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Jolie in Vietnam to Pickup Tot

3/14/2007 4:43 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

UN Goodwill Ambassador Angelina Jolie was photographed with son Maddox, 5, on their arrival at Ho Chi Minh City.

It's been reported that Jolie and companion Brad Pitt will be adopting a Vietnam-born boy to join their international brood. Their other children are Zahara, from Ethiopia, and Shiloh Nouvel, born in Namibia.


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It is admirable that she is adopting children and giving them a new home. Kudos to her for doing that. She seems like she is trying to make a international kiddie collection from around the world. It is almost like doll collecting.

2758 days ago


The big question will Madge (Madonna) follow suit by adopting a Vietnamese baby/child so she can keep up with Jolie.

2758 days ago


What do you dummies not understand with the statements "I want a large family" (Angelina), "I've always wanted to adopt a bunch of kids"(Angelina), "I want a soccer team" (Brad)? The local wino down the street knows she's always wanted to adopt a bunch of children. She's been saying this for years especially after adoptng Maddox. How can all of you not know that but all of you know that she "had Billy Bob's blood around her neck"? BRAD & ANGELINA WANT SEVEN CHILDREN OK? And they are trying to make up for lost time for Brad.

2758 days ago


wtf?! I guess it's okay....geez, um, "brangelina", there are plenty of children here, in the U.S. in the foster care system who need homes too.

2758 days ago


And I'm sure Angelina has set aside time today to read these crucial comments and decide to return all the children to their respective countries.

Take your not-so-veiled jealous criticisms and shove of them up your Chinnifer Maniston noses, where there is PLENTY of room to house all the orphans in the United States. And while you're at it, you could undoubtedly cram all the 3rd world refugees of the world in the empty void where that self-serving, "I've never lifted a finger to help anyone other than myself" bitch's heart should be. It's fairly obvious that Maniston's fans are trying to get in their share of catty comments to make up for the several thousands of anti-Jen comments made about her plastic surgery body parts.

2758 days ago


I don't know why everyone calls Angelina a homewreker. I dont know why women say that it's the other women's fault for the man leaving. It's the man who made the choice to leave. If someone really loves you they don't leave you for another person. It's obvious that Brad Loved Friends the show then dated and married Jen. Is it odd that he divorced her after the show was over.Hmmmm.... besides brad takes up the personality fof the person he is dating. Dyes his hair and changes his clothes to match his mate. Just look up Brad pics with Ex's he looks like his GFs.

Angelina and Brad always have their kids with them, when they could easily leave them with a nanny at home. They are good parents and can afford many children and Angelina hasn't been making any movies lately and has been a full-time mom. My mom had 4 kids My Grandmothers 10 and 16 back in the day with little money they made it. So imagine how much they can give their kids in opportunities they couldn't get in their home country.

2758 days ago


Do they have child seats in Vietnam? Because that's where this picture was taken. Anyway congrats to the Pitt family. In the end it's nice that a child will have a better life . It's better than the horrific alternative that they have in Asia.

2758 days ago


Another designer tot for the Jolie-Pitts. I'm assuming this one comes with a name because of their age.

2758 days ago


She collects kids like lap dogs or an "accessory". This month's accessory of the month is a Vietnamese kids. Next month, it will be a Laotian kid. Pretty soon she'll open up her own orphanage for her adopted kids taken care of by "nannies".

2758 days ago


She is doll collecting! She is going to acquire so many of them that they are going to get dusty just sitting there on the shelf.

2758 days ago


Good for her. If she wants to be the Josephine Baker of today then let her. I like her better than any other celebrity with there phony bullshit. At least she is doing some good in the world. Plus, she has awesome tits and lips.

2758 days ago


Mommy please love me and pay attention to me!

2758 days ago


"That kid over there would go good with my Vera Wang outfit!"

2758 days ago


I want my next child that I adopt to be an Eskimo. He can show me how to build an igloo and we can bond together. The next year I want to go and visit Tahiti and see what they have.

2758 days ago


No matter how you slice it, Angelina is such a weirdo....she kisses her brother passionately after her Academy award win, she wore Billy Bob's blood in a vial around her neck, she is a marriage wrecker, and she is estranged from her Dad for no real reason...weird I tell you...and Brad Pitt is such a wussy......shall I go on ?

2758 days ago
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