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Jolie in Vietnam to Pickup Tot

3/14/2007 4:43 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

UN Goodwill Ambassador Angelina Jolie was photographed with son Maddox, 5, on their arrival at Ho Chi Minh City.

It's been reported that Jolie and companion Brad Pitt will be adopting a Vietnam-born boy to join their international brood. Their other children are Zahara, from Ethiopia, and Shiloh Nouvel, born in Namibia.


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Don't forget y'all that Marie Osmond has nine children herself some bio, some adopted and some her step kids. Just saying.

2778 days ago


I don't want to adopt any American children, because they are boring like my blob.

2778 days ago


So I take it this new one will fill the position of driver for her. Let's see, Maddox-laundry boy, Zahara-maid, and this one will be the driver. Good help is so hard to find.

2778 days ago


wow! people take it easy... everyone is talking about Brangelina, look in the bright side of things, this child will loved and cared for by a FAMILY, and will have better opportunities in life. THINK OF THE CHILDREN PEOPLE. NOT THE DRAMA.

2778 days ago

All American Girl    

Maybe Jolie-Pitt should adopt Britney's two boys.

2778 days ago


Four is enough. With a working mother, a working father, too much travelling, etc. etc. please stop, take my word for it Angelina and Brad.

2778 days ago


#3, spot on. Jolie is trying to fill a great void in her life, and she loves the attention she's getting from the paparazzi on this.

2778 days ago


She will be the new Mia Farrow. We all know how that turned out. I wonder which kid Brad will end of marrying. Mia wouldn't marry Woody either, so Woody found someone who would marry him.

2778 days ago


She is nothing compared to Parasite Hilton and that whole WEIRD ilk. Angelina never partied, she got married very young, twice and became a mom very young ana became a UN Ambassador very young. For your information Billy Bob wore a blood pendant of Angelina's blood and he told the media of their shaggin in the limo on the way to an event. Diograceful becasue he was much older than she was and should have been some sort of role model for her. Instead he was more childish than she was and still hasn't grown up. Even with all that, THEY WERE MARRIED. Youcan do whatever you want with your spouse.

2778 days ago


Boogey - Do you know the Jolie-Pitts personally? Yeah, didn't think so. So how can you be so judgemental of their situation? You have no idea what their motives are or what goes on in their home. And I DO get the point. While having a large family isn't for me, it's obvious that it is for them, so who am I (or you) to say that it's wrong for them to do that? Lots of people work and have to have help taking care of their kids, so why is it only wrong that they do it?

And I think it's gosh darn hilarious that you bash them for taking Maddox with them all over the world. Life is about experiences and being with the people you love, so as I see it, taking him all over the world IS raising him. Don't push your idea of your (boring) life on them.

The rest of your post is so ridiculous it doesn't even merit a response. Oh, except when you say that "it's just wrong" that she's adopted three kids in the past 5 years. Yeah, I have to agree, just plain evil, horrible, she's probably going to hell.

2778 days ago


This is a shame if she keeps adopting kids for the wrong reasons. You rarely see her with her biological child. What is her problem? Why don't she and Brad save some of the kids in the USA, which is the country that pays them enormous amounts of money to make a movie. Yeah, i feel sorry for these kids, but lets take care of OUR OWN RIGHT HERE first!!!! They have forgotten where they have become rich, what country gives them the freedom they have. Wake up!!! I'm tired of hearing about it. Stay home and give attention to the kids you all ready have instead of raising them on an airplane roaming from country to country. Makes me sick!!

2778 days ago


Ignorance is bliss for those who don't have children. Angie doesn't have to sleep with tons of different men to have different looking babies.

2778 days ago


Angelina is going to adopt children from 40 different countries, and then try to take over the world like Dr. Eeevil. Muahahahahahahhahahhahahaha! Angelina and her kidbots.

2778 days ago

Friend of a friend    

I have been told that Angelina is doing this because she feels a void inside that she is trying to fill. I don't think this is a good reason to adopt a child.

2778 days ago


Adopt me Angelina! Please. I kind of look like Maddox. We can blend in together.

2778 days ago
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