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Jolie in Vietnam to Pickup Tot

3/14/2007 4:43 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

UN Goodwill Ambassador Angelina Jolie was photographed with son Maddox, 5, on their arrival at Ho Chi Minh City.

It's been reported that Jolie and companion Brad Pitt will be adopting a Vietnam-born boy to join their international brood. Their other children are Zahara, from Ethiopia, and Shiloh Nouvel, born in Namibia.


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I have some beachfront property for sale in Nevada    

Right, because that is the reason to have more than one child, to have different looking children. We all know that every child one has is identical looking. That is why there is no such thing as twins or triplets.
creme de la creme, btw

2777 days ago


Isn't this so cool! The Rainbow Connection! We need to live in perfect harmony.

2777 days ago

another theory    

Congratulations Brad and Angelina! Your willingness to give a child a better life is admirable. Your children all appear healthy and happy. I am from a large family and know that there can be enough love to go around. Sorry that you have to make it all happen in a fishbowl.

2777 days ago


It's absolutely amazing what a little money can do when I know people are out there desperately waiting and jumping through hoops to try to bring a baby/child home from Vietnam to adopt. They have been waiting and waiting. I guess money talks eh? Never mind that I heard she is "donating" $2 million to this orphanage or that she is cohabitating with Mr. Pitt (and that is against their adoption policies there). I guess when one "donates" or shall I say, bribes - things go a lot quicker and certain rules are overlooked. What a shame. Nothing like buying your babies!

2777 days ago

Beyotchy Knowles    

I love this site. You can be as bitchy as you want to be and no one knows who you are.

I think one day there will be a new book out by one of Angelina's children in a Mommy Dearest type of theme. Joan Crawford was big on adopting in her day and everyone thought she was such a saint to do it, but we all found out the truth about that. And no, I am not old enough to know about this firsthand, but we all can read about it.

2777 days ago

Beyotchy Knowles    

Shut it, all of you. I might actually get to see this one. Send my love to the blob if you see her.

2777 days ago

Beyotchy Knowles    

First, neener neener.

2777 days ago


Think about it? His name is WOODY Allen, so he must be hard 24/7.

2777 days ago


Who cares about this selfish, selfserving b****! Why doesn't she adopt American kids. She's like Oprah. Makes her money here and spends in in another country.
She makes me sick!!! And where is that whipped husband of hers? Mr. Milk Toast. He is so brainwashed it is disgusting. No more of their movies for me.

2777 days ago


Why does everyone keep saying adopt from your own country first. What small minded people you are. You are probably the same people who will never step out of the US and visit another part of the world. Children are children no matter where they are born or live. What makes you think that the US children should be adopted before any others? Every child that is an orphan deserves to be adopted. It doesn't matter what country they live in.

2777 days ago

that's just beachy    

I guess you have to be rich and famous to adopt....My husband and I waited over a year for a child and it fell through.....I guess if I had $$$$$, was famous or my name was Rosie, Madonna, or Bangelina...presto...instead family...I doesn't work that easy for middle class America!

2777 days ago


Find it laughable that people bash this couple for all the good they do. I once lived next to a family with 10 children. Would I do that? Absolutely not, three was my limit and now that I'm a grandmother, I wonder how I did THAT. However, larger families manage whether they are rich or poor, they are so organized it's unbelievable. The older ones help with the younger ones, everyone seemed totally loving because the parents loved and were committed to each other. If they have the financial means and it is their wish to give these children a wonderful, loving home, how can you do anything but applaud it. They do not do this to get attention, they do not summon the paparazzi, they certainly don't waste time reading these blogs (that I'm obviously a part of). The lead their lives the way they want to. We do the same and we don't have to be worried about being followed by cameras and reading how some people think that we are worth %^&*. It's lucky to be a free country, isn't it, we can say and write whatever we want and remain anonymous. I doubt that anyone of us (myself included) would know what to say if we met them face to face.

2777 days ago


Hush, people. I already have my Ferrari picked out. Don't ruin it for me. I can't wait to meet the blob.

2777 days ago


I want to see the daylight! I want to see my grandpa! Wahhhhhhhhh!

2777 days ago

Angelina Joe Lee    

Father Fabian Frankie Valle said I have to adopt kids because it is my penance for being so evil.

2777 days ago
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