl whom she could have gotten rid of but she chose life for her baby. God bless her for that. She loved her son so much so that she couldn't live with the grief of losing him. Not like some parents who kill their children for no good reason. I feel sad that she has left this world but she has given everybody something to think about.

2742 days ago

Connie Lynn    

SORRY PEOPLE....NOT STERN!! IT IS GOING TO BE THAT LADY PSYCHIATRIST DOCTOR.... She will be the one to go down for this...and the others will all play DUMB...!!! Howard $tern is smart and he USED all these he could cover his ass...while keeping Anna HIGH AS A she couldn't get away from him and THINK!!! $terns defense.....''GOLLY GHEE....I AIN'T NO DOCTOR...ANNA NEEDED ALL THIS "MEDICINE" FOR HER NERVES"....I JUST WANTED TO "HELP HER"!!!! He will fly free as a bird...and all these "SUCK UP'S"...will go BYE BYE....and he will probably KIDNAP the BABY ONCE MORE...who knows where he will go......he ain't gona lose no matter what!!!!!! HE IS CRAZY.....DANGEROUSLY CRAZY!!!!!! HELP NAVY SEALS!!!!!!! GET THE BABY!!!

2742 days ago


I think you are all nuts. You jump like a duck on a June Bug. Howard had no reason and every reason not to harm either of these two people.
I think he was used just like ANS used everyone else in her life, Howard loved her, and he even gave all, his job because admitting being the father ruined his life as a lawyer.
ANS did get all over, and seems she got some pretty big favors for her services.
I don't mean to speak ill of the dead, but it is the truth.
You all speak so highly of Birkhead, but when ANS dumped him it was because he was trying to discuss his fee I believe and she wanted a pair of sun glasses. so she dumps this guy? I think he seems decent enough.
Yes, I think Howard is in a real mess, and he probably helped create it. But have you considered that he was not alone he had that phychologist excuse my spelling. She ordered the drugs. I think that ANS was so addicted that when she did try to detox they were not giving enough as she probably lied about how much she used, and faithful HS made it up so she would not go into withdrawl which would have resulted in a misscarrage. Now that is what Larry did not know and could not see, and he judges from what he saw not what it really meant.
As for Daniel, I think he was close to his mother and maybe he foresaw her death, he just didn't forsee his own, I think he went to the Bahammas with dread, and he kept taking an extra Zoloft, or Lexpro to make it just a little easier. Then when he gets there he is 20, he knows the methadone is there, so he helps himself, and such a tragedy, I would also bet that after that handling ANS was near impossible. But like I said I believe HS did love her, he made arangements to take her to a detox place, and tragedy came first.
I also have to think that Taz was last in the room and Moe, but why would they hurt her. She just plain had too much of just about everything, Another tragedy not murder.
So, picture this, if everything you had worked for and loved fell apart in a matter of a few months, then, the world and every body with a mind including one hateful mom on TV no less accuses you, well, I am sorry, how do you add this up to beyond any doubt? I can't
Like I said she got about look at the line of potential fathers. Also give me a 900,000 dollar house, she was likable aparently because she had many friends and they helped her, and she took advantage maybe more than she should and if you didn't like Birkhead go get those sun glasses then you were out.
We have to look at all sides of this.
I could just go on forever, you are all fixated and narrow minded. No way is there a case that anyone with any brains could convict on.
I hope you all get your day of gossip, It hurts.

2742 days ago

Barbo Garbo    

No disrespect, but how can you possibly believe that you are saying?
HK$ didn't love ANS like that - He is GAY! I know people in LA who know of his rounds.
HK$ loved ANS's $$. HE abused her and PIMPED her. He couldn't get her off drugs because she would "X" him out!
HK$ is a muderer and he will have his day, which by the way is around the corner.
Have you ever noticed how on any of the pictures published they are nover close and ANS is not sexy with him?
Have you ever notived in any of the videos publised since the birth, how he goes to kiss ANS and she barely puckers up? SHE REJECTED HIM. SHE WAS GROSSED OUT BY HIM!!!
She just trusted him becuase no matter wht she did, he was the one that never went away.
Even in her death - HE DOESN'T GO AWAY!!

2739 days ago

Barbo Garbo    

None the less, I believe the cops ALL OF THEM are not going to let the cat out of the bag. No one wants HKS to RUN like the COWARD that he is!!!!
No one wants for him to maybe even run with the baby, and yet another kidnapping!
Don't worry loyal followers HK$'s days are counted and they are becoming shorter really fast!

2739 days ago


Why isn't there any up to date news on TMZ????????????? I miss not catching up with TMZ reports!

2735 days ago



2683 days ago
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